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ANY PROBLEMS?  You can also book online at or book by phone, see the advice here.

In the 'From' box, type 'Lon' and select London (mainline stations) or type the name of any British station.  In the 'To' box, type 'Doug' and select Douglas (IOM).

To buy tickets starting on the Isle of Man simply type 'Douglas (IOM)' in the 'From' box and any station you like in to 'To' box to buy one-way or return tickets from Douglas to any station in Britain.

You'll need to make a ferry reservation:  Your train & ferry ticket will not include a ferry reservation.  You can just turn up at the port and show your train & ferry ticket as there's almost always spaces available, but I recommend calling the IoM Steam Packet Company on 01624 661 661, say you have a SailRail ticket and ask their friendly staff to make you a foot passenger reservation on your chosen ferry departure(s).

Ticket delivery:  Tickets can be collected at any main British station including London Euston, or sent to any UK address including the Isle of Man, but can't be collected on the Isle of Man.

Booking fee:  A 1.00 booking fee applies. Collection at stations is free, tickets sent by 1st class post 1.50.  Debit cards free, credit card fee around 1.41.

Which journeys can this system book?  It can book tickets between any station in Britain and Douglas Isle of Man, one-way or return, in either direction.

Which route?  Click 'Advanced options' and enter Heysham or Liverpool in the 'Travel via' box if you want a specific route, leave it blank to see journeys via both ports.

If you have any problems booking online, book by phone:  08719 774 222

Train & ferry ticket to the Isle of Man


Any rail station in Britain to the Isle of Man...

It's a well-kept secret!  You can buy a special SailRail train & ferry ticket between any rail station in Britain and Douglas on the Isle of Man, one-way or return in either direction using the booking form on this page.  You hop on a train to Heysham (just north of Blackpool) or Liverpool and take a comfortable ferry to Douglas on the Isle of Man with the famous Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.  One ticket covers both train & ferry, centre to centre, no airport hassles, no baggage fees, no flights.  What's the journey like?

London to the Isle of Man from 109 return

Manchester to the Isle of Man from 66.50 return

Isle of Man to York from 73 return

Little Kimble to the Isle of Man from 109 return

Little where ?  Exactly! Any station in Britain to Douglas. Even Little Kimble.

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No airports, no flights, just relaxed train & ferry...

A Virgin Trains 'pendolino' between London and Liverpool or Lancaster The Steam Packet Company ferry from Heysham approaches the Isle of Man 

London to Douglas by fast train to Liverpool or Heysham, then a relaxing ferry to the Isle of Man.

London, Birmingham, Manchester ► Isle of Man

Isle of Man ► London, Birmingham, Manchester

How much does it cost?

 SailRail train & ferry tickets to or from the Isle of Man...

Douglas, Isle of Man, to or from:





Low Saver


London or any rail station in the Greater London area




Zone A:  Any station in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside




Zone B:  Any station in Cumbria, Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire, Clwyd, northern Gwynedd (inc Holyhead, Bangor)




Zone C:  Any station in Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Hereford & Worcester, Powys, southern Gwynedd (inc Pwhelli), Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Durham, Cleveland, Borders, Strathclyde, Dumfries & Galloway, Central, Fife, Lothian




Zone D:  Any station in Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Avon, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Dyfed, Glamorgan, Gwent




Zone E:  Any station in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Highland, Grampian, Tayside




Can it be done any cheaper?  London to the Isle of Man for 33!

The SailRail tickets are often the best value for return journeys or travel at short notice, especially considering their flexibility, as you can use any train even if the ferry is late, and as the price is fixed, you can buy them at any time, even on the day of travel.  But in principle, you can book a no-refunds, limited-changes-to-travel plans 'Advance' ticket from London to Liverpool from just 15 or so each way (buy online here or at then buy a separate ferry ticket with Footloose fares starting from 18 upwards each way at  Or vice versa.  Central London to the Isle of Man for around 33 one-way.

About these SailRail fares...

These SailRail fares cover both the train and the ferry.  They're centre-to-centre, no extra cost getting to & from airports, no airport taxes, no baggage fees.  You can buy them in either direction, one-way or return starting on the mainland or starting in Douglas.  Check prices using the online booking form above, or go to (look for the small 'Sail and Rail' link at the bottom of their home page).  Can it be done any cheaper?

One-way = This price is good for for any day, any date.  The ticket can be used on any ferry sailing you like & any suitable connecting trains on the date shown on your ticket.  No time or train restrictions.

Economy Return = This price is good for any day, any date except Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays in June, July, August & September.  You must travel outward on the date shown on your ticket, using any ferry you like & any suitable connecting trains.  You can return any day within 1 month by any ferry & any suitable trains, except on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays in June, July, August & September.

Low Saver Return = You only need this ticket if your outward or return journey is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday in June, July, August & September.  You must travel outward on the date shown on your ticket, returning on any day within 1 month.  Valid on any ferry you like and any suitable connecting trains, any day, any date.

Children under 16 go for half the adult fare.  Children under 5 travel free.   Railcard holders (Senior, disabled, family, 16-25) get around 25-30% off these fares.

Bicycles: To book a bicycle space on the ferry with your train+ferry ticket call 01624 661 661.  Bikes either go free or for a small charge on trains, call National Rail Enquiries on 08457 48 49 50 to ask.

Dogs & other pets go on the ship Ben My Chree for around 5 one-way, 10 return, if you have a SailRail ticket you simply pay for the dog at the port.  If you book your ferry ticket separately at the Steam Packet website, you can add the dog to the booking.  There is a separate dogs & owners lounge on the ship.  However, dogs are not allowed on the fast ferry Manannan, except for guide dogs.

First class fares to the Isle of Man don't exist, but you can buy a cheap first class advance fare between London and either Liverpool or Heysham, and buy a ferry ticket separately at

How do you use these tickets?

Which trains, ferries & routes can you take?  You can use any ferry from Liverpool or Heysham to Douglas run by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, and can take any suitable train to connect with that ferry.  You must travel out on the date on your ticket, with a return ticket you can come back on any day on which your ticket is valid up to 1 month after your outward journey.  There are no time restrictions and no train reservations are necessary, you just hop on any train and show your ticket when asked.  Indeed, if you have multiple connections to make to reach the ferry, I'd recommend playing safe by taking an earlier train than the one suggested by the online system.  You can take any permitted train route from your starting station to either Liverpool or Heysham.  Tickets from stations in zones D & E can be used via London at no extra cost as well as via any more direct route, going via London can often be simpler and sometimes quicker.  If you want to go via London, just enter 'London (mainline stations)' in the 'via' box when using the online booking form above.  Feel free to go out via Heysham, back via Liverpool, or vice versa, whichever route seems most convenient when you see the train & ferry times using the online booking form above.

After buying your ticket online, it's a good idea to make a ferry reservation:  Your train & ferry ticket will not include a ferry reservation.  You can simply turn up at the port and show your train & ferry tickets as there's almost always spaces available.  However, in theory the ferry can get full so to be 100% sure of getting on your chosen ferry I recommend calling the IoM Steam Packet Company on 01624 661 661, tell them that you have a SailRail ticket and ask them to make a foot passenger reservation for you. You then simply quote your reservation reference number at the port.  Top tip:  Why not book a seat in the ferry's Premium Lounge?  You can ask to have a seat in the Premium Lounge added to your  ferry reservation for 16 extra each way, with complimentary tea, coffee & soft drinks, table seating with laptop/mobile charging points, and steward service for food from the cafe.

How to buy tickets...

You can buy SailRail train & ferry tickets to the isle of Man:

What's the journey like?

Standard class seats on a Virgin Trains pendolino from London to Liverpool or Lancaster, en route to the Isle of Man   A Virgin Trains 'pendolino' at London Euston

London to Liverpool or Heysham by train...  This is a Virgin Trains 125 mph Pendolino train boarding at London Euston.  The trains have air-conditioning, WiFi (free in 1st class, charged in 2nd class), and a shop selling newspapers, drinks and snacks.  These trains tilt into the corners at high speed on the curvaceous West Coast main Line...

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's ferry 'Ben My Chree' at Douglas   The main lounge on the ferry 'Ben My Chree' to the Isle of Man

Heysham to Douglas aboard the ferry Ben My Chree...  This is the Ben My Chree arrived at Douglas Sea Terminal.  Unlike the airport, the Sea Terminal is in Douglas city centre at the south end of the promenade, a few minutes walk from all the main hotels, see map.


More relaxing than flying...  The ferry Ben My Chree is small but perfectly formed.  It has a self service food lounge (above), cafe-bar, shop, and open decks. WiFi is available for a small fee.  Smoking is permitted on deck.

Premium lounge on the ferry 'Ben My Chree'   The ferry approaches the Isle of Man

Premium Lounge:  A top tip when phoning to make your ferry reservation is to pay for a reserved seat in the Premium Lounge (above).  Leather seats, complimentary tea, coffee, biscuits, and the steward will bring you drinks from the bar or food from the restaurant on request.  The Ben My Chree's Premium Lounge is at the front of the ship directly below the bridge, giving excellent forward views of the Isle of Man approaching...


Isle of Man ahead!  With the sun glittering on the waves, the Isle of Man emerges from its blanket of mist.  This mist is known as Manannan's Cloak, Manannan is the mythical being that protects the Isle of Man.  There's a diagram on the top deck identifying the hills you can see.  Douglas is in the gap between the hills, to the right of Douglas the tallest peak with two masts at the summit is Snaefell, 2,036 feet.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's fast ferry 'Manannan' at Liverpool   The Premium lounge on the fast ferry 'Manannan'

Or Liverpool to Douglas on the fast ferry Manannan.  It's seen here at Liverpool landing stage, right next to the famous Liver Building, 15-20 minutes walk from Lime Street station or there are taxis waiting on the quayside.  See map.


The Premium Lounge on the Manannan is at one side of the smaller upper deck.  Complimentary tea, coffee, biscuits, and at-seat food and drinks service.  The Manannan is all non-smoking, even on the outside deck areas.


Douglas Sea Terminal.  You can buy SailRail tickets from the Steam Packet Company travel shop.  The tourist information office is here.


Douglas' Victorian promenade, looking south from the Manx Electric Railway station towards the Sea Terminal. 

Map of Douglas showing Sea Terminal.

Tourist information & hotels...

Tourist information:  There is a large and helpful Tourist Information office in the Sea Terminal.

Hotels & accommodation in Douglas and other locations on the Isle of Man:  See the search system below

Isle of Man TT motorcycle race...

The famous isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) motorcycle race is traditionally held in the last week of May and first week of June each year.  It's been a feature of the Manx calendar since 1907.  Accommodation and transport can be very hard to come by during that period, and travel can be difficult as roads are closed for the race.  The course travels from Douglas to Ramsey and back, over parts of Snaefell.  The official Isle of Man TT Race ('Tourist Trophy' motorcycle race) website is Wikipedia entry.

Bus, train & tramway information for the Isle of Man...

For a route map, timetables and operating days, also Isle of Man bus information, see  Ask about 'Island Explorer' tickets which give 1 day or a number of days' unlimited travel on the island's buses, the Manx Electric Railway, the Steam Railway and the Snaefell Mountain Railway.

The Manx Electric Railway:  Douglas ► Laxey ► Ramsey

Between March and November, the Manx Electric Railway links Douglas with Laxey & Ramsey.  Ramsey is the Isle of Man's second biggest town, Laxey is the stop for the famous Laxey wheel and the mountain railway up Snaefell.  The ride on the MER to Ramsey should not be missed, it's a wonderfully scenic ride on a unique tramway, twisting and turning, up and over the hills and along the coast.  The Manx Electric Railway runs every 30-60 minutes from mid-morning to late afternoon, taking 30 minutes to Laxey and 1 hour 15 minutes to Ramsey.  Timetables and fares are at Map showing tram terminus in Douglas.

Manx Electric Railway tram No.21 at Douglas terminus.   The Manx Electric Railway runs along the coast

A Manx Electric Railway tram at Douglas (Derby Castle) terminus, at the north end of Douglas' 2-mile-long promenade.  There's a small ticket office, and a pub next to the terminus if you need refreshment.


Each tram has one enclosed car and one open-sided car.  The narrow-gauge two-track electric railway twists and turns, climbing steeply out of Douglas alongside the road, the sea visible over the cliffs. 

Laxey station on the Manx Electric Railway   The famous Laxey Wheel

At Laxey station, you can change for the Snaefell Mountain Railway.  The connecting tram to Snaefell summit is seen here on the left.  The station has a welcome tearoom,


The famous Laxey Wheel is the world's largest working waterwheel, and a Manx icon.  It's a 10-15 minute walk up the valley from Laxey station.

Lush green scenery between Laxey and Ramsey   Manx Electric Railway tram No.6 at Ramsey

On its way to Ramsey the railway passes through some of the Isle of Man's most beautiful scenery.  The line was opened to Laxey in 1893, and to Ramsey in 1899.


This is tram 6 at Ramsey.  All the trams are original, the oldest dating from 1893, the newest dating from 1906.  The trams run round their trailer car at each terminus.

The Snaefell Mountain Railway, Laxey ► Snaefell Summit

A simple change of tram at Laxey station gets you onto the Snaefell Mountain Railway.  An offshoot of the Manx Electric Railway opened in 1899, it links Laxey with the summit of the Isle of Man's one and only true mountain, the 2,036-feet-high Snaefell.  It runs April to October, mid-morning to early afternoon, usually every half an hour.  On leaving Laxey station, it climbs up the opposite side of the valley to the famous Laxey Wheel, giving great views of the wheel, then curving round the top of the mountain to arrive at the tram terminus and restaurant/tearoom at the summit.  You can see the whole island from up there.  Highly recommended!  Timetables and fares are at

Snaefell Mountain Railway tram No.6 at Snaefell summit   The view from Snaefell summit, looking towards Laxey
At Snaefell summit, 2,036 feet above sea level.  Time for a cup of tea...   The view from the summit, looking towards Laxey.  The Laxey Wheel is just visible to the naked eye.

The Isle of Man Steam Railway, Douglas ► Port Erin

The delightful Isle of Man Steam Railway links Douglas with Castletown and Port Erin to the south, from March to November with roughly hourly departures mid-morning into the afternoon.  Timetables and fares are at Map showing steam railway station in Douglas.

Inside Douglas Steam Railway station.   The Isle of Man Steam Railway, 09:50 to Pt Erin, at Douglas station

The Steam Railway station is at the south end of town, just inland from the Sea Terminal.  The booking hall-cum-tea-room features old maps showing how the steam rail network once reached Peel and (by a long way round) Ramsey.


The Isle of Man Steam Railway is a wonderful way to travel between Douglas and Castletown and the sleepy seaside town of Port Erin.  You'll see coastline and green scenery from the train.

Steam train at Port Erin   Port Erin, Isle of Man

A steam train at Port Erin station.


Port Erin.  The beach is 2 minutes from the Steam Railway station.

Hotels & accommodation on the Isle of Man

You can book hotels in Douglas and on the Isle of Man, or almost anywhere in Britain through, just use the search box below.


◄◄ Hotel search & price comparison. checks all the main hotel booking sites at once to find the widest choice of hotels & the cheapest seller.  It was named as the World's Leading Hotel Comparison Site at the World Travel Awards 2013 and I highly recommend it, both to find hotels in even the smallest places and to check that another retailer isn't selling your hotel for less! is my favourite booking site.  It's really clear and you can usually book with free cancellation and so confirm your accommodation at no risk months before train booking opens.

Hotels in Douglas...

In Douglas, most of the hotels are arranged along the promenade, a few minutes walk from the sea terminal.  The most famous and luxurious hotel in town is the Sefton, the Empress is also a good choice.

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