Map of stations in Lyon

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Red = high-speed line

Which station in Lyon?

small bullet point  Lyon Part Dieu - the main station in the city centre used by most trains.

small bullet point  Lyon Perrache - the former main station, closer to the old town and still used by some trains.

small bullet point  Lyon St Exupéry - Lyon Airport station, a 29-minute 18 km tram ride from the city centre.

small bullet point  How to transfer from Part Dieu to St Exupéry by tram

Lyon Part Dieu:  Location map

Lyon Part Dieu is Lyon's modern main station opened in 1983 and used by all trains serving Lyon city centre.  It's normally the station to choose when booking trains to or from Lyon.  The official website for SNCF station information is  The name Part Dieu means property of God, in ancient times this area of Lyon was swampy unhealthy ground east of the old city.

Platforms A to L

The 12 platforms are one floor up from street level and lettered A to L, with platform A on the west side and platform L on the east side.  There are stairs and either escalators or lifts from the platform to the concourse below all the tracks at street level.  You can walk between any two platforms in 3 minutes or less.

Lyon Part Dieu platforms

This is platform C & D at Lyon Part Dieu, with a TGV Duplex arrived at platform C.  Note the departure screens, these are on every platform in several locations, making it easy to see which platform for your connecting train.

The concourse.  Which exit?

The concourse is a wide passageway beneath all the tracks with two main exits, one on the east side of the station and one on the west.  Here you'll find the ticket office (on the northern side of the concourse), and plenty of retail outlets, cafes, ticket machines.

West entrance/exit = Porte Rhone = Exit Béraudier-Centre-Ville, towards the city centre & old town.  The metro is this side too.

East entrance/exit = Porte Alpes = Exit Villette-Villeurbanne, for the Rhone Express tram to Lyon St Exupéry station & airport, and Eurexpo Lyon.

Lyon Part Dieu station concourse

The station concourse at street level beneath all the tracks.  Note the stairs up to the platforms, there are also lifts/escalators.

Lyon Part Dieu ticket office   Lyon Part Dieu Porte Rhone

The ticket office (marked Billets) is on the main concourse, northern side.


The western Porte Rhone exit (towards the city centre) is currently being rebuilt.

Lyon Part Dieu Porte Alpes showing tram to airport

This is the Porte Alpes exit on the east side of the station, away from the city centre.  You can clearly see the red Rhône Express tram terminus with a tram about to leave for Lyon St Exupéry TGV station/airport.

Luggage lockers & toilets

The station has left luggage lockers (consigne in French), located in a small alleyway off the main concourse.  The easily-missed exit doors from the concourse into this alleyway are on your left as you walk towards the main Porte Alpes exit, on the platform K side of the station shortly before reaching that exit.  In this alleyway you'll also find the main station toilets and the SNCF Salon Grand Voyageur lounge.  See here for luggage locker opening times & prices.

Location of luggage lockers, Lyon Part Dieu

Getting to & from the old town

Somewhere to eat

Somewhere to stay

Lyon Perrache:  Location map

Before 1983, Perrache was Lyon's main station, now it's just a secondary station although it's closer to some parts of the older city than Part Dieu.  Some trains such as Lyon-Paris TGVs start at Perrache before calling at Part Dieu.

Lyon St Exupéry:  Location map

The impressive bird-like Lyon St Exupéry station is located at Lyon airport, astride the Marseille-Paris TGV line as it bypasses Lyon to the east.  Designed by celebrity architect Santiago Calatrava, it opened in 1994, originally called Lyon Satolas.  Some cheap Ouigo TGV trains to Paris go from St Exupéry rather than Part Dieu, and two of the three daily TGV trains from Paris to Turin & Milan call at St Exupéry rather than Part Dieu.  So you may find yourself heading here even if you're not catching a plane.  The station has limited facilities as it's used by a fraction of the passengers who use Part Dieu, but there's a cafe and toilets and ticket machines.  You'll find more facilities including a self-service restaurant and waiter-service restaurant if you walk a few minutes along the walkway/travelators to the adjacent airport terminal.

Lyon St Exupery main hall   Lyon St Exupery main hall

Lyon St Exupéry station, with main entrance visible.  The top of the stairs/escalator up from the Rhone Express tram terminus is on the left of this photo, just behind & to the left of the two people standing in the forecourt.


Lyon St Exupéry main hall, looking back towards the main entrance.  A broad passageway leads off each side of the hall, marked Porte Alpes & Porte Rhône, visible left & right here.  Escalators lead down from these passageways to the three platforms below.

Lyon St Exupery main hall   Lyon St Exupery platforms 4 & 6

The Porte Rhone access to platforms.  Two passageways, marked Porte Alpes & Port Rhône lead off the main hall, with escalators down to platform 4 & 6 on one side, platform 3 on the other side.  The two through tracks for non-stop trains are directly underneath.


Platforms 4 & 6.  Platform 3 is on the other side of the station.  The numbering makes a bit more sense (but not much more) when you know that one platform is not yet in service, and there are two through tracks without platforms, between platform 3 and platforms 4 & 6.

How to transfer between Lyon Part Dieu & St Exupéry

It's easy to transfer between Lyon Part Dieu & Lyon St Exupéry by dedicated Rhône Express airport tram.  The trams run every 15 minutes from early morning until late evening, journey time 29 minutes, fare around €16.  Lyon St Exupéry is often signed as Lyon Aéroport, it's the same place.  No reservation is necessary, this is a turn up & go airport link.

At Lyon Part Dieu, the tram terminus is directly outside the eastern Porte Alpes/Villette exit, with both tram stop and tram clearly marked in the red Rhône Express colour scheme - Lyon's ordinary city trams are white.  At Lyon St Exupéry the tram arrives alongside the TGV station, you go up an escalator or stairs onto the station forecourt and enter the station's main hall through the main entrance doors.  If you were going to the airport, you'd then walk through the TGV station and along the walkway/travelators to the airport terminal.

You can buy a ticket at the tram stop from the ticket machines or buy from the conductor on board the tram.  However, you can save a euro by buying online at  When you buy online you don't specify a particular day, you can use the e-ticket any time within a year from the date you buy it, you simply board a tram and the conductor scans the barcode on your printout or phone.

Inside the Rhone Express tram to St Exupery   Inside the Rhone Express tram to St Exupery

A Rhône Express tram at its terminus outside Lyon Part Dieu's Porte Alpes/Villette exit.


Inside a Rhone Express tram on the way from Part Dieu to St Exupéry.

Tthe Rhone Express tram station at Lyon St Exupery

A Rhône Express tram at Lyon St Exupéry tram terminus, alongside the TGV station.  Escalators & stairs link these two tram platforms with the station forecourt above, just outside the TGV station main entrance.

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