A TGV Lyria train about to leave Paris Gare de Lyon for Switzerland

A 200mph TGV-Lyria train about to leave Paris for Switzerland.

Check times & buy TGV-Lyria
tickets from €25 at:

www.loco2.com (anyone).

uk.voyages-sncf.com (UK residents)

www.raileurope.com (US residents)

www.raileurope-world.com (residents of Canada, Australia, NZ, Asia, Africa, South America)

www.capitainetrain.com (anyone)

www.sbb.ch (anyone)

What is TGV-Lyria?

TGV-Lyria is a consortium of French & Swiss national railways formed to run the high-speed trains between Paris & Switzerland.  Paris-Geneva in 3 hours 05 min, Paris-Basel in 3 hours 30 min, Paris-Zurich in 4 hours 03 min, faster than flying!  TGV stands for Train à Grande Vitesse or High Speed Train.  TGV-Lyrias run on these routes:

Tips for travelling by TGV-Lyria...

Double-deck or single-deck TGV, how to tell?  Upper deck?  Forward-facing seat?

Most Paris-Geneva & a couple of Paris-Basel-Zurich TGV-Lyria departures are operated by impressive 200 mph (320 km/h) double-deck TGV Duplex.  A few Paris-Geneva, most Paris-Basel-Zurich and all Paris-Lausanne, Bern & Interlaken TGV-Lyrias are operated by single-deck TGVs (technically type TGV-POS) with a funky interior by designer Christian Lacroix and a special seat numbering system that allows passengers to specify a forward-facing seat.  You can check which type you TGV will be by running an enquiry on www.capitainetrain.com - sign up for an account, find your train, select a price, click 'Seating' and if you get a choice of decks, it's a Duplex.  If you get a chance to select a box marked 'forward facing seat' it's a single-deck TGV-POS (you cannot specify a forward-facing seat on a TGV Duplex).  I strongly recommend an upper deck seat on a Duplex for the best views of the scenery, although you can only choose decks if you buy tickets at www.loco2.com or www.capitainetrain.com, not at most other sites.

Double-deck TGV Duplex...

The stairs to the top deck are short, wide and easy, and there are luggage racks and toilets both upstairs and downstairs.  You walk through the train to the cafe-bar at the upper deck level.  TGV-Lyria trains leave from Paris Gare de Lyon.  Why not dine at the amazing Train Bleu Restaurant inside the Gare de Lyon itself, before or after your journey?

A TGV Duplex at Paris Gare de Lyon   Upper deck second class on a TGV Duplex.

Boarding a double-deck TGV Duplex at Paris Gare de Lyon.  You can now easily travel from London to Switzerland by Eurostar & TGV-Lyria in an afternoon & evening, relaxing with a book and bottle of wine.  It isn't even expensive!  Watch the TGV Duplex video


The upstairs landing on a TGV Duplex showing the stairs down to the entrance door...

Upper deck 2nd class on a TGV Duplex.     Cafe-bar on the upper deck of a TGV Duplex

2nd class seats on TGV Duplex upper deck.  There's a mix of unidirectional seating and some tables for 4 like this.


The cafe-bar in a TGV Duplex upper deck in car 4, serving tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine, beer, snacks and microwave-style hot meal dishes....

1st class on a TGV Duplex   A TGV Duplex.

1st class seats on TGV Duplex upper deck, with some tables for 2 & some tables for 4.


A TGV Duplex.  The red near the door indicates 1st class, pale green 2nd class.

Single-deck TGVs...

TGV-Lyria's single-deck trains feature interiors styled by designer Christian Lacroix, with 1st & 2nd class seats plus a cafe-bar car selling drinks, snacks & microwaved hot dishes.  First class fares include a complimentary cold breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack according to time of day, served at your seat.  There are power points for mobiles & laptops at all seats.  Incidentally, SNCF's in-house designer has never forgiven Christian Lacroix for breaking the unwritten 'rule' and using warm funky oranges and purples in 2nd class, cooler greys and lime green in 1st class, but see what you think...

TGV-Lyria trains leave from Paris Gare de Lyon.  Why not dine at the amazing Train Bleu Restaurant, inside the Gare de Lyon itself, before or after your journey? 

TGV from Milan to Paris   TGV-Lyria 2nd class

A TGV in new Lyria colours at the Gare de Lyon.


2nd class seats...  See panorama photo.

TGV-Lyria cafe-bar   TGV-Lyria 1st class

Cafe-bar serving drinks, snacks & hot dishes...


1st class seats...  See panorama photo.

Complimentary food in first class on a Lyria TGV   A TGV-Lyria about to leave Paris

Complimentary food in first class...


A TGV-Lyria about to leave Geneva for Paris...

Lyria timetables, fares & how to buy tickets...

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