A grand monument to former times:  Location & city map

Sofia's main station is a grandiose structure, like a giant monument left from an empire long-gone.  Which in a way, it is, even though it was only opened in 1974.  Indeed, cash-strapped BDZ (Bulgarian Railways) is apparently struggling with the cost of heating such a huge space in winter.  However it underwent a major refurbishment in 2016 and now looks remarkably smart.

Sofia station

Sofia station after refurbishment. Courtesy Malte Fuhrmann 

Inside Sofia Central station

The great hall at Sofia's central station, after refurbishment in 2016.  Courtesy of @AndyBTravels, DiscoverByRail.com.

Main hall, Sofia station

Another view of Sofia central's main hall, looking the other way.  Courtesy of @AndyBTravels, DiscoverByRail.com.

Ticket office at Sofia station   Sofia metro

The ticket office at Sofia station.  Windows 21-23 for international tickets, open 09:00-21:00 (with several 15-min breaks).


The impressive Sofia metro will take you from the station to Sofia city centre, www.metropolitan.bg/en.

Cash dispensers, left luggage, food & drink...

Buying tickets...

Walk or metro to Sofia city centre...

Sofia national theatre   Sofia cathedral

Sofia's national theatre...


Sofia's Alexander Nevsky cathedral...

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