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Station overview...

Budapest's beautiful Nyugati Pályaudvar was built by the Eiffel company in 1877, roughly on the site of Budapest's first station dating from 1846.  Nyugati Pályaudvar simply means west station.  Although most international trains use Budapest's Keleti (east) station, trains to/from Bratislava and Prague will start using Nyugati instead of Keleti as from the timetable change on 10 December 2017.  The Ukrainian sleeper train from Budapest to Lviv & Kiev also uses Nyugati.  You can read more about the station's history at

Budapest Nyugati station facade

The station's beautiful facade, built by the Gustave Eiffel Company in 1877.  Platforms 10-13 are inside that glass-fronted trainshed.  Photo courtesy of Charlie.

Inside Budapest Nyugati, platforms 9-13

Inside the trainshed at night, showing platforms 10-13, the main departure boards, a pair of yellow ticket collection machines and some air-conditioned Hungarian InterCity cars.  Photo courtesy of Daniel Mawdesley.

Which platform?

Budapest Nyugati is a terminus, so there is easy level access to all platforms.  The station has 17 platforms, numbered from left to right as you look towards the trains.  The platforms fall into three groups:  Platforms 1-9 are set back a bit from the station facade on the north side.  Platforms 10-13 are the longer platforms that come right in to the beautiful main trainshed.  Platforms 14-17 are then also set back a bit from the station facade, on the south side.

The main departure boards will tell you which platform your train leaves from, but you can sometimes see which platform your train is due to leave from at the Hungarian Railways website  Look up your train using the journey planner and when the list of trains appears, click on the orange arrow against your train.  Often the platform is given, but not always.  Remember that platforms may change on the day, so always check the departure boards.

Ticket offices...

The ticket windows are in a magnificent ticket hall next to platform 13.

How to collect tickets bought online at

Tickets bought online at must be collected from the self-service ticket machines, either the small blue collection machines if collecting Hungarian domestic tickets (pictured below centre) or the larger yellow self-service ticket vending machines if collecting international tickets (pictured below right).  There are various machines around the station.  Use the touch screen to switch it to English, select the option to collect tickets, enter your reference number, click Bevitel (enter), and your tickets will print.  Easy!

Location of MAV-start ticket collection machine at Budapest Keleti.   MAV e-ticket machine   MAV-start ticket collection - touch screen

The magnificent ticket hall. Courtesy Nev Ball.


A blue machine...


A yellow ticket machine...

Luggage lockers...

Lockers are located in the ticket hall near platform 13.  There are large and small lockers, most accepting Forint coins, a few accepting euro coins, see the left luggage page for current prices.  There is a change machine if you only have Forint notes.

First class lounge...

Unfortunately there is no first class lounge at Budapest Nyugati, although there's a first class lounge at Budapest Keleti.

Food & drink...

There's a McDonald's at Budapest Nyugati in what I believe is the original station restaurant of 1877.  It's located in the building immediately to the right of the right-hand tower in the main facade as you look at the front of the station.  Whether you like fast food or not, you can't knock the magnificent surroundings!  If you find other suggestions, let me know!

There's a Spar supermarket directly across the road from the station if you need to stock up for a journey.

McDonalds at Budapest Nyugati

McDonald's cafe & burgers at Budapest Nyugati station.  Photo courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry.

Local transport:  Walking, taxis & metro...

Transfer from Nyugati station to Deli station...

Transfer from Nyugati station to Keleti station...

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