Europe's most magnificent station?

Opened in July 1931, Milan's magnificent Centrale station is a major Milan attraction in its own right with vast steel trainsheds and awe-inspiring station building which Benito Mussolini intended to convey the power and bravado of the fascist regime.  Even if you're only changing trains here, take a moment to look around, it's an experience in itself.  For more about the station's history see

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Station overview Location map  Station plan

Milan Centrale is a terminus with 24 platforms.  The platforms & concourse are above ground level, but there is level access between all platforms and concourse, with lifts & escalators down to ground level if you don't want to use the grand staircases down to the station's main entrance on the Piazza Duca d'Aosta.  So it's no problem to negotiate the station with luggage or if you have mobility issues.  There's a plan of the station at

Milan Centrale station facade

Facade:  Milan Centrale's imposing facade on the Piazza Duca d'Aosta.  You can judge the scale of the building by the people in front.

Milan Centrale station facade

Colonnade, ground level:  Immediately inside the front of the station is this vast colonnade, originally a roadway for taxis to pick up and drop off, now pedestrianised.  You'll find the escalators down to the metro here.  Look up to see the names of Edison and George Stephenson picked out on the ceiling.

Milan Centrale station facade

Entrance hall, ground level.  You can either walk up one of the two grand flights of steps to the main concourse (galleria commerciale), or you can use the escalators visible in the centre instead, or you can take the modern illuminated passageway directly to the Trenitalia & Italo ticket offices, toilets & left luggage.

Milan Centrale trainshed

Concourse (Galleria Commerciale), upper level:  Up the steps from the entrance hall is the main concourse or galleria commerciale, adjacent to (and level with) the platforms, one level up from ground level.  This is the best place to find a cafe, bar or restaurant or just have a sit down.

In the centre of the concourse (behind the camera in the photo above) is a gently-sloping travelator leading to the Trenitalia & Italo ticket offices, toilets & left luggage on the lower level beneath.  On the right you can see one of the vast doorways leading down to the entrance hall.  The platform area is on the left.

Ticket gates at entrance to platforms, Milan Centrale   Exit from platform area to concourse

Ticket gates: There are ticket gates in the various archways between the concourse and the platform circulating area.  Scan your ticket barcode to enter the platform area.  When leaving the platform area, the exit gates simply open as you approach them.

Milan Centrale trainshed

Platform area, upper level:  Trains arrive in one of these 3 huge arched trainsheds, one level up from street level.  There's a large circulating area behind all the buffer stops, allowing easy level access between all platforms without passing through any ticket checks or other restrictions.

Milan Centrale trainshed

Looking from platform towards buffer stops & circulating area.

Milan Centrale trainshed

Platform circulating area:  This is part of the large platform area behind the buffer stops.  Those vast archways separate this area from the concourse (Galleria Commerciale) via ticket gates.

Which platform for your train?

Changing trains at Milan Centrale

Free WiFi

Ticket office & ticket machines

The main Trenitalia ticket office (Biglietteria) is directly below the galleria commercial (main hall) at ground level, open from early until late.  You'll also find the Casa Italo (for Italo tickets) at this level.  However, it's often quicker to use the Trenitalia self-service ticket machines dotted around the station which can sell high-speed & mainline tickets with reservations and regional tickets.  They have a touch screen with English language facility.


The travelators from main concourse (Galleria Commerciale) to the lower level.

The main Trenitalia ticket office, lower level beneath the Galleria Commerciale.

Left luggage, ATMs, safety & security

Milan Centrale Ki-Point left luggage office

Left luggage office, lower level, run by KiPoint.

Executive & Club class lounges

Italo club lounge at Milan Centrale

The Italo lounge for club class passengers, on the 1st floor overlooking the circulating area behind the platforms near platform 16.

Italo club lounge at Milan Centrale

Inside the Italo lounge.  Courtesy of Chris Ogilvie.

Restaurants, cafes, bars

Milan Centrale station bistro   Milan Centrale station bistro

Bistro Milan Centrale, in the galleria commerciale.  It's a sort of food court for local produce, well worth a look.

Noblesse Oblige restaurant   Noblesse Oblige food

Noblesse Oblige restaurant, 7 minutes walk from Milan Centrale, see walking route,


Hotels near Milan Centrale

Local transportWalking, metro, taxis

Entrance to the metro at Milan Centrale

Entrance to the metro, in the colonnade.

Milan metro

Milan metro, the easiest way to transfer to Porta Garibaldi station.

Platform 21 & the Shoah Memorial

Milan Centrale Shoah Memorial entrance

The entrance to the Shoah Memorial, alongside platform 21 on the east side of the station.  Courtesy of Noam auf Gleis 13.

Comfort class seats on a Madrid-Vigo Alvia train   Comfort class seats on a Madrid-Vigo Alvia train

Inside the Shoah memorial.  Photos courtesy of Mark Allbritton.

Can you spot Mussolini?

Mussolini mural, Milan Centrale platform 21   Mussolini mural, Milan Centrale platform 21

The mural featuring Mussolini, Milan Centrale platform 21.  Larger photo.

More information

Milan Centrale signalbox

Cabina A, one of two distinctive disused signal cabins visible as your train enters or leaves Milan Centrale, in operation from 1931 to 1984.

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