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Station overview...

Prague has one main station, Prague Hlavni - Hlavni simply means main in Czech, it's often abbreviated to Praha  It's right in the city centre just 15 minutes walk from Prague's historic old town and 20 minutes walk from the Kings Charles Bridge.  The stations is a perfectly safe place to be even late at night.

You enter the station through its modern main entrance at the foot of a shallow hill, into a glitzy underground concourse that's part station, part shopping centre, dating from 1972-79.  To reach the platforms you go up a shallow travelator, then through one of two or three broad passageways under the tracks from which stairs, escalators and/or lifts lead up to each platform.  It's a through station, not a terminus - trains head north for Berlin, south for Munich, Vienna & Budapest.

Above the hustle & bustle of the modern station sits the classic Art Nouveau station of 1901-1909, peaceful, almost empty and largely unnoticed. 

The Man in Seat 61 says, "You could be forgiven for not realising there's a classic old station above you - do make the effort to go upstairs, have a look and perhaps a coffee in Cafe Coffee Day.  Or a tinkle on the public piano.  It's worth reading up on the station and its connection with President Wilson of the United States at"

The modern station...

Main entrance to Prague Hlavni station

The main entrance to Prague Hlavni station, just 15 minutes walk from the old town...

Inside Prague Hlavni station

Inside the main entrance is the main concourse, part station, part shopping centre, built in 1972-79.  Departure boards show the time, destination & platform of all trains.  You go up a short shallow travelator (visible above) to an upper level, then through a wide passageway under the tracks, from which stairs and lift or escalator lead up to each platform.  There are three such passageways under the tracks, one north, one middle, one south.

The station has plenty of shops & kiosks to buy coffee, snacks and supplies for the journey.

Toilets (10 Kr) and hot showers (40 Kr) are available, 1 level down from the platforms, 1 level up from the main entrance.

The historic station building, 1901-1909...

Overview of Prague Hlavni

The old Art Nouveau station...  In the photo above, the modern main station entrance is out of shot to the left, down at the foot of the hill.  The modern station concourse is underground, directly beneath the car park visible on the left of the photo.  So many people pass straight through onto their platform without realising that the original Art Nouveau station of 1901-1909 sits right above them!  This photo was taken from a 5th floor room at the nearby Esplanade Hotel.  You can read up on the station's history at

Old historic station entrance   Platforms at Prague Hlavni

The historic station & Cafe Coffee Day...  You can reach the old station building either via escalators up from the upper level of the modern concourse below, or you can walk straight in off platform 1 which is on the same level.  Pictured above left is the original station entrance hall, its doors now largely unused - outside these doors, the old station forecourt is now a cross-Prague freeway.  This photo also shows Cafe Coffee Day, the best place to wait for your train open daily 08:00-20:00, and the public piano, free for anyone to play...

Above right, platforms 1-6 sit under the original beautiful arched trainshed.


Prague Hlavni has 8 platforms, numbered 1-8 starting at the west side nearest the main entrance and city centre.  Note that each platform number refers to an island platform with a track either side, which would count as two platforms in the UK.  Departure boards clearly show the destination of each train.  The platforms are non-smoking.  There are no kiosks or shops on the platforms so buy any food or drink you want before heading to your train.

Ticket offices...

You can pay in koruna or in euros, with cash or cards, open from the small hours of early morning until after midnight.  You'll find plenty of ATMs in the station.

Private operator Regiojet has a separate ticket office on the main entrance level, towards the left as you walk in from the city.

Domestic ticket office   Main ticket office at Prague Hlavni

CD domestic tickets for today...  Located down a short slope from the main underground concourse, to the left of the main ticket office.


CD main ticket office, for advance bookings and international tickets...  Located down a short slope from the main concourse/entrance level.

Student Agency (Regiojet) ticket office at Prague Hlavni   CD lounge at Prague Hlavni

Student Agency ticket office for Regiojet tickets, they also sell German Bayern-Böhmen-Tickets.


CD Lounge nearby, see section below.  Photo courtesy of Paul Blackmore...

CD Lounge...

There is a CD Lounge with free WiFi located in the underground concourse lower level near the main CD ticket offices, see the photo above right.  It's open 06:00-22:30 and can be used by all 1st class passengers and holders of 2nd class tickets for higher-quality trains such as EuroCity, EuroNight, Ex, REx, IC & SuperCity trains.  However, it is somewhat underwhelming compared to first class lounges in (say) Germany - it's fairly basic with just a water dispenser and kids corner.  Unless you're waiting for a late night sleeper I recommend waiting in the Cafe Coffee Day instead, open 08:00-20:00.

Left luggage lockers & office...  Prices & opening hours for left luggage

Luggage lockers at Prague Hlavni   Staffed left luggage office

Left luggage lockers.  As you walk in the main entrance, they are on the far left-hand side of the station, on the left as you walk towards the platforms.  It's on the opposite side of the station from the staffed left luggage office.


Staffed left luggage office, for larger items including bikes.  As you walk in the main entrance, it's on the far right-hand side of the station, on the left as you walk towards the platforms.

Somewhere to eat...

  Cafe Coffee Day at Prague Hlavni station

A cappuccino at Cafe Coffee Day in the quiet historic part of the station.  Courtesy of


Hotels near the station or in the old town...

Local transport:  Walking, taxis, tram & metro...

Prague Holesovice, Smichov & Masarykovo stations...

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