Bucharest's main station: Location map

Bucharest has one main station, the imposing Gara de Nord (Bucureşti Nord), opened in 1872.  I've always found the grand scale of the architecture somewhat dark and oppressive but it has improved over recent years.

Bucharest Nord station

Bucharest Gara de Nord.  Photo courtesy of Daniel Brvnišťan

Bucharest Nord concourse

Station concourse running the width of the station, with platforms on the left and the main station exit to the right.  Note MacDonald's on the right.  Courtesy of Discoverbyrail.com.


The station is a terminus, with platforms numbered from 1 to 14 left to right as you stand on the concourse and look towards the platforms.

Bucharest Nord platforms

Ticket office

International tickets are bought at ticket window 1 in a room marked Case de bilete with a large blue sign, see the photos below so you know what to look for.  To find it coming from outside the station, simply walk in through the main station entrance in the colonnaded station facade (see topmost photo on this page) and it is in that broad passageway heading towards the platforms, on the right opposite a large pharmacy.  To find it from the platforms, look for the passageway roughly opposite platforms 8 & 9, between MacDonald's and the information office.  It's 50 metres down that passageway, just behind MacDonald's, on the left.

If you are collecting tickets bought online here, do it the day before or earlier in the day if you can, not at the last minute.  The international window closes for breaks at various times of day, don't get caught out.

Bucharest station ticket office entrance   Bucharest international ticket window

The ticket office entrance, looking towards platform 8/9. Note the McDonald's sign in the background.


Inside the Case de bilete, ticket window 1 is for international tickets.  This & photo below courtesy of Discoverbyrail.com.

Bucharest Nord ticket office

Left luggage & ATMs

Bucharest station left luggage office   Bucharest Nord bistro

Left luggage office.  Courtesy of Mike Bingham.


Bistro Nord.  Courtesy of Mike Bingham.

Somewhere to eat

Taxis & metro


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