Copenhagen - Malmö - Gothenburg

Öresund trains (Øresundståg in Swedish) are the regional trains that operate every 20-30 minutes between Copenhagen, Kastrup (Copenhagen airport) and Malmö Central (underground platforms 1 & 2), over the impressive Öresund fixed link between Denmark & Sweden.  One train per hour links Copenhagen & Malmö with Gothenburg Central.  Originally jointly-run by DSB (Danish Railways) and SJ (Swedish Railways), from 11 December 2022 the Öresund trains are operated by Transdev on behalf of the 6 Swedish regional transport authorities who jointly provide the service.

What are Öresund trains like?

The trains have 1st & 2nd class seats, toilets, power outlets at each seating bay, free WiFi & plenty of luggage space.  Each unit consists of 3 cars, a train may consist of up to 3 units coupled together.

Oresund train at Copenhagen

An Öresund train at Copenhagen.  The words immediately above the windows indicate first class.

Oresund train 2nd class seats   Oresund train 1st class seats

2nd class seats. Larger photo.


1st class seats.  Larger photo.

Oresund train luggage area   Oresund train at Copenhagen

Luggage, bike & pram area.


Oresund train at Copenhagen.

Oresund train at Malmo

An Öresund train to Copenhagen rolls into the underground platforms at Malmö Central.

Travel tips

How to buy tickets

On the Oresund link!

Crossing the Öresund fixed link between Denmark & Sweden.  More about the Oresund fixed link.

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