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Comfortable air-conditioned EuroCity trains with restaurant car & free WiFi link Berlin and Prague every two hours, city centre to city centre in 4h27 - with great scenery along the Elbe & Vlatava rivers.  Train is the way to go - unlike planes or buses the journey is an experience in its own right - Watch the video!

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Train times southbound

 Berlin ► Prague








 Berlin Hbf depart:







 Dresden Hbf depart:







 Prague Hlavni arrive:







Train times northbound

 Prague ► Berlin








 Prague Hlavni depart:







 Dresden arrive:







 Berlin Hbf arrive:







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How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets...

What are the trains like?

Most Berlin-Prague trains use smart modern Czech EuroCity carriages as shown below.  There's just one exception in each direction:  The 08:59 from Berlin & 14:32 from Prague is the Hungaria to/from Budapest and it uses the latest Hungarian EuroCity cars as shown here.  You can check exactly what carriages your specific train conveys using as explained in the travel tips section below.

EuroCity train to Prague about to leave Berlin

The first class car of the EuroCity train EC174 Robert Schumann boarding in Berlin...

First class on Berlin to Prague EuroCity traiin   First class on Berlin to Prague EuroCity traiin

1st class seats...  Seats are usually in an air-conditioned open-plan saloon, arranged 2+1 across car width, some face to face, some face to back, some tables for 4, some tables for 2.  Power sockets at all seats, free WiFi and complimentary bottled water.

Restaurant car exterior, on Berlin to Prague traiin   Inside the Berlin to Prague restaurant car

The restaurant car...  All trains have a restaurant car serving inexpensive snacks, drinks and complete meals, located between the 1st class car and the rest of the train.  Euros, Koruna & credit cards are accepted.  Having lunch or dinner as the train snakes through the beautiful Elbe river valley is a real treat!  There are no table reservations, just go along and sit down.  There's a separate counter if you want to take snacks or drinks back to your seat.  A refreshment trolley may also make its way along the train with tea, coffee, beer, wine and snacks.

2nd class corridor on Berlin to Prague EuroCity traiin   2nd class compartment on Berlin to Prague traiin

2nd class seats are usually in classic 6-seat compartment cars like this.  Cars are air-conditioned, with power sockets in all compartments.  There is free WiFi too...

Berlin to Prague EuroCity traiin at Dresden   2nd class open seating on Berlin to Prague EuroCity traiin

Some - but not all - departures have one or perhaps two open-plan saloon cars like this, which I personally prefer.  Cars are air-conditioned, with power sockets at all seats.  There is free WiFi too.  You can check what type of cars are included in your particular departure at as explained in the travel tips below.


Route map...

Berlin to Prague train route map

Green = scenic section

Map extract by kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people. 

I recommend buying this map for your European travels with shipping worldwide at

Travel tips...

Luggage on the Berlin-Prague train   Power socket under seats in 1st class   Budweiser beer from the refreshment trolley

Luggage rack in 1st class...


Power socket under your seat...


Real Czech Budweiser beer from the trolley...

Useful links...

Berlin to Prague by train, in pictures...

The Reichstag, Berlin   Berlin Hbf

The Reichstag, 10 minutes walk from the station...


Berlin's impressive Hauptbahnhof, opened in 2006...

Boarding the train to Prague in Berlin

Boarding the lunchtime EuroCity train to Prague.  At Berlin Hbf, the north-south platforms are below ground level, reached by massive escalators or lifts.  If you have a 1st class ticket you can use the DB Lounge.

Dining car for lunch   Soup

Dinner in the diner, or in this case, lunch...


Soup for starters...

Pork cutlet and potatoes   The train calls at Dresden

Pork cutlet as main course...


The German locomotive is changed for a Czech one at Dresden.

Dresden's impressive station   Cliffs along the river Elbe

The historic Dresden Hauptbahnhof was built in 1898.  The station has a unique layout, a terminus in the centre at ground level, flanked by through tracks on either side raised up on viaducts.

Scenery along the river Elbe

South of Dresden the train starts running along the pretty river Elbe, or Labe in Czech.  One of Europe's major rivers, the Elbe eventually flows into the North Sea at Cuxhaven near Hamburg.  Watch for river boats, even the occasional paddle steamer.

Bad Schandau on the Elbe

Last stop in Germany is the pretty spa town of Bad Schandau, pictured above on the far bank of the Elbe.  Soon afterwards the train crosses into the Czech Republic.  Spot checks are possible, but usually there are no border formalities to speak of.

Decin Castle

First stop in the Czech Republic is Decin, where the imposing Decin Castle (pictured above) overlooks the river and railway.  Once home to the Bohemian kings, the castle was used by the Soviet army from 1968 until 1991.

More cliffs along the river Elbe

More picturesque scenery along the river Elbe.  The river views are all on the left hand side going south from Berlin to Prague, or on the right hand side going north from Prague to Berlin.

Dam on the river Vlatava   The train crosses the Vlatava

Above left, the 14th century Strekov Castle towers over the 1935 Strekov Dam, just south of Usti Nad Labem.  The train leaves the Elbe and starts running along the river Vlatava.  Above right, the train finally crosses the broad Vlatava as it approaches Prague.  Passengers with sharp eyes can spot Prague's old town cathedral towers in the far distance on the right of the train.

Prague Hlavni station, main entrance   The train from Berlin arrived in Prague

Arrival at Prague Hlavni (main station), right in Prague city centre.

Old town square, Prague   Charles Bridge, Prague

The station is just 15 minutes walk from the old town square, and 20 minutes from the famous Charles Bridge...

VideoBerlin to Prague by train...

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