TGV train from Paris to Turin & Milan at Paris Gare de Lyon

Italy here we come!  The afternoon TGV from Paris to Turin & Milan waits to leave the Gare de Lyon...

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Seat on a Paris-Milan TGV train

Italy the civilised way...  A face-to-face table for two in 1st class on the TGV to Milan...

Scenery from the train from Paris to Milan

Italy the scenic way:  A 186 mph dash on the high-speed line, then a slow meander through the French Alps into Italy.  See the photos.  Watch the video!

Paris to Turin & Milan from €29...

Every day, three TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) high-speed trains link Paris with Turin and Milan, a leisurely journey from city centre to city centre through the scenic French Alps.  They are now run entirely by French railways (SNCF) in competition  with Trenitalia who runs the Thello overnight sleeper trains.  With fares from just €29 one-way, these TGVs are an excellent, civilised, relaxing and scenic way to reach Italy without the pain of the plane...  Watch the video!

COVID-19 update:  At least 2 out of 3 Paris-Milan TGVs are running, check online.  More COVID-19 travel info.

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Timetable southbound

 Paris ► Turin & Milan








 Paris Gare de Lyon depart:




 Turin Porta Susa arrive:




 Milan Porta Garibaldi arrive:




Timetable northbound

 Milan & Turin ► Paris








 Milan Porta Garibaldi dep.




 Turin Porta Susa depart




 Paris Gare de Lyon arrive




Always check trains for your date at or  For example, the 10:43 from Paris leaves at 10:39 on certain dates, and there are a few dates when only 2 trains run.

TGV = Train à Grande Vitesse, French Railways 300 km/h (186 mph) high-speed train, see below.

Paris to Turin is 734 km (456 miles).  Paris to Milan is 877 km (545 miles).

For connections to or from London, see the London to Italy page.

Onward connections to Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples:  It's easiest to change in Turin.  Book an onward train from Turin Porta Susa to Verona Porta Nuova, Venice Santa Lucia, Florence SMN, Rome Termini or Naples Centrale at either or from just €19.90 or €29.90.  If you choose to change in Milan, you'll find some onward trains from Milan Porta Garibaldi, others from Milan Centrale - the transfer between Porta Garibaldi & Centrale is a 10-min €6 taxi ride or 25 minute walk.  Also try private operator who operate high-speed Italo trains from Turin & Milan Centrale to Bologna, Florence SMN, Rome Termini & Naples Centrale.

How much does it cost?


2nd class

1st class

 Advance-purchase one-way:

From €29

From €46

 Full-price fare, adult:



 Full-price fare, child:



 Railpass holder fare:



 Domestic animals (see here):



Return fares are twice the one-way fare.

Cheap fares = Prems or Leisure fares = Book in advance, price varies like air fares, limited or no refunds or changes.

Full-price = Refundable and flexible.  There are no senior or youth reductions.

Child fare = Child 4-11 years (use an adult special fare if cheaper). Children under 4 free.

Railpass holder fare:  What you pay with a railpass (Eurail, Interrail, etc). Normal tickets are often cheaper!!

Fares may vary:  On certain dates, 10-20% higher fares are charged.

* See passholder reservation fees & how to make passholder reservations here.

How to buy tickets...

Route map...

Paris to Milan train route map


Click for larger map

Red = high-speed lines.  Green = scenic routes

Black = conventional lines.  Highlighted = Paris-Milan TGV route.

Reproduced from the European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.

I recommend buying the European Rail Map and a copy of the European Rail Timetable, they ship worldwide,

European Rail Timetable and map

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What's the train like?  See the video

TGV bar car   TGV from Milan to Paris

The cafe-bar, selling tea, coffee, beer, wine, cold snacks & microwaved hot dishes.  Larger photo.


The afternoon TGV to Milan at the Gare de Lyon.  There's no check-in, just board before departure time...

TGV interior by Christian Lacroix, second class   TGV 1st class by Christian Lacroix

2nd class with a mix or unidirectional seats & tables for 4.  Seats are 2+2 across car width.  360 degree photo.


1st class with a mix of unidirectional seats, solo seats, tables for 2 & for 4.  Seats 2+1 across car width.  360 degree photo.

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What's the journey like?   See the video

Paris Gare de Lyon

1.  Paris Gare de Lyon.  The trains to Italy leave from the magnificent Gare de Lyon in central Paris, a landmark in its own right.  See Gare de Lyon information page.

Paris Gare de Lyon Hall 1, platforms A to N

Hall 1 at the Gare de Lyon.  The TGV may leave from Hall 1 or Hall 2, see the Paris Gare de Lyon station page.

The Train Bleu restaurant, Paris Gare de Lyon   The Train Bleu restaurant's bar

How about lunch at the amazing Train Bleu restaurant in Hall 1 of the Gare de Lyon before catching the Italy Express?  Or have a coffee or beer in the bar (above right), which makes an excellent VIP waiting lounge.

The fields of rural France from the train to Italy   Rural France

The TGV accelerates through the Paris suburbs then speeds across rural France at up to 186 mph, past fields, woods and pretty villages...

Mountains from the TGV train to Italy

...after calling at Lyon St Exupéry it slows right down and snakes through the Alpine foothills.

Mountain seen from the train   Scenery from Milan to Paris train

The train crosses the Alps, calling at Chambéry...

More snow-capped mountains from the TGV train to Italy

TGV train to Milan at Modane   TGV from Paris to Milan stops at Modane

...The train finally reaches Modane, the last station in France.  There's a chance to stretch your legs here.  Shortly after Modane, the train passes through the Fréjus Rail Tunnel, also known less accurately as the Mont Cénis tunnel, some 13.6 km (8.5 mile) long.  During the 7 minutes taken to pass through the tunnel, the train enters Italy.  Opened in 1871, this the oldest of the large tunnels through the Alps, and was the longest tunnel in the world from 1871 until 1882 when the Gotthard tunnel opened on the Zurich-Milan route.

Food on the Paris-Milan TGV train:  Cheese platter   TGV food - set menu lasagne

Dinner is served...  In first class, a steward takes your order for dinner around 7pm and it's served at your seat an hour or so later.  This is the cold cheese plate (left) and a lasagne (right), the set menus costing €16 to €19 including main dish, yoghurt, roll and half bottle of wine or soft drink.  In 2nd class, you can go to the cafe-bar to order your food.

River seen from the train   Castle on mountain seen from the train

More mountain scenery...


At Bardonecchia in Italy, leaving the Alps behind...

Scenery from the train between Oulx and Turin   Scenery from the train between Oulx and Turin

Scenery between Oulx and Turin...  Photos courtesy of

TGV from Paris at Turin Porta Susa   Turin Porta Susa station

The train calls at Turin Porta SusaPhotos courtesy of

The TGV arrived at Milan Porta Garibaldi   Milan Porta Garibaldi station

Arrival on time at Milan's modern Porta Garibaldi station.  Porta Garibaldi is a 10-minute €6 taxi ride or 25 minute walk from Milan's main Centrale station.

Video guide: Paris to Milan by TGV

The video shows both the train & the scenery on a journey from Paris to Turin & Milan...

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Travel tips...

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