This page explains how to travel by train from Sofia to other key European cities, and how to buy the cheapest tickets.  Click here to for journeys starting in another cityClick here for Sofia station location & facilities.  Train information current for 2018.

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Before you buy your tickets...

I recommend taking a moment to read these important tips for buying European train tickets.  It answers all the usual questions, such as "Do I need to book in advance or can I just turn up & buy at the station?", "Can I stop off?", "Are there Senior fares?" and that old favourite, "Should I buy an $800 railpass or just go online & buy a 35 point-to-point ticket?".  And most important, click here to understand how far ahead you can buy train tickets.

European train travel FAQ...

An introduction to European train travel


Senior fares (over 60)


Guide to Eurail passes (overseas visitors)

Important tips for buying European train tickets

Youth fares (under 26)


Guide to InterRail passes (for Europeans)

How to check European train times

Child fares & child age limits


Couchettes & sleepers on night trains

Do I need to book in advance?

Luggage on European trains


Train seat numbering plans

How far ahead can I book?

Luggage storage at stations


Wheelchairs & special needs

Can I stop off on the way?

Taking a bike by train


Real-time service updates

Should I travel 1st or 2nd class?

Taking a car by train


Hotels & accommodation

How long to allow for connections?

Taking dogs & pets by train


Changing stations in Paris by metro or taxi

How early to arrive at the station?

Maps of the European rail network


What to do when things go wrong...

Sofia to Istanbul for 29...

1 & 2 bed sleepers:  An air-conditioned Turkish TVS2000 sleeping-car as used on the Sofia-Istanbul Express.  Comfortable, carpeted, with compartments bookable as singles or doubles.  Above right, a sleeper compartment shown with beds folded away and seats folded out.


4-berth couchettes:  The Istanbul-Sofia Express usually has two couchette cars.  One is an air-conditioned Turkish TVS2000 couchette car with comfortable 4-berth compartments, shown above left with beds folded away and seats folded out.  Exterior shots courtesy of Paul Bateman

BDZ Bulgarian couchette car on Istanbul-Sofia Express  

6-berth couchettes:  The other couchette car is an older non-air-con Bulgarian couchette car (above left) with 6-berth compartments (above right).  Old-school comfort and the windows open.  It's reported this 6-berth Bulgarian car may no longer be operating.  Courtesy Philip Dyer-Perry & Ken.

Sunrise in Turkey, approcahing Cerkezkoy

Good morning Turkey!  Dawn breaks as journey's end approaches...

The transfer bus to Halkali, outside Istanbul Sirkeci station.

The free transfer bus from Istanbul to Halkali, outside Istanbul Sirkeci station.  Courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry.

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Sofia to Belgrade for 20.60...
Morning train from Belgrade to Skopje   1st class compartment on day train from Belgrade to Skopje

Sofia to Belgrade by train...


Old but comfortable compartment.

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Sofia to Bucharest for 25...
Scenery in the Shipka Pass, Bulgaria   The Sofia to Bucharest train

Lush green scenery as the train ascends the Shipka Pass...


The Sofia to Bucharest through coach at Sofia station.

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Sofia to Budapest & Vienna...

Option 1, with overnight stop in Belgrade - usually the cheapest option...

Option 1, using the Belgrade to Budapest overnight train...

The Sofia to Belgrade train Balkan...

Morning train from Belgrade to Skopje   1st class compartment on day train from Belgrade to Skopje

Sofia to Belgrade by train...


Old but comfortable compartment.

The Belgrade to Budapest night train Beograd...

A Serbian sleeping-car on the Belgrade to Budapest train   Serbian 2-bed sleeper   Serbian 6-berth couchettes

The Belgrade to Budapest sleeper, arrived at Budapest Keleti...


Serbian 2-bed sleeper...


6-berth couchettes...

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Sofia to Athens, Thessaloniki & Greece...
6-seat 2nd class compartment   Train corridor   The Thessaloniki to Sofia train

Comfortable 2nd class compartment.




The Thessaloniki to Sofia train.

The Sofia to Thessaloniki train uses modern Greek air-conditioned carriages, although as elsewhere in Greece there's a graffiti problem on the exterior.  Change in Thessaloniki for a similar air-conditioned train to Athens...  Photos courtesy of Damien McGrath.

Parnassus mountains seen from the Thessaloniki-Athens train

Spectacular view of the Parnassus mountains from the Thessaloniki-Athens InterCity train.  Courtesy Laurent Faurite.

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Sofia to Zagreb, Munich, Paris, London...

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Sofia to Moscow...

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Sofia to all other destinations:  Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen & Scandinavia, Spain & Portugal...

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Hotels in Sofia & other cities


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Other hotel sites worth trying...

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