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Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (usually abbreviated to Hamburg Hbf) is Hamburg's main station, and Germany's busiest.  Opened in 1906 to replace several smaller termini, it features a magnificent trainshed modelled on the Galerie des machines at the World's Fair in Paris in 1889, with design tweaks made by the Kaiser himself.  Indeed, the combination of 1900s ironwork and modern retail outlets makes Hamburg Hbf feel beautifully steampunk.

Hamburg Altona:  Many long-distance trains continue beyond Hamburg Hbf to Hamburg Altona, a terminus in the west of the city, but Hamburg Hbf is closest to the city centre, has the best connections and more facilities so it's usually best to use the Hauptbahnhof.

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Overview & platforms

Inside Hamburg Hbf

Hamburg Hbf's magnificent trainshed, seen from the main overbridge (Nordsteg), looking south towards the Südsteg at the other end of the trainshed under the Philips sign.  That's an ICE arrived on platform 11, in the foreground is an empty platform 12.

The south footbridge (Südsteg)

At the south end of the trainshed under the big Philips sign there are steps & an escalator from each platform up to a secondary footbridge called the Südsteg.  This footbridge has food & drink outlets and an exit to the city at each end.  The Südsteg is fine for a quick change of platform, but you're better off heading for the Nordsteg at the northern end of the trainshed as that's where all the station facilities are.  There are no lifts between platforms and the Südsteg, only steps and escalators.

Hamburg Hbf - Sudsteg

The north footbridge (Nordsteg)

At the north end of the trainshed there are steps & an escalator from each platform up to the main footbridge called the Nordsteg.  The bridge is at street level as the tracks run through the city in a cutting, there's an exit to the city centre at its western end and an exit towards a taxi rank & hotels at its eastern end.

If you have heavy luggage or mobility problems there are passenger-operated lifts between each platform and the Nordsteg, located underneath the bridge.

The Nordsteg and adjacent Wandelhalle have many & various food outlets & beer bars, 2 left luggage locker rooms, a 2-storey McDonald's and a Schweinske restaurant.

Hamburg Hbf - Nordsteg

The north footbridge or Nordsteg, seen from platform 6.  Note the Wandelhalle sign & McDonald's 'M'.  A row of food & drink outlets line the Nordsteg.  The Wandelhalle is on the other side of the row of food outlets.

Hamburg Hbf - Nordsteg

Looking along the Nordsteg with the steps & an (up only) escalator down to each platform on the left.  The train departure indicator shows the next trains from those 2 platforms.  The Wandelhalle is out of shot to the right, on the other side of the row of retail units.

The Wandelhalle

The Wandelhalle (promenade hall) is a wonderful 2-tier shopping mall which runs across all the tracks between the east & west exits.  It's part of the same overbridge as the Nordsteg, separated from the Nordsteg by a row of retail units.  Short passageways between the retail outlets link the Wandelhalle & Nordsteg at intervals.  You'll find a McDonald's, a Schweinske restaurant and a Edeka supermarket in the Wandelhalle, as well as gift shops and bookshops.

Hamburg Hbf - Wandelhalle

Western exit to city centre

Go up the main steps or escalator from the platform to the Nordsteg and turn left to reach the station's west hall and main western exit to the city centre.  Outside the exit is a pedestrian crossing then you can walk along busy pedestrianised shopping streets to Hamburg town hall (the Rathaus), 12 minutes walk away.

Hamburg Hbf - west entrance

Hamburg Hbf's main western entrance, looking across the pedestrian crossing.

Hamburg Hbf - west hall

The west hall looking towards the exit to the city centre, taken from the upper gallery of the Wandelhalle.

Eastern exit to taxi rank & hotels

Go up the main steps or escalator from the platform to the Nordsteg and turn right, to reach the station's east hall and main eastern exit to a taxi rank and a row of good hotels on the opposite side of the Kirchenallee, including the art deco Hotel Reichshof Hamburg.  The ticket office, staffed left luggage office, car hire desks and DB Lounge are all located in the east hall.

Hamburg Hbf - east entrance

Hamburg Hbf's main eastern entrance and taxi rank.

Hamburg Hbf east hall & ticket office

The east hall, inside the eastern entrance.  The DB Ticket office (Reisezentrum) is on the right with the left luggage office & car hire desks to its left (under the green, white & red sign).  The steps and escalator lead to the upper gallery of the Wandelhalle shopping mall over all the tracks.  The entrance to the DB Lounge is out of shot to the left, the lounge itself is on the floor above.  The Nordsteg with steps & escalators down to each platform is ahead and through short passageways to the left.

Left luggage lockers & ATMs

There are several ATMs around the station.  There are two rooms full of various-size left luggage lockers, one on the Nordsteg hidden between retail units opposite platform 14, one also on the Nordsteg also hidden between retail units level with platform 6.  There's a staffed left luggage office to the left of the ticket office (DB Reisezentrum) in the east hall, the desk is at the back of the unit after various car hire desks.  See the luggage lockers page for prices & opening hours.

Hamburg Hbf - left luggage office   Hamburg Hbf - luggage lockers

The staffed left luggage office is at the back of this retail unit in the east hall, past the car hire desks.


Luggage lockers are hidden between retail units in two locations on the Nordsteg/Wandelhalle.


The station has WiFi, but only the first 30 minutes are free.  The network to select is Telekom.

Food & drink, restaurants

There are many food & drink outlets in Hamburg Hbf including small beer bars, coffee counters, sandwich shops and all the usual suspects.  There's a 2-storey McDonalds on the Nordsteg/Wandelhalle and a KFC, Subway & Starbucks in the food court on the far side of the Wandelhalle.

There's a Schweinske restaurant in the Wandelhalle, a reasonable and fairly quiet place for a sit-down meal between trains.  Schweinske  is an inexpensive restaurant chain specialising in pork dishes, see

The Nagel bar & restaurant ( is a great place for a beer & traditional German food, away from the bustle of the station.  Nagel's has been a fixture on the Kirchenallee since 1926.  Leave the station by the main east exit, cross the road (Kirchenallee) to the far side, turn right, walk 110m along the Kirchenallee and it's on your left - see walking map.  Open 7 days a week from 10am until late, see  Cash only, but there's an ATM inside the restaurant.  If you eat here, let me know what you think.

The Hotel Reichshof has a restaurant If you want a proper meal in a quiet location in art deco surroundings, also on the Kirchenallee.  The Reichshof is across the road and 50m to the left from the main east station exit.  Again, If you eat here, let me know what you think.


There's a decent-size Edeka supermarket at the eastern end of the upper gallery in the Wandelhalle.  This is the best place to stock up for a journey, open 7 days a week, 07:00-23:00.

DB First Class Lounge

In the unlikely event that you have an expensive 1st class Flexpreis ticket for a long-distance train run by DB & partner railways (for example, a 1st class Flexpreis ticket for an IC, ICE or EC train) you can use the DB first class lounge with complimentary tea, coffee, beer and snacks plus free WiFi.  Follow the signs to DB Lounge, the entrance is just off the east hall.  It's usually open 06:00-22:00 daily, you can check for opening times.  You cannot use the lounge with advance-purchase Sparpreis or Super Sparpreis tickets even if they're 1st class, or with an Interrail or Eurail pass, or with tickets for Nightjet sleeper trains or regional trains.

Hotels near the station

If you walk out of the station's main eastern exit, you'll find a row of good hotels lined up in front of you on the opposite side of the Kirchenallee.

Recommended:  The pick of these is the excellent 4-star Hotel Reichshof Hamburg, across the road and to the left with art deco-based design and great reviews.  It has its own restaurant for lunch or dinner, although I'd still be tempted to try the beer & traditional German food at Nagel's bar, 150m south along the Kircheallee,

Also recommended:  The Hotel Europaischer Hof is another good choice and directly in front of you across the road when you walk out of the station.  Other hotels next to Hamburg Hbf with good reviews include the 5-star Hotel Continental Novum (to the right of the Europaischer), Hotel Furst Bismarck (to the right of the Continental Novum), and the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski.

If you'd prefer a hotel in the city centre, the Henri Hotel Hamburg Downtown is 5 minutes walk from the station on the city side, and gets really great reviews.

If you're on a budget, private rooms in the A&O Hotel start at around £33 for one person or £49 for two people booked at  The A&O is an 11-minute 900m walk south of Hamburg Hbf, see walking map.  Also try the innovative Cab20 capsule hotel, a 550m 6-minute walk from the station, see walking map.

Hotel Reichshof Hamburg   Lobby & bar of the Hotel Reichshof Hamburg

Hotel Reichshof, in the Kirchenallee, across the road from the station exit and to the left.


The Hotel Reichshof lobby and bar.

Local transportWalking, taxis & metro


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Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg

Miniatur Wunderland is housed on the upper floors of this former warehouse in the old port district of Hamburg.

Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg   Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg

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Hamburg Altona

Many German domestic Intercity & ICE trains, the Nightjet sleepers to/from Switzerland & Austria and the EuroCity trains to/from Prague & Budapest start & end their journeys at Hamburg Altona, a terminus in the west of the city, also calling at Hamburg Hbf and sometimes Hamburg Dammtor on their way to or from Altona.  Hamburg Hbf is closer to the city centre, is better connected and has more facilities, so it's generally better to use that.  However, if the location suits you, for example as it's near Hamburg Cruise Terminal, by all means use Altona.  It also has to be said that boarding a train at the terminus where it starts is a more relaxed affair than joining it when it stops at the Hauptbahnhof.  The Hamburg-Stockholm sleeper train uses Hamburg Altona, it will not serve Hamburg Hbf.

Somewhere to eat or drink:  The Schweinske Ottensen ( is just across the road to the west of the station and a good place for a beer or meal before catching a train or the sleeper to Stockholm.  It has some outdoor tables, too.  If you like steak, the Saloon Steakhouse ( is across two roads to the west and does good steak & beer, it's open to midnight so good if catching a sleeper.  Lastly, there's a KFC at the station and a McDonald's just in front of it.

Somewhere to stock up:  There's a Rewe to Go minimarket on the station and a larger Edeka supermarket which is open until late.

Hotels near Altona:  The IntercityHotel Hamburg Altona is right next to the station on the east side with good reviews, or the cheaper Hotel Central also next to the station on the east side.

Hamburg Altona exterior

Hamburg Altona's unprepossessing exterior, a shopping centre with a large Media Markt and a station underneath.  Note the McDonald's.

Hamburg Altona concourse

The concourse and information desk.  Altona is a motorail terminal with the car loading ramps at the buffer stop ends of several platforms.  In the evening when these trains load you may see lines of cars and motorbikes driving across the concourse and onto their trains!

Hamburg Altona platforms

Hamburg Altona platforms, looking towards the station concourse.  The two S-bahn platforms are underground.

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