A great perk if you work for a UK train company!

If you have worked for a British train operating company for over 12 months and are entitled to reduced rate or free travel on British trains, you are almost certainly entitled to free or reduced rate travel on most European trains as well.  Your partner and dependent children also qualify.  This is an amazing perk, though it's often not 'advertised' by your employer.  Network Rail safeguarded staff employed before 31 March 1996 also get this perk, although NR staff who joined after this date don't.

How does it work?

There are two basic options for travelling in Europe on 'privs':  (1) using an FIP International Reduced Rate card to get a discount or (2) using FIP International Free Travel Coupons for (in most cases) completely free travel.

(1) FIP International Reduced Rate Card & how to get one

Example of FIP international reduced rate card for rail staff priv travel in Europe

Example of an FIP Reduced Rate Card for rail staff

The three pages shown here fold into a little booklet.  You can read the list of train operators which is covers.  'Attica' group ferries means Superfast and Blue Star ferries on routes such as Ancona or Bari in Italy to Patras in Greece.  From 2013 the year is printed, rather than using sticky year labels as before.

(2)  FIP International Free Coupon Tickets & how to order them

Example of FIP international free travel coupon for rail staff

Example of an FIP International Free Coupon Ticket

This is one for travel on SNCF French Railways, issued to a member of staff working for SNCB (Belgian railways).  Each time a date is written in biro in one of the four boxes, it gives 48 hours free travel, from midnight on day 1 to midnight on day 2.  You must sign at the bottom.

How to make reservations

More information, a discussion forum & to read up on the small print

How to apply

More information welcome

Feedback would be welcome, if you're a member of rail staff and use your free or reduced rate European travel facilities.

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