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Train travel in Britain & Ireland

Train travel in Britain, a beginner's guide

Train travel in Ireland, a beginner's guide

London to Edinburgh, the route of the Flying Scotsman

London to Scotland by Caledonian Sleeper train

London to Cornwall by Night Riviera sleeper train

To the Channel Islands by train & ferry

To the Isle of Man by train & ferry

London to Belfast & Northern Ireland by train & ferry

London to Dublin & Ireland by train & ferry

Train travel in Europe

A guide to train travel in Europe

How to buy train tickets

Train times, fares & tickets
UK to other European countries...

Train times, fares & tickets
between European cities...

Train travel in key European countries

InterRail & Eurail passes

Popular routes & train types

London to Paris by Eurostar

London to Paris by train & ferry

London to Amsterdam by direct Eurostar

London to Lyon, Avignon, Marseille by direct Eurostar

London to French Alps by Eurostar Ski Train

French TGV high-speed trains

French lo-cost Ouigo trains

French overnight trains

Paris to Nice by TGV

Paris to Brussels, Amsterdam & Cologne by Thalys

Paris to Switzerland by TGV-Lyria

Paris to Turin & Milan by TGV

Paris to Venice by Thello sleeper train

Paris to San Sebastian by TGV

Paris to Barcelona by TGV

Paris to Moscow Express

Nice to Milan by Thello day train

French cities to Barcelona by AVE-S100

Barcelona to Madrid by AVE-S103

Barcelona to Andalucía by AVE-S112

Irun & San Sebastian to Lisbon by Sud Express

Madrid to Lisbon by Trenhotel Lusitania

Lyon to Geneva by TER

Glacier Express - Switzerland's most scenic train

Bernina Express - The ultimate Swiss scenic route

Switzerland to Italy by ETR610 EuroCity train

Switzerland to Austria on the Arlberg Railway

Trenitalia's Frecciarossa

Trenitalia's Frecciargento

NTV's Italo trains

Rhine Valley line from Cologne to Mainz

German ICE trains

German InterCity trains

Austrian railjet trains

Austrian Nightjet sleeper trains

Bruges to Amsterdam by train

Amsterdam to Bruges by train

Amsterdam to Berlin by InterCity train

Hamburg to Copenhagen by EuroCity train

Berlin to Warszawa by train

Berlin to Prague by train

Munich to Prague by train

Munich to Venice by EuroCity train

Prague to Budapest by train

Prague to Krakow by train

Prague to Vienna by railjet or Regiojet

Salzburg to Prague by train

Vienna to Salzburg by train

Vienna to Budapest by train

Vienna to Venice by train

Venice to Ljubljana by train

Venice to Lake Bled by train

Zagreb to Sarajevo by train

Sarajevo to Mostar by train

Belgrade to Bar in Montenegro

Belgrade to Sofia by train

Swedish X2000 trains

Helsinki to St Petersburg & Moscow by Allegro & Tolstoi

Warsaw to Vilnius by train

Vilnius to Riga by train

Riga to Tallinn by train

How to use key train booking websites

Station guides

Train travel worldwide

Train travel by country...

The Trans-Siberian Railway

Other long-haul routes

Great train journeys

London to Edinburgh, the route of the Flying Scotsman

The West Highland Line, Britain's most scenic railway

Fort William to London on the Deerstalker

Royal Scotsman - train cruises around Scotland

Glacier Express - Switzerland's most scenic train

Bernina Express - The ultimate Alpine scenic route

Jungfraubahn - to the Top of Europe

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from London to Venice

Orient Express - the truth behind the legend

Rails down the Rhine:  Cologne to Mainz via the Rhine Valley

Sarajevo to Mostar by train

Belgrade to Bar in Montenegro, a spectacular train ride

Marshal Tito's private train

Danube Express cruise train

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem - by slow train to the Holy City

The Océan from Montreal to Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver

Rocky Mountaineer - Through the Canadian Rockies

California Zephyr - coast-to-coast across the USA

Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Fairbanks

Colombo to Sri Lanka's Tea Country by train

Indonesia by train: A journey from Jakarta to Bali

Eastern & Oriental Express, Singapore to Bangkok

Beijing to Shanghai by high-speed train

Hong Kong to Beijing by high-speed train

Bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, Hiroshima & Nagasaki

The Indian Pacific, Sydney-Adelaide-Perth

The Ghan, Adelaide-Alice Springs-Darwin

Northern Explorer from Auckland to Wellington

The TranzAlpine - NZ's South Island scenic train

Find other great journeys on the relevant country page

Holidays & places of interest

Holidays without flying by train or ferry    

Ski holidays by train not plane

Day trip from Belfast to the Giant's Causeway by train

Day trip from Rome to Pompeii by train

Day trip from Munich to Neuschwanstein, Bavaria's fairytale castle

Day trip from Prague to Ceský Krumlov by train

Escape to Colditz by train...

The Train Bleu restaurant at Paris Gare de Lyon

Great Wall of China - a day trip from Beijing by train

By Death Railway to the Bridge on the River Kwai

Other pages

Useful links & list of railway & ferry operator websites

CO2 & climate change, trains vs planes  

The European Rail Timetable

How to plan a complex trip

Train ticket shop

Hotel booking page

Ferry booking page



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