The City Night Line train from Prague to Amsterdam, boarding at Prague Hlavni

Cosy & inviting:  The sleeping-car on the civilised City Night Line train from Prague to Amsterdam.  Interior photos

Amsterdam to Prague by direct train...

Hassle-free, no airports, no flights, and saves a hotel bill too!

The best way to travel from Amsterdam (or Cologne) to Prague is by train.  Every day, a direct high-quality City Night Line sleeper train runs from Amsterdam to Prague, also calling at Cologne & Dresden.  Called the Phoenix, the Amsterdam-Prague sleeper train has cheap fares, easy online booking with print-at-home tickets, and safe & comfortable sleeping-cars and couchettes that may save you a hotel bill, too.  The deluxe sleepers even have a private toilet & shower.  No airport security hassle, no delayed flights, city centre departures & arrivals, and it's far better for the environment than a flight...  You can walk from your hotel in Amsterdam city centre to Amsterdam Centraal station, and walk from Prague Hlavni station to your hotel in Prague next morning!  City Night Line is the overnight sleeper train company owned by Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), and they run the Amsterdam-Prague train jointly with Czech Railways (CD).

Click to buy Amsterdam to Prague tickets from €29

Click to buy Prague to Amsterdam tickets from €29

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 Prague ► Cologne & Amsterdam  

 City Night Line sleeper train Phoenix

Every day

 City Night Line sleeper train Phoenix

Every day

 Amsterdam Centraal depart, day 1:


 Prague Hlavni depart, day 1:


 Utrecht depart, day 1:


 Dresden depart, day 1:


 Cologne Hauptbahnhof depart, day 1:


 Dortmund arrive, day 2:


 Dortmund depart, day 1:


 Cologne Hauptbahnhof arrive, day 2:


 Dresden arrive, day 2:


 Utrecht arrive, day 2:


 Prague Hlavni arrive, day 2:


 Amsterdam Centraal arrive, day 2:


The train also calls at Arnhem, Duisburg, Dusseldorf & Hamm, see for train times.  For connections from London or Brussels see here.

How much does it cost?

Amsterdam to Prague or vice versa starts at €29 in a seat, €49 with a couchette in a 6-berth compartment, €59 with a couchette in a 4-berth compartment, €99 with a bed in a 2-bed sleeper or €134 with a bed in a 2-bed deluxe sleeper (all per person per berth), but book early for the best prices.  That's Amsterdam city centre to Prague city centre including a reserved seat, couchette or sleeper on the direct train, with no baggage fees, no booking fees, no check-in fees, and it may save you a hotel bill.

Cologne to Prague or vice versa starts at €43.50 in a seat, €59 with a couchette in a 6-berth compartment, €69 with a couchette in a 4-berth compartment €104 with a bed in a 2-bed sleeper or €134 with a bed in a 2-bed deluxe sleeper (all per person per bed).  Money saving tip:  Westbound, see if fares to Amsterdam are cheaper than the fare to Cologne, as they sometimes are.  If it's cheaper, nothing stops you booking from Prague to Amsterdam and getting off in Cologne!  It doesn't work eastbound, though as berths not claimed at Amsterdam may be resold.

Always book at least a couchette...  Although a seat is cheap, always book a couchette or sleeper so you can sleep safe & sound in a safely locked compartment.  I also recommend registering on when prompted so you can log to retrieve bookings or re-print tickets at any time.  Incidentally, berths are sold individually, so one ticket means one bed.  The other beds in your compartment will be sold to other passengers.  If you want sole occupancy, simply book 1 ticket in a single sleeper, 2 tickets in a 2-berth sleeper, 4 tickets in a 4-berth couchette & so on.

How to buy tickets...

Click here to buy Amsterdam or Cologne to Prague tickets online at the German Railways website,  Bookings open 92 days ahead, you pay online & print your own ticket.  Easy!

The City Night Line sleeper train 'Phoenix' from Prague to Amsterdam, at Prague Hlavni station   Take the train from Amsterdam to Prague!  The famous clock on Prague's main square   Prague main square

Your carriage awaits...  At Prague's Hlavni station, the smartly-uniformed Czech sleeping-car attendant stands at the door of his sleeping-car to greet you.  The direct City Night Line sleeper train Phoenix is easily the best way to travel between Amsterdam and Prague...

What's it like aboard the Phoenix?  Which type of sleeping-berth should you choose? 

The sleeper train from Amsterdam to Prague has a sleeping-car (the 'hotel on rails'), couchettes (basic sleeping bunks) and ordinary seats.  If your budget allows, a berth in the sleeping-car is the most civilised, comfortable & romantic way to travel, and in a deluxe compartment you even get a private toilet & shower.  To be honest, however, there's not much difference between the deluxe and standard sleepers other than the en suite shower and a slightly bigger breakfast, so a standard sleeper is fine, especially as there's a shower at the end of the corridor for standard sleeper passengers and there's often a big price difference between a deluxe and a standard sleeper.  Couchettes are the economy option, simple bunks supplied with sheet, rug and pillow, great for families or groups of friends or individual travellers on a budget.  A berth in a less crowded 4-berth compartment is well worth the extra over a berth in a 6-berth compartment, the 4-berth couchette compartments are the same size as the 6-berth rooms, just with fewer passengers per room.  Ordinary seats are arranged in 6-seat compartments with no lock on the door and no attendant on duty.  Travelling overnight in a basic seat is not very comfortable and the best advice is to always book a couchette or sleeper for a safe & sound night's sleep, even if you're on a tight budget.


This is the most comfortable, civilised & romantic way to travel.  The modern Comfortline sleeping-cars used on this train have nine standard compartments with washbasin and three deluxe compartments with private toilet & shower.  Each compartment can be used as either a 1-berth, 2-berth or 3-berth room (with upper, middle & lower berths).

Deluxe sleepers with private toilet & shower...

The deluxe sleepers are a fraction larger than the standard sleepers, but still compact.  The main difference is that you get a small private toilet & shower, a complimentary aperitif of red wine or sparkling white on departure and a bigger breakfast next morning, served on proper china.  Soap, towels, mineral water & shower gel are provided.

Deluxe sleeper on the train from Amsterdam to Prague   Deluxe sleeper on the train from Amsterdam to Prague, in daytime mode   Deluxe sleeper en suite toilet and shower   Complimentary breakfast in a deluxe sleeper on the Amsterdam-Prague train
Deluxe sleeper made up as a 2-berth room.  Each compartment can be used with 1, 2 or 3 berths...   The same deluxe compartment in daytime mode with seats folded out and beds folded away...   Deluxe rooms have a compact private shower & toilet...   Breakfast is served in your compartment next morning.  This is the deluxe sleeper breakfast...

Standard sleeper with washbasin...

The beds and decor are exactly the same as the deluxe sleepers, the only difference is that the compartment is a fraction smaller (though not so you'd notice) and there's a washbasin instead of an en suite toilet & shower.  The fare includes a simple breakfast box (roll, butter, juice, croissant, jam, pâté) and cup of tea or coffee next morning.  Toilets and an excellent hot shower are available at the end of the corridor - take your plastic ving-card key with you as you may need it to unlock the door (no more free showers for couchette passengers from the car next door!).  There is shower gel in the shower, but take a towel from your compartment.  Standard sleepers are described as 'economy sleepers' on the German Railways website, but 'standard sleeper' is a more appropriate term.

Stadard 2-bed sleeper on the train from Amsterdam to Prague   Standard sleeper on the train from Amsterdam to Prague, in daytime mode   Standard sleeper compartment, washstand   The corridor in a Comfortline sleeping-car

Standard sleeper compartment, set up as a 2-berth, with the washstand open.  Each room can be used as a 1, 2 or 3 bed room.


The same sleeper with berths folded away & seats folded out, blind up, washstand closed.  Very similar to a deluxe, but without the shower & toilet.


Standard sleeper compartments have a washstand with hot water, fresh towels, drinking water & soap.


Just like a hotel corridor...  The corridor in a Comfortline sleeping-car...

Travelling by sleeper (standard or deluxe)...

Standard sleeper breakfast   Luggage space in a City Night Line sleeper   The City Night Line sleeper train from Amsterdam to Prague, at Amsterdam

This is the standard sleeper breakfast, included in the fare and served in your compartment...


You keep your bags with you.  There's space for a large suitcase up top, above the door, with straps to retain it...


At Amsterdam's central station, the Czech sleeper attendant helps passengers board the train from Amsterdam to Prague...


Couchettes are basic, inexpensive but comfortable sleeping accommodation.  Couchettes have 6 padded bunks per compartment (upper, middle & lower each side of the compartment), but you can choose to pay a slightly higher fare to travel in a less crowded 4-bunk couchette compartment (upper & lower bunks on each side).  The extra space and privacy is well worth the extra few pounds.  By day, a couchette compartment is an ordinary seating compartment, with two three-a-side bench seats facing each other.  At night, the attendant will convert the compartment into a sleeping compartment by folding bunks out from the wall.  A pillow, sheet and blanket are supplied, and each berth has its own reading light.  Washrooms and toilets are available at the end of the corridor.  Couchette berth layout & numbering plan - I'm often asked if berths 41, 42, 45 & 46 really together in the same 4-berth couchette compartment, and yes they are!  Read the travel tips.

The sexes aren't segregated in couchettes, as you don't normally fully undress to sleep, so men and women share the same compartments.  However, women travelling alone can ask for a berth in a ladies-only compartment.  All couchette compartments have a normal lock and a security lock on the door which cannot be opened from outside, even with a staff key, so you'll be both safe and snug.  There's plenty of space for luggage under the bottom bunks, on the racks and in the big recess above the door which projects out over the corridor ceiling.

Couchette car as used on the train from Amsterdam to Prague

A couchette car as used on the Amsterdam to Prague train...

  CityNightLine couchettes (4-bunk)

4-berth couchettes...

  6-berth couchette compartment

6-berth couchettes...

Ordinary seats...

The Amsterdam to Prague sleeper train also has ordinary seats in 6-seat compartments.  However, travelling overnight in a seat, with nowhere to lie down, no attendant on duty and no lock on the compartment door, is not recommended.  It's a false economy, always book at least a couchette for a comfortable and safe journey.

Seats coach on the train from Amsterdam to Prague

Seats car as used on the Amsterdam-Prague sleeper train...

  Seating compartment on the overnight train from Amsterdam to Prague

6-seater seats compartment, as used on the Amsterdam to Prague train.

Travel tips...

Taking your bike...

The Amsterdam to Prague sleeper train has a special bicycle compartment with spaces for several bikes, marked with a cycle logo on the side.  Spaces must be reserved in advance, and a fee of €10-€15 must be paid per bike per journey.  For more information about taking your bike to Europe by train, see the Europe page.

Passengers with special needs...

The Amsterdam to Prague sleeper train has one wheelchair accessible 2-berth couchette compartment, located next to a wheelchair-accessible toilet.  The whole side to the compartment and to the toilet slide aside at the touch of a button.  For more information for travellers with disabilities, and photos of this special accessible couchette compartment, see the Europe page.

More information...

The City Night Line website is, English button top right.  It has more information about City Night Line services, including plans of the sleeping-cars showing berth numbers, and a timetable brochure in .pdf format.

See the video - Amsterdam to Prague by sleeping-car...

Here is a short PR video which in fact shows a journey from Paris to Berlin in one of the new 'Comfortline' sleepers, but as the Czech 'Comfortline' sleeper from Amsterdam to Prague is virtually identical it's an equally good guide to this journey!  There's no bistro car on the train to Prague, however.


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