Warsaw Centralna station:  Location map

Warsaw's Centralna Station was a typical grey concrete Communist-era structure completed in 1975, with a vast main hall (Sala Glowna) above ground obviously designed to impress us decadent westerners, whilst actual passengers scurried through dark underground passageways lined with small retail kiosks.  I'm glad to say it had a complete & welcome refurbishment in 2010-2011, the main hall is now light and airy with the main ticket office, toilets, escalators down to the platforms and a mezzanine level with a McDonalds and a useful Biedronka supermarket.  You can find out more about the history of Warsaw Centralna at wikipedia.org.

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Other stations

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Warsaw Centralna station seen from the Palace of Culture

Warsaw Centralna station, seen from the observation level of the nearby Palace of Culture skyscraper.

Warsaw Centralna station

Warsaw Centralna from ground level, the above-ground part housing the main hall.  Courtesy of DiscoverByRail.com.

Warsaw Centralna main hall

The main hall, now much improved from the way it once was.  In this photo we're looking towards MacDonalds (on the upper level) and the ticket office (on the lower level, hidden behind the steps & escalators to the upper level).  Courtesy of @AndyBTravels, DiscoverByRail.com.

Warsaw Centralna main hall

From the main hall you go down steps or escalators to a lower retail level, then down escaltors again onto the platforms.  Courtesy of @AndyBTravels, DiscoverByRail.com.

Warsaw Centralna platforms

The platforms at Warsaw Centralna are underground, this is Peron 1, Tor 7.  There are four island platforms numbered Peron 1 to Peron 4, serving 8 tracks.  The platform number shown on departure indicators & printed departure posters is the PeronCourtesy of DiscoverByRail.com.


Warsaw Centralna station domestic ticket office

The domestic ticket office on the ground level in the main hall, open 01:00-24:00.  There's a single-queuing system in operation.  Courtesy of @AndyBTravels, DiscoverByRail.com.

Finding your train

Station facilities

Hotels near the station:  Polonia Palace

If you're staying in Warsaw and need a hotel, try the excellent and historic Polonia Palace Hotel.  It's just across the road from both the Palace of Culture skyscraper and Warsaw Centralna station, 25 minutes walk from Warsaw's old town.  Opened in 1913, it was one of the few hotels to emerge unscathed from WW2, and has been used by many famous people including General (later President) Eisenhower and General de Gaulle.  It provides very high quality rooms, but at a budget price by western European standards.  Check prices & book

Warsaw's most prestigious and historic luxury hotel is the Hotel Bristol, opened in 1901 right next to the old town.  It also survived the bombing of the old town in WW2, being used as the German HQ.  Check prices & book.

Room at the Polonia Palace   Polonia Palace Hotel

A double room at the Polonia Palace...


The Polonia Palace from the viewing terrace of the Palace of Culture.

Palace of Culture skyscraper

The Palace of Culture skyscraper is just across the road from Warsaw Centralna station and so easy to visit even with just an hour or two between trains.  It's a major landmark you'll probably see from the train as you leave or arrive in the city.  It's a distinctive wedding cake Soviet skyscraper, given to Poland as a gift from the Soviet Union and oOriginally disliked by Poles for that reason.  However, they're now softening to it a little.  There's a viewing terrace on the 30th floor, you'll need to leave any bags in the free cloakroom on the ground floor.  See the official website, www.pkin.pl.

Palace of Culture skyscraper   Palace of Culture entrance   Palace of Culture 3rd floor terrace

Palace of Culture.




3rd floor viewing terrace.

Warsaw old town

Warsaw's historic old town is the knife that's had its blade and handle both replaced, as it was almost totally destroyed in WW2 and has been 85% rebuilt from scratch.  However, it's UNESCO-listed because of the effort and care that went into the restoration.  It's well worth a visit.  The Warsaw tourist information website is www.um.warszawa.pl/en.

It's a 2.7 km 33 minute walk from Warsaw Centralna to the old town square, see walking map.

It's a 1.5 km 19 minute walk from Warsaw Gdanska to the old town square, see walking map.

For a great meal in the old town square, look no further than the U Fukiera restaurant on the inner square, www.ufukiera.pl.

Warsaw old town

Warsaw old town, main square (Rynek Starego Miasta).

U Fukiera restaurant interior   U Fukiera restaurant exterior

The U Fukiera restaurant on Warsaw old town's main square, www.ufukiera.pl.

Warsaw Gdanska station

Warsaw Gdanska is a secondary station to the north of the old town, see location map.  While improvement works on Warsaw's rail network continue, some trains that would normally use Warsaw Centralna may be temporarily diverted to Warsaw Gdanska instead, for example the Prague/Vienna to Warsaw sleeper train Chopin.  There aren't as many facilities here, but it's actually closer to the old town than Centralna.  The station building is south of the tracks, linked to each of the 3 island platforms (6 tracks) by pedestrian underpass and an overbridge.  There's a metro station, taxi rank and kebab shop, but if leaving from Gdanska, stock up for the journey before you get to the station.

How to get there:  Warsaw Centralna to Warsaw Gdanska is an 6-minute €6 taxi ride.  Or 19 minutes by tram number 41, every 20 minutes.  Or a 49 minute walk.

Warsaw Gdanska station

Warsaw Gdanska station.  Photos courtesy of Paliparan.com.

Interior of Warsaw Gdanska   Warsaw Gdanska platforms

Warsaw Wschodnia station

You'll need to go to Warsaw's Wschodnia station for Kyiv, as the Kyiv Express has been banished there since 2022.  See location map.

Warsaw Wschodnia is a secondary station to the east of the city centre, on the eastern side of the River Vistula, Wschodnia is Polish for eastern.  It has a large modern booking hall and 8 island platforms.  It has a Costa Coffee, some small minimarkets where you can buy supplies, and a pharmacy.  The Peron 8 bar across the road does food & beer. 

How to get there:  Warsaw Centralna to Warsaw Wschodnia is an 8-minute €7 taxi ride.  Or 16 minutes by tram number 7, every 15 minutes.  However, arguably the easiest way is by local train, these run from Śródmieście station (next to Centralna) to Wschodnia every 3-5 minutes.  Śródmieście's platforms are a short walk from Centralna's platforms by underground passageway, just follow the signs.  You can check these train times at old.rozklad-pkp.pl.

Tip:  If you have an onward mainline ticket, for example Wschodnia to Kyiv when going eastbound, or Centralna to Berlin westbound, you can hop on any PKP Intercity train (including EIC, EIP or TLK) to transfer between stations free of charge and without the usual compulsory seat reservation.

Warsaw Wschodnia station, north side

Warsaw Wschodnia station, main entrance, north side.  Photo courtesy of @_DiningCar.

Warsaw Wschodnia station, main hall

Warsaw Wschodnia main hall.  There's a Costa Coffee in this hall, just out of shot to the right.  Photo courtesy of Adrian Grycuk, under Creative Commons licence.

Warsaw Wschodnia station

Warsaw Wschodnia station, south side.  Photo courtesy of Paliparan.com.

Warsaw Wschodnia station

Warsaw Wschodnia platforms.  Photo courtesy of Paliparan.com.

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