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One of the most important stations in Paris and the third busiest station in France, the Gare de Lyon is the station for trains heading southeast out of the city, including trains to Dijon, Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Nice, the French Alps, Switzerland, Italy & Barcelona.  There has been a station here since 1847, although the current station building dates from 1900.  The Gare de Lyon is a classic Parisian landmark and I always relish the chance for a meal, coffee or beer at the fabled Train Bleu restaurant.

  Overview & orientation

  Hall 1, platforms A to N

  Hall 2, platforms 5 to 23

  Ticket office

  Left luggage lockers

  Tips for using the Gare de Lyon  


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Paris Gare de Lyon station facade close up

Station overview Click for station plan...

The Gare de Lyon is a terminus with flat level access between the taxi rank, concourse & all platforms, so it's easy to navigate with wheeled luggage.

The station has two separate concourses, known as Hall 1 and Hall 2, marked on the station plan below by the two red home logos.  Hall 1 is the original trainshed dating from 1900 housing platforms A to N, Hall 2 is the later extension housing platforms 5 to 23. 

Trains are usually posted on the departure boards around 20 minutes before departure, but the departure boards will show whether to wait in Hall 1 or Hall 2 before a specific platform is shown.  It only takes 2 minutes to walk between Hall 1 & Hall 2 along platform A or through the ticket hall, but it's best to wait in the right area.

You can find a detailed plan of the station and its facilities at

View of the Gare de Lyon

The classic facade of the Gare de Lyon of 1900.  The large arched windows above the canopy are those of the Train Bleu restaurant.  If you walk through the entrances in this facade, you'll find yourself in Hall 1, facing platforms A to N.

Hall 1, platforms A to N...

This is the original trainshed, dating from 1900...

Paris Gare de Lyon Hall 1, platforms A to N

Hall 1 & platforms A to N seen from the top of the Train Bleu restaurant steps.  Platform A on the left, N on the right...

Hall 1, Gare de Lyon

Looking northeast across Hall 1 concourse at 90 degrees to the previous photo, with the ornate steps up to the Train Bleu restaurant on the left.  The trains & platforms A to N are just out of shot to the right... 

Note the main departure boards above Starbucks in the centre.  Note the escalators down to the Metro & RER Express Metro.

Hall 2, platforms 5 to 23...

A later extension, accessed from Hall 1 either by walking down platform A or by walking through the ticket hall.

Hall 2 at Paris Gare de Lyon

Looking northeast across Hall 2, with platforms 5 to 23 on the right.  Platform A is behind the camera.

Ticket hall...

Ticket hall, Paris Gare de Lyon   SNCF ticket office at Paris Gare de Lyon

The ticket hall connects Hall 1 with Hall 2, parallel with platform A.  The doors to the SNCF ticket office are now on the right.


Inside the main SNCF ticket office.  A numbered waiting system operates, so take a number...

Thello sleeper train ticket office...  Private operator Thello has its own ticket office for its Paris-Italy sleeper train on the main concourse (Hall 1) level with platform M, marked on the station plan here.

Tips for using the Gare de Lyon...

Big Ben Bar, Paris Gare de Lyon   Train Bleu restaurant

A haven! The Big Ben Bar.  More info here.


A treat! Lunch at the Train Bleu restaurant.  More info here.

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