Copenhagen to Stockholm in 5h15 from 254 SEK (€28)...

Stockholm to Gothenburg in 3h01...  Malmö to Stockholm in 4h28...

City centre to city centre with free WiFi and power sockets at all seats.  Introduced in 1990, X2000 is Sweden's 200 km/h (125 mph) tilting high-speed train, operating on the Copenhagen-Malmo-Stockholm, Gothenburg-Stockholm & Stockholm-Oslo routes amongst others.  X2000s are fast, smooth and quiet, but you won't notice the train tilting unless you look carefully at the angle of the train compared to the scenery.  They were known as X2000 when they entered service, this was changed to SJ2000, but it's now reverted to X2000.  They appear on the German booking system ( as X2.

Passport checks:  Passport checks are no longer carried out at Copenhagen before boarding, border controls now happen on board Copenhagen to Stockholm trains just after they enter Sweden.  However, you should turn up in good time at Copenhagen station because the trains to Stockholm leave from platform 26, accessed via platforms 5 & 6, a 200m walk from the station concourse.  There is no passport control when travelling in the other direction from Sweden to Copenhagen.

Covid-19 update:  At the start of the pandemic, the direct Copenhagen-Stockholm trains were cut back to run Malmo-Stockholm with a connection to/from Copenhagen by frequent Öresund local train.  However, direct Copenhagen-Stockholm trains resumed from 13 September 2021.

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X2000 train at Copenhagen

An X2000 from Copenhagen to Stockholm at Copenhagen platform 26.  Courtesy of Dr James Benedict Brown.

125 mph tilting 'SJ2000' from Copenhagen to Stockholm, at Copenhagen station SJ2000 first class seats

Gleaming stainless steel.  A Copenhagen-Stockholm X2000 train at Copenhagen main station.  Courtesy of Dr James Benedict Brown.


1st class seats are 2+1 across the car width, most unidirectiona, some tables for 2 & tables for 4.  Larger photo.

SJ2000 2nd class seats   Boarding an SJ2000 train for Stockholm, at Copenhagen

2nd class seats are 2+2 across the car width, most unidirectional but with some tables for 4.  Larger photo.


A 125 mph tilting X2000 train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, at Copenhagen station...

SJ2000 train   SJ2000 buffet car seating area   SJ2000 self-service buffet car.

X2000 bistro car...


X2000 bistro car seating area.  Larger photo.


Bistro self-service...

Facilities on board X2000...

  SJ2000 1st class meal

When booking in 1st class on, you can choose to add a meal to your booking.

How much does it cost?

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On the Oresund link!

Crossing the Öresund fixed link between Denmark & Sweden.  This photos was taken from the rear carriage of Snälltåget's Berlin-Stockholm sleeper.  More about the Oresund fixed link.  Courtesy of @AndyBTravels,

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