Amsterdam to Bruges by train from 30,

You can easily travel from Amsterdam to Bruges by train in as little as 2 hours 44 minutes with departures every hour or so and fares from just 30.  Train is the safe & comfortable way to go!  If you're going in the other direction (Bruges to Amsterdam), click here.

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About Thalys trains...

Thalys high-speed trains travel at up to 300km/h (186 mph).  They are air-conditioned and carpeted, with free WiFi, power sockets at all seats & a cafe-bar, see the Thalys information page.  However, a ticket for a Thalys commits you to a specific train, with a seat reservation automatically included.  The cheaper tickets mean no refunds and no changes to travel plans.  Thalys fares are cheap if you book in advance, but expensive if you buy on or near your departure date.

A Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris

A Thalys at Amsterdam Centraal.  See full-screen panorama photos inside a Thalys trainMore info on Thalys.

1st class (Comfort & Premium) seating on Thalys   2nd class seats on a Thalys train from Paris to Amsterdam

Comfort & Premium seats, 2+1 across car width.  Larger photo.


Standard seats, 2+2 across.  Larger photo...

About IC trains...

The Amsterdam-Antwerp-Brussels IC trains are comfortable enough, though not as comfy as Thalys and there's no WiFi or catering so bring your own food & drink.  There are no seat reservations, you sit where you like.  There are power sockets in 1st class, but not in 2nd.  These IC trains now use the high-speed line between Amsterdam & Antwerp, but only at up to 160 km/h (100 mph) and they make more stops so they're slower than Thalys.  But they're much more flexible as tickets are good for any IC train that day (miss one, catch the next one!) and you can stop off to see Antwerp or Rotterdam for a few hours if you like.  Tickets are affordable even on the day and the regular fare cannot sell out, so there's no need to nail your plans to the floor months in advance as with Thalys.

InterCity train at Brussels

An InterCity train at Brussels Midi, jointly run by NS & SNCB (Dutch & Belgian railways...

2nd class seats on an Amsterdam to Brussels InterCity train   1st class seats on an Amsterdam to Brussels InterCity train

InterCity train 2nd class seats.  See larger photo.


InterCity train 1st class seats.  See larger photo.

Tips for changing trains in Antwerp... 


Antwerp Central, built between 1895 & 1905.


This shows platforms 1-4 and the retail floor directly below it.


Here you can see top level platforms 1-4, the next level down is retail, the next level down is platforms 11-14.  Platforms 22 & 23 are out of shot below the lower escalators.

Antwerp Central's beautiful main hall.  Make sure you see this between trains!  The Royal Cafe is inside this main hall, the ideal place for a coffee or more.  See larger photo.

Tips for changing trains in Brussels:  See the station guide for Brussels Midi here.

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