San Sebastian old town seen from Hotel de Londres

Take the train to San Sebastian!

Several times a day, high-speed TGV Duplex trains link Paris Gare Montparnasse with Hendaye on the Spanish border in just 4h45 since the new Tours-Bordeaux high-speed line opened in July 2017, with fares from just €25.  They have a cafe-bar & free WiFi.  Euskotren metro trains then link Hendaye to San Sebastian every 30 minutes, journey 37 minutes, fare €2.55.  The whole trip takes little more time than flying - yet it's far more comfortable, far better for the environment and a lot less hassle.  The only catch?  If you try to buy tickets from Paris to San Sebastian it won't work - you need to book from Paris to Hendaye, then buy a metro ticket to San Sebastian.  This page will explain!

  Times & tickets, Paris to San Sebastian

  Times & tickets, San Sebastian to Paris

  What's the journey like?

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Paris ► San Sebastian

San Sebastian ► Paris

What's the journey like?

1.  Paris to Hendaye by TGV...

Paris Gare Montparnasse, for the train to San Sebastian

The main concourse at Paris Gare Montparnasse...

TGV Duplex Oceane arrived at Bordeaux   TGV Duplex Oceane at Bordeaux

Boarding the TGV at Paris Montparnasse...  Most Paris-Hendaye trains are now TGV Duplex double-deck high-speed trains like this one.  On this route, most TGV Duplex units have the new Océane interior shown here, they have free WiFi and carry the latest grey, silver & red TGV colours.  Click the images below for larger photos...

There are now automatic ticket gates at the entrance to the platforms at Paris Montparnasse, just scan the barcode on your ticket.

TGV Océane cafe-bar   TGV Océane 2nd class seats

TGV Océane cafe-bar, upper deck car 4 (or 14)


TGV Océane 2nd class seats...

TGV Océane 1st class seats   TGV Océane 1st class seat   TGV Océane 1st class drop-down table

TGV Océane 1st class seats.  An innovation on TGV Océane, all 1st class seats (except the very end ones) rotate to face the direction of travel, or can be rotated to make a face-to-face group of 2 or 4 seats.  The drop-down tables open to reveal USB and 2-pin power sockets.

TGV from Paris arrived at Hendaye

After a dash across France at up to 186mph, the TGV arrives at Hendaye.  Incidentally, Hendaye station is where Hitler met Franco on 23 October 1940.  You'll be treading the same platforms!   Photo courtesy of Alan Uxbridge.

2.  Hendaye to San Sebastian Amara by Euskotren...

Hendaye SNCF station   Hendaye station showing location of Euskotren to San Sebastian

Walk through the SNCF station ticket hall...


...and out of the main station exit and turn right.

Hendaia Euskoten station, for trains to San Sebastian   Inside Euskotren station at Hendaye

The Euskotren station is in the corner of the SNCF car park.


Inside Hendaye Euskotren station...

Euskotren train to San Sebastian at Hendaye   Inside Euskotren to San Sebastian

There is only one platform, and it's where the trains start.  So no worries, you can't get on the wrong train, they all go to San Sebastian-Donostia Amara!  These air-conditioned metro trains leave every 30 minutes, a turn-up-and-go metro service called Metro Donostialdea.  There's plenty of space for luggage and they even have a wheelchair-accessible toilet.  These trains also call at Irun, but Irun's Euskotren station is 10 minutes walk from Irun Renfe mainline station so it's easier to change at Hendaye even if your TGV goes through to Irun.

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Travel tips...

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Enjoying San Sebastian...

Euskotren train to san Sebastian at Hendaye   Inside Euskotren to San Sebastian

San Sebastian...  The sea front is 10 min walk from San Sebastian-Donostia Amara station, where Euskotren arrives.

View of San Sebastian

Hotels in San Sebastian...

Hotel de Londres, San Sebastian   Room at the Hotel de Londres

If your budget will stretch, the Hotel de Londres y Inglaterra is a classic.  The place has character, and is perfectly located right on the sea front, a few minutes walk from the old town and 10 minutes walk from Amara station.  Ask for a room with balcony overlooking the bay...  For something rather cheaper but still with great reviews right in the old town, try the Pension Garibai or Pension Alameda.

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