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Malmö is the 3rd largest city in Sweden after Stockholm and Gothenburg, it's a transport hub at the southern tip of Sweden.  It's linked to Copenhagen by frequent Öresund trains, and to Stockholm by regular X2000 fast trains.  The direct Copenhagen-Stockholm X2000 trains call here, but on some departures between Copenhagen and Stockholm you'll have to change here.  Indeed, if a Stockholm-Copenhagen X2000 suffers a significant delay, SJ sometimes turn it around at Malmö and passengers from Copenhagen will be put on an Öresund train to connect with it here.

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Overview: Station plan

Malmo Central station terminus platforms   Malmo Central station plan

The historic main building, parts of which date from the station opening in 1856.  If you enter via the original main entrance, you have to pass through the food and retail hall to reach the main concourse.

Malmo Central station terminus platforms

The glass extension over underground platforms 1-4 on the north side of the old building.  It's easiest to enter the station here, straight onto the main concourse which is a glass corridor running the full width of the station, sandwiched between the trainshed covering platforms 5-10 and the historic station building.

Malmo Central station concourse

Main concourse at the platform 1 end, inside the glass corridor looking towards platform 1.  There are steps and escalators down to platforms 1-4 here.

Malmo Central station concourse

Main concourse at the platform 9 end, looking towards platform 1.  The terminus platforms (5-10) are on the right, through the glass doors.  The old hall with food and retail units inside the historic station building is through passageways to the left.  The local (Skane) ticket office is behind the camera at this end of the glass corridor concourse.

Malmo Central station ticet office   Malmo Central station food hall

Ticket office for local trains, marked Skånetrafiken (above left), in the right-hand corner at the platform 9 end of the glass corridor that forms the main concourse.  Above right, the food hall inside the original station building.

Malmo Central station platforms 1-4

Platforms 1/2 & 3/4 are underground, beneath the glass extension, reached by escalator or lift.  Since 2010, Öresund trains to/from Copenhagen use these platforms.

Malmo Central station terminus platforms

Platforms 5-10 are terminus platforms, at ground level inside the original historic trainshed.  The X2000 trains between Copenhagen, Malmö & Stockholm use these platforms, as do Snälltåget trains to/from Stockholm and the sleeper trains between Stockholm & Germany.

Which platform for your train?

Video screens dotted around the station list upcoming train departures with platform numbers.

Southbound Öresund trains from Gothenburg and other Swedish stations to Copenhagen use underground platforms 1 & 2.

Northbound Öresund trains from Copenhagen to Gothenburg and other Swedish stations use underground platforms 3 & 4.

All X2000 trains between Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm use the original ground-level terminus platforms 5-10.

The Hamburg-Stockholm SJ EuroNight and Snälltåget trains for Stockholm also use ground-level terminus platforms 5-10.

There are no ticket gates or barriers, there is free and open access from street to concourse to platforms & trains.

There is easy level access between street, concourse, and platforms 5-10.  Platforms 1-4 are accessed via escalators & lifts.

Ticket offices

There is a ticket office for local trains including the Öresund trains to Copenhagen & Gothenburg in the corner at the platform 9 end of the main concourse.  It's marked Skånetrafiken.

SJ (Swedish Railways) has (in-) famously closed all its staffed ticket offices for long-distance trains, so you'll need to use the SJ app, the SJ website, SJ telesales line or the various green SJ ticket machines around the station to buy tickets or make Interrail or Eurail passholder reservations.

First class lounge

There is a small SJ Lounge for 1st class ticket holders on SJ trains including X2000 trains to Stockholm, at the platform 9 end of the main concourse, marked '4' on the station plan.  It offers complimentary tea & coffee, snacks & WiFi.  However, it closes too early to be of any use to passengers waiting for the sleeper to Stockholm.

Food & drink

There are many cafes and food outlets at the station, including a Subway, Burger King, and, a 7-Eleven mini-market.  There's also a bar called O'Leary's and a bistro, see the station plan.

Left luggage

There are left luggage lockers in several locations around the station, see the station plan.


You'll find these at the platform 1 end of the concourse, leaving by the right-hand exit after you entering the glass extension, see the station plan.

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