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Paris Bercy is an ugly modern station built in 1977 primarily as motorail terminal.  It's very much a secondary station and not very busy, but it now handles the mainline intercité trains to Vichy & Clermont Ferrand, the (non-high-speed) TER regional trains to Lyon and Dijon as well as a few local trains.  It has recently been given a longer mouthful of a title, Gare de Paris-Bercy-Bourgogne-Pays d'Auvergne but unsurprisingly everyone still just calls it Paris Bercy.  It's a few minutes walk down the road from the Gare de Lyon, in fact it feeds into the same tracks out of Paris as the Gare de Lyon - indeed, it was originally built as something of an overflow station to help solve capacity problems there.

Station overview & getting there

The Gare de Bercy is a terminus with 6 platforms.  It's not busy and easy to navigate, which is perhaps the nicest thing you can say about it. 

You can reach it by metro, taking metro lines M14 or M6 to Bercy station.  Note that the metro station is just called Bercy, not Gare de Bercy.  Unlike at other Paris termini, the metro station is not integrated with the mainline station, it's 100m away.  Follow the signs to the Paris Bercy SNCF - Auto Train exit and when you emerge you'll see the station across the road, see the photo below.  For metro information see

You can easily walk there from the Gare de Lyon in 13 minutes, 1.0 km, see walking route map.

Approaching Paris Bercy

Arriving on foot or by metro.  When you emerge from Bercy metro station (on metro lines M14 & M6), or when you walk 13 minutes down the road from the Gare de Lyon, this is your first view of the Gare de Bercy.  There are stairs, an escalator (if it's working!) and a lift from street level up to the station forecourt, you can see these in this photo behind the white van.

Paris Gare de Bercy, exterior

The forecourt with taxi rank and the station's bleak concrete exterior.  The glass doors lead straight onto the concourse behind the platforms.

Paris Gare de Bercy, concourse

The concourse at Paris Bercy, looking along it with the platforms on the left and the exit doors to the forecourt on the right.  Note the information kiosk on the right.  The ticket office is at the far end of the concourse in this photo.

There are just 6 rather bleak platforms.  Note the yellow compostez machines at the entrance to the platform - if you have a conventional ticket (i.e. not one you printed out yourself) you must validate it in these machines before boarding your train.

Tips for using the Gare de Bercy

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