Milan's second busiest station...

Most mainline trains use the magnificent Milan Centrale, but the French TGVs to/from Paris, some Italian high-speed trains and many many Italian suburban trains use Milan Porta Garibaldi station.

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Station overview See location map

Built in 1961, Milan Porta Garibaldi is Milan's second busiest station after Centrale, handling most of Milan's suburban traffic as well as some mainline trains.  The station has 12 terminus platforms and a further 10 through platforms located in tunnels underground.

Milan Porta Garibaldi

Milan Porta Garibaldi, exterior.

Milan Porta Garibaldi

Main entrance.

Milan Porta Garibaldi concourse

Concourse, inside the main entrance at street level.

Milan Porta Garibaldi platforms

From the concourse, you can walk directly onto platforms 1 to 13, under the Binario/Platforms 1-13 sign.  Platforms 1-12 are the dead-end terminus platforms.

For platforms 14 to 20, go down these steps and turn right into the pedestrian subway under the tracks, with steps & escalators up to each platform.

Milan Porta Garibaldi platforms

A view of the terminal platforms 1-12 (this is platform 11), one level down from street level.  The TGVs to/from Paris use these platforms.

Milan Porta Garibaldi platforms

A view of the through platforms 13-20 (this is platform 13).

Which platform for your train?

Changing trains at Porta Garibaldi

Free WiFi

Left luggage, ATMs, safety & security

Ticket office

Milan Porta Garibaldi ticket office

Ticket office.

Food & drink

Hotels near Milan Porta Garibaldi

Local transportWalking, metro, taxis

How to transfer between Porta Garibaldi & Milan Centrale

Milan metro

Milan metro, easy to use, just 2 stops and 5 minutes between Milan Porta Garibaldi and Milan Centrale.

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