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Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Hbf) is the German capital's very modern main station, located in the heart of Berlin just 10 minutes walk from the Reichstag and 15 minutes walk from the Brandenburg Gate.  The impressive glass-and-steel station was formally opened in 2006, finally giving Berlin a single main railway terminal, You can read more about Berlin Hbf and its construction at

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Berlin Hbf, exterior

Berlin Hbf, seen from the south as you walk towards it from central Berlin.  This is level 0.

Station layout & finding your train

Main entrance

Inside Berlin Hbf

Just inside the main entrance on level 0, with the information desk on the left.  You can see the steps & escalator up to level +1 and up again to platforms 11-16 on level +2.  And the escalators down to level -1 and onwards to platforms 1-8 on level -2 = Berlin Hbf (tief).

Looking out of Berlin Hbf main entrance at the Reichstag   Looking out of Berlin Hbf main entrance at the Reichstag

The photo above left shows all the levels, with upper platforms (11-16) visible at upper right on level +2, the people are standing on level +1, the McDonalds 'm' is on level 0 (street level), level -1 is visible below that and you can just see level -2 with one of the lower platforms (1-8) in the lower part of the photo.

The photo above right is taken from level +1, it shows what you see when you arrive and look out through the glass facade.  The Reichstag (indicated by the arrow) is only a few minutes walk away.

Berlin Hbf interior

Taken from entrance level (level 0) showing lifts & escalators down to platforms 1-8 on level -2.

Platforms 1-8 below ground

Berlin Hbf platforms 11-16

Platforms 11-16 above ground

Berlin Hbf platforms 11-16

Domestic & international ticket offices

There is a large ticket office selling national & international tickets, located on level +1, one floor up from ground level beneath platforms 11-16.  The entrance is marked Reisezentrum (travel centre), see the photo below.

Berlin Hbf ticket office

Left luggage lockers, ATMs & WiFi

Left luggage lockers and a staffed left luggage office are available if you need to leave your bags, signed Gepäck Center, see the luggage lockers page for prices & opening hours.  The Gepäck Center is on level +1, one floor up from ground level, one floor below platforms 11-16.

The station has WiFi, but only the first 30 minutes are free.  The network to select is Telekom.  There are ATMs in various places around the station.

Berlin Hbf luggage lockers

First class lounge

DB Lounge:  In the unlikely event that you have an expensive 1st class Flexpreis ticket for an IC, ICE, EC or Railjet train you can use the DB first class lounge with complimentary tea, coffee, beer and snacks plus free WiFi.  It's located on the southeast corner of level +1 at the end of a balcony, go one floor up from the main station entrance and turn right.  You cannot use the lounge with 1st class advance-purchase Sparpreis or Super Sparpreis tickets or Interrail or Eurail passes, or with tickets for Nightjet sleeper trains or regional trains.

Steigenberger Hotel bar:  My favourite VIP waiting room if I've time to kill between trains or an evening wait before catching a sleeper is the bar at the excellent Steigenberger Hotel across the forecourt, walk out of the main station exit and turn right, see walking map.  It's an oasis with friendly staff away from the hustle and bustle of the station where you can enjoy a beer or wine, see the photo below.  They also serve food.

Steigenberger Hotel bar

Ibis hotel lounge:  Alternatively, the Ibis Hotel Berlin Hbf is just across the road and to the right from the station's main north-side exit, see walking map.  It has a trendy modern lounge with coffee machine, drinks & snacks available.  For the price of a drink or two you can use it as a waiting lounge or workspace with power sockets & free WiFi.  Also a better bet than hanging around in the station!

Food & drink

There are plenty of places to eat & drink in Berlin Hbf including all the usual suspects:  Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts.  There is a large REWE supermarket on level -1 where you can stock up for the journey (pictured below).  It's one level down from ground level and to the left (if you stand facing the way you walked in), or if you find it easier to visualise, it's on the southwest corner of level -1.

REWE supermarket, Berlin Hbf

Hotels near the station

Berlin Hbf and adjacent hotels

This is the huge pedestrianised square in front of Berlin Hbf, the camera is panned just to the left of the main station entrance.  The left-hand building is the Steigenberger Hotel, the pale middle building is the Menninger Hotel.  The InterCity Hotel is behind the Steigenberger.  All very convenient for the station!

Intercity Hotel Berlin Hbf   Room at the Intercity Hotel Berlin Hbf

I've found the InterCity Hotel to be an excellent choice, spacious rooms, pleasant staff & a good breakfast.

Local transportWalking, taxis & metro

More information

Walking to the Reichstag & Brandenburg Gate...

The Reichstag building is just 11 minutes walk from the station, the famous Brandenburg Gate just 6 minutes further on.  Well worth a stroll, it's incredible to think that not so many years ago the Brandenburg Gate marked the boundary between East and West Berlin.  See my preferred walking route from Berlin Hbf to the Brandenburg Gate, this takes you through pleasant parks, you can safely ignore Google's warning about including restricted roads.

Berlin Reichstag   Berlin Reichstag

The Reichstag building, built between 1884 & 1894, see  To visit the dome, see

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate,

Berlin Gesundbrunnen: Location map

Berlin Gesundbrunnen is a secondary station on the Berlin circle line 3.5 km northeast of Berlin Hbf.  Normally used mainly by regional trains, in an ideal world you'd never need to go there, but occasionally long-distance trains are diverted to start/finish at Berlin Gesundbrunnen instead of Berlin Hbf due to engineering work.  For example, Intercity trains to/from Amsterdam and EuroCity trains to/from Poland are occasionally diverted to Gesundbrunnen on certain dates.

The station has a cafe and supermarket.  There's a shopping centre next to the station which has a large Rewe supermarket.

How to transfer from Berlin Hbf to Berlin Gesundbrunnen:  Regional trains link Berlin Hbf low-level platforms & Berlin Gesundbrunnen every 5-20 minutes taking 5 minutes or less, it's just one stop, check times at  If you book your mainline ticket to or from Berlin Hbf, this connection will be covered, these regional trains are also covered by an Interrail or Eurail pass, and by a Sparpreis ticket which includes city transport in Berlin.  You can also travel between stations by S-Bahn (overground metro) with a change at Freidrichstrasse.

Berlin Gesundbrunnen

Berlin Gesundbrunnen exterior.  The station sits on top of the tracks, the concourse is behind this building.

Berlin Gesundbrunnen

The main concourse, looking across all the tracks with steps & escalators down to each pair of platforms on the left.  A decent cafe is on the right, with the ticket office beyond it, opposite the steps to platforms 5 & 6.

Berlin Gesundbrunnen

Berlin Gesundbrunnen platform 9 & 10.  The Nightjet from Berlin to Vienna & Budapest is on platform 10, diverted to start at Gesundbrunnen on this occasion.

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