If you want to buy cheap online tickets for trains within the Czech Republic or between Prague & neighbouring cities such as Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Budapest, Bratislava, Krakow, Warsaw, Berlin, Dresden and even Kiev or Lviv - the Czech Railways (CD) website is the place.

No third party ticketing agency has yet connected to CD's ticketing system, so these cheap fares are only available direct from CD (or in some cases for international routes, also from CD's partner railway).  They are not available from any of the well-advertised ticket reselling agencies such as Rail Europe who may therefore charge up to 3 times the price for exactly the same train. has a few quirks, so here's a brief run-down to stop you getting stuck.  Incidentally, CD revamped their site in March 2017, this page refers to the post-2017 system.

I won't give a blow by blow account of how to use it as it's largely self-explanatory, but here are the main sticking points that people have trouble with:

Can anyone use it?

Is it in English?.

When does booking open?

How do I select 1st class?  And what is business class?

How do I book a couchette or sleeper?

I just want a reservation for my Interrail or Eurail pass...

What is First Minute?  What is International Ticket?

Do I have to print my ticket or can I show it on my smartphone screen?

It says to print on A4 paper, I'm American so is Letter size OK?

I'm worried, we're 2 passengers but it only asked me for one name!

Minor points worth knowing...

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