The menu & prices shown here are from 2013. All the most important trains have a restaurant car, including Bangkok-Chiang Mai trains 1, 2, 13, 14, Bangkok-Hat Yai trains 35 & 36, Bangkok-Surat Thani trains 84 & 85, Bangkok-Nong Khai trains 69 & 70.  Meals can be ordered and served in your sleeper compartment, or you are free to go along to the restaurant car, a more sociable option.  Menu photo courtesy of Keshav Prakash

Sample Thai train restaurant car menu

What's the food like?

Restaurant car on the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai   Food in the restaurant car on a Thai train

Dinner in the air-conditioned restaurant car on train 35, Bangkok to Butterworth, en route to Singapore...


The set seafood dinner, only around 200 baht (4 or $6).

Another set meal served in the restaurant car on a Thai train   Set meal served in your sleeper compartment on a Thai train

Another set meal, accompanied by the inevitable Singh beer...


Set meal served in your own sleeper compartment.  Photo courtesy of Keshav Prakash

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