Copenhagen's main station  See location map...

Copenhagen has one main central station, shown variously as Copenhagen or København H or Koebenhavn H, where the H stands for Hovedbanegård which simply means main station in Danish.  It may also help to know that Copenhagen is Köpenhamn in Swedish.  The station is located next to the Tivoli Gardens close to the city centre.  The current station building dates from 1911 although there's been a station here since 1847.

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Copenhagen station exterior

Copenhagen station exterior.  The building & main entrance are at street level, with the tracks below.

Copenhagen station interior

Copenhagen station interior. The main hall is at street level, directly above the tracks, with stairs and lift or escalator down to each platform.  This photo looks diagonally across the main hall, with the stairs & escalator down to platform 7 & 8 clearly visible in the centre, the main entrance is out of shot to the right, the exit to the taxi rank is behind the camera and the left luggage is in the far corner behind the retail unit visible in the right of the photo.

Copenhagen station interior

Another shot of the station hall, with the stairs & escalators down to each platform on the left.

Copenhagen station platforms

Platform 1-12. This is a Copenhagen to Hamburg train running into platform 6.  The platforms run underneath the main hall and station building.  Photo courtesy of Tom Simpson...

Tickets & information...

The ticket office and information desk are in the main hall above the tracks.  You can also buy tickets to anywhere in Denmark using the many self-service ticket machines which have touch-screens and an English-language facility.

Which platform See station plan

Copenhagen station has 12 platforms meaning 6 island platforms with a track each side, plus one additional platform.

Platforms 1-12:  The main platforms are numbered 1-12 from left to right as you face south after walking in through the main entrance.  These are below street level, reached down stairs, escalators or lift from the main station hall.  The platforms are grouped in pairs as 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 & 11/12.

Platform 26:  The additional platform is platform 26, located 200m south of the main building and reached either by walking along platform 3/4 or 5/6 or down stairs from Tietgensgade street.  The X2000 trains to Stockholm often use platform 26, so allow time for the short walk, this sometimes catches people out!  You can see platform 26 to the south of the other platforms on the Google map station plan.

Copenhagen station platform 26

Platform 26 to the south of all other platforms, with an X2000 to Stockholm.  The photo is taken from Tietgensgade street.  You can see how platform 26 extends beyond the ends of the other platforms!  Photo courtesy of Dr James Benedict Brown...

Luggage lockers, ATMs, other facilities...

There are left luggage lockers, see the left luggage lockers page for opening hours and prices.  The luggage office and lockers are in the far right corner of the station hall as you walk in the main entrance, by the stairs down to platforms 11 & 12.

The main hall also has toilets & baby changing facilities with showers available for a fee.  These are located to the left of the main exit as you head out, or if you walk in through the main entrance, turn immediately right.

DSB 1st class lounge...

There is a first class lounge with complimentary tea, coffee, water, chocolate and free WiFi available in the main hall on the platform 12 side, open Mondays-Fridays 06:00-15:00.  You can use the lounge if you have a DSB 1st class ticket for a Danish domestic journey.  1st class passengers to Germany or Sweden can also use the lounge when it's open.  Feedback appreciated!

Somewhere to eat, drink or stock up...

There are plenty of food outlets in the main hall, including a 7-11 minimarket, Starbucks, McDonald's, a coffee shop, Dunkin Donuts, a sushi outlet and so on.

Metro, taxis, walking...

Copenhagen H is right next to the famous Tivoli Gardens ( and just 5 minutes walk from the city centre shopping area.

It's is on metro lines M3 & M4, for metro map & info see

The taxi rank is at the side of the main station hall, on the platform 1 side.

The Copenhagen tourist information website is, and there's a tourist office just across the road from the station.

How to reach the Little Mermaid...

It's a brisk 44-minute walk from Copenhagen station to the Little Mermaid as it's on the far side of the city centre from the station.  If you don't fancy the walk, take metro line M3 two stops from Kobenhavn H to Østerport, from where it's a much shorter 13-minute walk.  Alternatively, take a DSB suburban train from Kobenhavn H to Østerport, these run every 10 minutes or so. See Little Mermaid map.

How to reach the DFDS ferry terminal for Oslo...

It's a 50-minute 4km walk from Copenhagen station to the DFDS ferry terminal through Copenhagen city centre, or you can take a taxi.  To get there by public transport, take a DSB suburban train from Kobenhavn H to Nordhavn, these run every 10 minutes or so taking just 8 minutes.  It's then a 10-minute walk from Nordhavn station to the ferry terminal.  You can buy a ticket from the many self-service ticket machines.  DFDS also run a shuttle bus from Norreport suburban station in the city centre.  See map of Copenhagen showing DFDS ferry terminal.

Hotels near the station...

Hotels in Copenhagen near the station with good reviews include the Nimb Hotel (5-star luxe), Radisson Blu Royal Hotel (5-star), Axel Guldsmeden (4-star), Andersen Boutique Hotel, First Hotel Mayfair (3-star), Hotel Ansgar (3-star), City Hotel Nebo (2-star).

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