AVE type S102 & S112

AVE is the brand name for Spanish Railways' high-speed trains, of which there are various types.  It stands for Alta Velocidad Espaņola (Spanish High-Speed) and it's also the Spanish for bird.  These luxurious type S102 (original batch) & S112 (later batch) AVEs are built by the Talgo company and used on the direct AVE trains between Barcelona and Granada, Cordoba, Seville & Malaga.  You may also find them (along with type S100 & S103 AVEs) between Madrid and Malaga.  Like the classic locomotive-hauled Talgo trains, these AVEs have relatively short compact coaches, each articulated to the next with just one axle per coach.  You can check train times & buy tickets at www.raileurope.com or www.thetrainline.com.

Complimentary at-seat meal in Club class & Preferente Class   AVE Club class on an S102 AVE train from Madrid to Malaga

AVE S102 & 112.  Known to staff as pato, Spanish for duck.  There are no prizes for guessing why...


AVE Premium Comfort class.  Reclining leather seats.  See larger photo.

The cafe-bar.   An S102 AVE train from Madrid to Malaga at Madrid Atocha

The cafe-bar serving drinks & snacks.  See larger photo.


All aboard!  An S112 AVE at Madrid Atocha.

AVE Tourist class seats on an S102 AVE train from Madrid to Malaga   AVE Preferente seating on an S102 AVE train from Madrid to Malaga

AVE Standard class.  Comfortable seats, 2 abreast each side of the aisle, most unidirectional but some tables for 4.  Larger photo.


AVE Comfort class.  Reclining seats, power sockets for laptops & mobiles, mainly unidirectional but some tables for two and tables for four.  Larger photo.

AVE S102 at Madrid   AVE S102 at Madrid

AVE S102 at Madrid Atocha about to leave with a service to Malaga.  The photo above left was taken as you descend the travelator from the departures area to the platform for boarding.  In the photo above right you can see how short the carriages are, compared to normal railway cars.  There is just one axle (2 wheels) under each articulation.

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S112 AVE train from Barcelona to Seville & Malaga

An AVE-S112 about to leave Barcelona Sants with the 15:50 direct AVE to Cordoba, Seville & Malaga.  These trains use the Barcelona-Madrid high-speed line to a point just south of the capital where they use a link-line to join the Madrid-Cordoba-Seville/Malaga high-speed line to the south.

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