The EuroNight train Jan Kiepura from Amsterdam to Warsaw, at Amsterdam centraal

The EuroNight train Jan Kiepura to Warsaw, at Amsterdam.

Amsterdam to Warsaw by direct train -

Hassle-free, no airports, no flights, and saves a hotel bill, too!

The best way to get from Amsterdam to Warsaw or from Cologne to Warsaw is by train, aboard the direct EuroNight sleeper train Jan Kiepura.  With cheap fares, easy online booking with self-print tickets, city centre departures and arrivals in Amsterdam, Cologne & Warsaw, and comfortable sleeping accommodation that may even save you a hotel bill, forget flights, this is the train to take.  You can use it to travel from London or Brussels to Warsaw, using connections by Eurostar and high-speed ICE to Cologne.  This page explains what travelling to Warsaw on the sleeper train Jan Kiepura is like.

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 EuroNight Jan Kiepura

Every day

 EuroNight Jan Kiepura

Every day

 Amsterdam Centraal depart, day 1:


 Warsaw Centralna depart, day 1:


 Cologne Hauptbahnhof depart, day 1:


 Poznan depart, day 1:


 Dortmund depart, day 1:


 Dortmund arrive, day 2:


 Poznan arrive, day 2:


 Cologne Hauptbahnhof arrive, day 2:


 Warsaw Centralna arrive, day 2:


 Amsterdam Centraal arrive, day 2:


The train also calls at Utrecht, Arnhem, Duisburg, Dusseldorf & Hamm, use to find train times.  For connections between London or Brussels & Warsaw, see here.

Amsterdam to Krakow:  Take the Jan Kiepura to Warsaw as shown above.  A fast air-conditioned InterCity train leaves Warsaw Centralna at 12:20 arriving Krakow Glowny at 14:53, with a restaurant car available for lunch (treat yourself!).  Returning,  an air-conditioned InterCity train leaves Krakow Glowny at 14:05 arriving Warsaw Centralna at 16:40, restaurant car available.  Buy tickets for this train when you get to Warsaw, or try


In a


In a couchette In the sleeping-car Deluxe sleeper
6-berth 4-berth 3-berth 2-berth single 2-berth single
 Savings fare one-way from: 43 59 64 71 91 151 124 184
 Savings fare return from: 86 118 128 142 182 302 248 368
 Full price one-way: 140 156 161 168 188 248 282 342
 Railpass supplement 4 20 25 32 52 112 65 125

Buy tickets online from Amsterdam or Cologne to Warsaw from 43 at

Click here to buy tickets from Amsterdam or Cologne to Warsaw at the official German Railways website,  Bookings open 90 days ahead, you pay online & print out your own ticket.  Easy!  The fare starts at 43 in a seat, 59 in 6-berth couchettes, 64 in 4-berth couchettes or 91 with a bed in a 2-bed sleeper (all per person), but book early to get the best prices.  The price covers your journey from Amsterdam (or Cologne) city centre to Warsaw city centre and includes a reserved seat, couchette or sleeper, with no baggage fees, no booking fees, no check-in fees, and it may save you the cost of a hotel room, too.  A bargain!  Although a seat is cheap, I strongly recommend booking a couchette or better still, a sleeper, so you can sleep safe & sound.  I also strongly recommend registering on, before you buy your ticket, so you can log in later to retrieve your bookings or re-print the ticket if necessary.

What's it like on board the Jan Kiepura?  Which type of couchette or sleeper to choose?

The sleeping-car  is the most civilised & comfortable way to travel, so if you're not on a tight budget, pay the modest amount extra for a proper sleeper if you can.  One or two modern air-conditioned Polish sleeping-cars are attached to the Jan Kiepura, each with 8 standard compartments and 2 deluxe compartments.  The standard compartments can be used as 1, 2 or 3 bed rooms with washbasin.  The deluxe compartments can be used as 1 or 2 bed rooms with private shower & toilet.  Couchettes are the economy option, simple bunks supplied with sheet, rug & pillow, great for families or groups of friends or individual travellers on a budget.  A berth in a less crowded 4-berth compartment is well worth the extra over a berth in a 6-berth compartment, the 4-berth compartments are the same size as the 6-berth rooms, but with fewer passengers per room.  The reclining seats on this train are equipped to first class standards, but the best advice is to always book a couchette or sleeper for a safe & sound night's sleep, even if you're on a budget.  An InterCity cafe car operates between Berlin & Warsaw, for breakfast when travelling Amsterdam to Warsaw, dinner when travelling Warsaw to Amsterdam.  See these travel tips...

1 or 2 berth deluxe sleeper with shower & toilet...

The Jan Kiepura EuroNight train from Amsterdam to Warsaw   A deluxe sleeper on the Amsterdam to Warsaw train   Deluxe sleepers have a private shower & toilet

The Jan Kiepura sleeper train from Amsterdam & Cologne to Warsaw. This is one of the modern Polish sleeping-cars.


Deluxe sleeper, set up as a 2-berth, showing TV & wardrobe.


Deluxe sleeper:  En suite shower & toilet...

1, 2 or 3 berth standard sleeper with shower & toilet...

3-bed sleeper on the train from Amsterdam to Warsaw   3-bed sleeper on the Jan Kiepura EuroNight train from Amsterdam to Warsaw   Standard sleeper in daytime mode with seats folded out   Standard sleeper washbasin

Standard sleeper, set up as a 3-berth compartment.


Standard sleeper, this time set up as single-berth room


Standard sleeper in daytime mode with seats folded out...


The washbasin & toilet cabinet...

4-berth & 6-berth couchettes...

Couchettes are basic, inexpensive sleeping accommodation.  6-berth couchettes have six padded bunks per compartment (upper, middle & lower each side of the compartment), 4-berth couchettes have four bunks (upper and lower each side).  A pillow, sheet and blanket are supplied, and each berth has its own reading light.  Washrooms & toilets are available at the end of the corridor.  The extra space and privacy in a 4-berth is well worth the extra cost over travelling in a 6-berth.  By day, a couchette compartment is an ordinary seating compartment, with two bench seats facing each other.  At night, the attendant converts the compartment into a sleeping berths by folding bunks out from the wall.  The sexes aren't normally segregated in couchettes as you don't normally fully undress, but women travelling alone can book a berth in a ladies-only compartment if they like.  All couchette compartments have a normal lock and a security lock on the door which cannot be opened from outside, even with a staff key, so you'll be safe and snug.  There's plenty of space for luggage under the bottom bunks, on the racks and in the big recess above the door which projects out over the corridor ceiling.  There is no restaurant or buffet car, but the couchette attendant may be able to sell you tea, coffee, wine, beer & soft drinks.  The attendant will take your ticket so you are not disturbed during the night, and will return them next morning.  There are no longer any passport checks between Amsterdam, Germany & Warsaw.  Information on how couchette berths are numberedSee the travel tips here.

A couchette car on the Jan Kiepura EuroNight train from Amsterdam to Warsaw

A couchette car on the Jan Kiepura train to Warsaw.

  4-berth couchettes on the train from Amsterdam & Cologne to Warsaw

4-berth couchettes...

  6-berth couchettes on the train from Amsterdam & Cologne to Warsaw

6-berth couchettes...

Reclining seats...

This EuroNight train also has reclining seats, sometimes referred to as 'sleeperettes'.  Although cheap and furnished to first class standards with a 40 degree recline, travelling overnight in a seat with nowhere to lie down properly, no attendant on duty and no locked compartment, is not recommended.  Always book a couchette or sleeper for a comfortable and safe journey.

Destination board inside the Jan Kiepura train from Amsterdam to Warsaw   The Polish reclining seats on the Jan Kiepura EuroNight train from Amsterdam to Warsaw

A destination board on the Jan Kiepura...


The Polish sleeperette reclining seats on the Jan Kiepura...

Food & catering on board...

Sleeper passengers on the Jan Kiepura Amsterdam to Warsaw train get a complimentary tea or coffee and light breakfast   An InterCity cafe car is attached to the Jan Kiepura between Berlin & Warsaw

In the sleeper, a very simple light breakfast is included in the fare.  Feel free to bring your own beer, wine or picnic, it's allowed!


...but why not have a cooked breakfast for a few euros in the InterCity cafe car?  The cafe serves breakfast on the way from Amsterdam to Warsaw and dinner on the way from Warsaw to Amsterdam.

Travel tips...

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