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Buy Salzburg to Prague train tickets from €19 at

Comfortable civilised trains link Salzburg & Prague in 5h45 every day, city centre to city centre with one easy change of train at Linz.  Booked in advance, 2nd class starts at just €19 - treat yourself to 1st class from €39.

Unlike a cramped long-distance bus, the trains give you room to stand up and move around, there are no seatbelts, there are full-size toilets in every car, power sockets, and you're free to bring your own picnic, beer or bottle of wine as the lovely Austrian and Czech countryside rolls by...

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Train times via Linz...

The fastest, cheapest & most direct option is shown below, but there are many more departures as explained in the How to buy tickets section...

Major improvements were made from 11 December 2016 as shown below.  Prague-Linz trains were increased from 2 to 5 per day and journey time cut by 40 minutes...

 Salzburg ► Prague


 Prague ► Salzburg

Train type:





Train type:





 Salzburg Hbf depart:





 Prague Hlavni depart:





 Linz Hbf arrive:





 Linz Hbf arrive:





   Easy change at Linz REx REx REx REx    Easy change at Linz





 Linz Hbf depart:





 Linz Hbf depart:





 Prague Hlavni arrive:





 Salzburg Hbf arrive:





Only seeing a 10:12 or 14:12 departure in the search results?  Read tip 2 below!    * = 2nd class only between Prague & Linz.

Changing trains at Linz is a simple matter of stepping off one train, walking to another train and stepping on.  In the Salzburg to Prague direction, the Railjet usually arrives at platform 7, nip down the escalators through the subway and up an escalator onto platform 1 for the Regional Express to Prague.  In the Prague to Salzburg direction, the Regional Express from Prague usually arrives on platform 1, nip through the subway to platform 6 for the Railjet to Salzburg.  But always check the departure screens!  Remember that on a through ticket, in the event of a delay and missed connection, you are legally entitled to later onward travel, so no worries!

How to buy tickets

  • To check times & prices and buy tickets in either direction, simply use the official Czech Railways site  Cheap prices, no added fees and you print your own ticket.  Easy!  But do please read tips 1-3 below...

  • Booking opens 60 days ahead.  You can't book before booking opens, and there's no need to.  Europeans typically buy train tickets days or weeks ahead, not months. 

  • The cheap advance-purchase First Minute fares are only valid on the specific train you book, no refunds, no changes to travel plans.  On the day at the station you'll pay the full-flex fare which is about €59 one-way from Salzburg to Prague in 2nd class.

Tip 1:  In the search results, which departure should I choose?

  • You will see many more departures than just the ones above in the search results.  Here's how to interpret what you see...

  • Option A, journeys with 1 transfer in Linz as shown above, involving a Railjet (RJ) or InterCity (IC) train between Salzburg & Linz and a Czech Regional Express (REx) train between Linz & Prague.  This is the fastest, cheapest, most geographically direct route.  But read tip 2 below!

  • Option B, journeys with 2 transfers, in Linz & Ceske Budejovice.  This is the same cheap direct route as Option A above, but with an extra change of train at Ceske Budejovice - formerly Budweis in German, yes, where the name of the beer comes from!  Obviously, taking one of the 1-transfer options shown above would be simpler - but by all means take one of these 2-transfer departures if the timings suit you better. Changing trains only means stepping off one train, walking over to another and stepping on.  And again, read tip 2 below.

  • Option C, journeys with 1 transfer in Vienna, usually marked RJ, RJ = Railjet then Railjet.  This is a longer way round, all the way east to Vienna, then north west to Prague, but the Salzburg-Vienna Railjet trains & Vienna-Prague Railjet trains are much faster then the Linz-Prague Regional Express trains on the direct route so it only takes 40 minutes longer, doesn't cost that much more, it's a simple same-station change in Vienna and of course you're then making the entire journey on smart modern Railjet trains with free WiFi, a proper restaurant car, at-seat service in 1st class, and the option of deluxe business class.  So by all means choose one of these departures instead if you like.  One more tip, the system sometimes suggests connections in Vienna as tight as 4 minutes.  I'd allow at least 20 minutes between trains in Vienna, by specifying a minimum 20 minute connection as explained in tip 2 below.

Tip 2, top tip for a robust connection in Linz!

  • When you use to book the cheapest, fastest 1-transfer option via Linz as shown in the timetable above, you won't immediately find the 10:08 & 14:08 Railjet departures with free WiFi which I recommend above.  Instead, the system shows the slightly later 10:12 & 14:12 InterCity trains to Linz because this saves 4 minutes.  However, these are slower IC trains and the connection time at Linz is reduced from 20+ minutes if you take the xx:08 Railjet (giving you time to buy some snacks or a coffee at Linz for the train to Prague) to just 7 minutes if you take the xx:12 InterCity.  Obviously, if you take the InterCity and it's 10 minutes late you'll miss the connection, so I recommend booking a ticket which specifies the earlier 10:08 or 14:08 Railjet instead.  Here's how to do that...

  • ...To get to offer you that slightly earlier 10:08 or 14:08 with the more robust connection at Linz, click More options on the journey planner and scroll down to Parameters of the train connection.  Under Transfer time from - to, change standard to 20 minutes to specify a minimum 20 minute connection time.  Now re-run the enquiry.  Easy when you know how!

  • In the other direction, the connection time at Linz doesn't matter as much because trains run from Linz to Salzburg every half hour and if you miss one you can take the next one, no big deal.  But you can extend the connection time in this direction too as explained in the paragraph above, which puts you on a smart modern Railjet rather than a slower InterCity between Linz and Salzburg, with a longer more robust connection in Linz and an arrival in Salzburg only 4 minutes after the preceding InterCity.

Tip 3, how about a stopover in Linz, Vienna or Cesky Krumlov?

  • If you want a stopover in Linz or Vienna, simply book Salzburg-Vienna or Salzburg-Linz at Austrian Railways then Linz or Vienna to Prague at Czech Railways

  • Lovely Cesky Krumlov is 44 minutes down a rural branch line from Ceske Budejovice where all the Linz-Prague trains stop.  Simply book in two stages, from Salzburg to Cesky Krumlov then from Cesky Krumlov to Prague using (or vice versa if going in the other direction, obviously).  Incidentally, the branch line to Cesky Krumlov is 2nd class only and the Czech Railways site cannot mix and match classes, so if you insist on 1st class on the mainline trains you have to book in four stages, Salzburg-Ceske Budejovice in 1st class, Ceske Budejovice to Cesky Krumlov in 2nd class, Cesky Krumlov  to Ceske Budejovice  in 2nd class then Ceske Budejovice to Prague in 1st class.  Unlike the First Minute cheap fares for international journeys which are only valid on that specific train, domestic tickets for journeys wholly within the Czech Republic are for any train that day.

What are the trains like?

Step 1:  Salzburg to Linz in 1h16 by fast modern Railjet...

Restaurant car, at-seat food & drink orders taken in 1st class, free WiFi in all classes, power sockets...

The morning RailJet from Munich has arrived in Budapest.   Economy class seats on the Munich-Vienna RailJet train

Railjets are ÖBB's (Austrian Railways) premier trains...  More photos, video & information about Railjets.


Economy class on RailJet, in open saloons with picture windows.  Some seats around tables, most unidirectional.

  Premium class seats on the Munich-Vienna RailJet train   Railjet restaurant car

Railjet first class, with black leather seats...


Business class...


Bistro-restaurant car...

Step 2, by Czech regional express (REx) train from Linz to Prague in 4h50...

A train from Linz to Prague

A regional express train from Linz to Prague.  The train may have a refreshment trolley for part of the journey, but it's a good idea to take a picnic and maybe some wine or beer...

2nd class 6-seat compartment on Prague to Linz train   First class car on train from Prague to Linz

2nd class 6-seat compartment.


Plush 1st class compartments with power sockets...

Scenery seen travelling from Prague to Salzburg by train

Between Linz and Prague the train snakes through farmland and occasional forest.  It calls at the southern Bohemian city of Ceske Budejovice - more familiar by its former German name, Budweis - home of the original Budweiser beer.

Lavender field from the train   A 1st class compartment all to ourselves

No cramped bus seats here.  We've a 1st class 6-seat compartment all to ourselves so can spread out & chill...

More scenery going from Prague to Salzburg by train

The Bohemian countryside keeps on rolling by...

Prague Hlavni station

Prague Hlavni station, just 15 minutes walk from the old town.  See Prague station information.

Prague old town   Charles Bridge, Prague

Prague Hlavni is only 15 minutes walk from the old town, 20 minutes walk from the Charles Bridge...

Travel tips...


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