6-berth couchette on the Hamburg-Stockholm SJ night train

6-berth couchettes.  Book online at www.sj.se.

Introducing SJ's EuroNight sleeper train...

Starting 1 September 2022, a comfortable EuroNight sleeper train links Hamburg with Stockholm every night.  Procured by the Swedish government to better link western Europe with the home of Flyskam (flight shame), the train is run by SJ, Swedish railways.

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Train times 2022...

 Hamburg ► Stockholm  


 Stockholm ► Hamburg  

 Days of running:



 Days of running:



Train type:



Train type:



 Hamburg Altona depart


 Stockholm Central depart:


 Stockholm Central arrive:


 Hamburg Altona arrive:


Hamburg to Stockholm is 1,160 km (720 miles) by train via this route.  See route map.

What's the train like?

Couchettes:  The train is initially running with couchette cars only, with 4 & 6 berth compartments.  You can book a berth in a shared compartment with other passengers, or there's a price for sole occupancy of a whole compartment.  The couchettes each come with two fresh clean sheets, blanket & pillow.  Complimentary cartons of drinking water are provided.  There are 4 USB & 2 power outlets under the window in each compartment.  The compartments convert from bunks at night to seats for morning or evening use.  There are washrooms & toilets at the end of the corridor.

Sleeping-car:  The train should have one AB32 sleeping-car with 14 narrow 1 or 2-bed compartments with washbasin and two 1, 2 or 3-berth deluxe compartments with en suite toilet & shower.  However, these former Austrian railways sleeping-cars are still being refurbished and the MUn type which SJ intended to use temporarily did not get authorisation from the Danish authorities.  So the train is currently running without a sleeping-car, one will be added in due course.

Seats cars:  The train should also have several seats cars with 6-seat compartments.  However, these too failed to get authorisation from the Danish authorities so the train is temporarily running without seats cars.

The inaugural Hamburg-StockholmSJ EuroNight at Hamburg Altona   6-berth couchette on the Hamburg-Stockholm SJ night train

The inaugural Hamburg to Stockholm SJ EuroNight train at Hamburg Altona, 1 September 2022.  The author rode this first departure...

6-berth couchettes.

Larger photo.

Couchettes in day mode on the Hamburg-Stockholm train   Hamburg-StockholmSJ EuroNight at Padborg

Couchettes in day mode, en route to Stockholm.  Larger photo.

The inaugural train from Hamburg to Stockholm calls at Padborg, just after entering Denmark.

Accessible 2-berth couchette compartment on the Hamburg-Stockholm sleeper   Accessible toilet

Wheelchair-accessible 2-berth couchette compartment & adjacent accessible toilet...

Breakfast on the Hamburg to Stockholm sleeper train   USB & power sockets in each couchette compartment   Washroom in the couchette car

Breakfast box - included in sleepers, extra cost in couchettes & seats, pre-ordered the night before.

Power outlet & USB ports in each couchette compartment.

Washroom in a couchette car.

Travel tips...

Scenery from the Hamburg to Stockholm train

Swedish scenery on a sunny morning run into Stockholm...

Route map...

Hamburg to Stockholm sleeper train route map


Click for larger map

Highlighted = Hamburg-Stockholm sleeper route.

Green = scenic sections of line

European Rail Timetable and mapReproduced from the excellent European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.

I recommend buying a copy of the European Rail Map for your travels, www.europeanrailtimetable.eu with shipping worldwide.

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets

VideoHamburg to Stockholm by sleeper

The author rode the inaugural train from Hamburg to Stockholm on 1 September 2022...

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