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How to book Eurostar with an Interrail or Eurail pass...

Option 1, using

Option 2, using

  • You can make Eurostar passholder reservations online using a special page on the Belgian Railways website, although they now add a 4 booking fee:

    1.  Go to, hover over Plan & book then click Interrail train passes.

    2.  Then scroll down to THALYS AND EUROSTAR PASS FARE and click Book your Thalys or Eurostar pass fare now.

    3.  Then use the journey planner to book your train.  You should see the 30 or 38 passholder fares.

    4.  You are emailed your Eurostar ticket to print or you can show it on your smartphone using the B-Europe app. 

    Anyone from any country can book this way, either with a Eurail pass or an Interrail pass, even though only mentions Interrail.  Eurostar passholder tickets are exactly the same for either Interrail or Eurail, it makes no difference, so just go ahead and book one of these Interrail tickets, whether you have an Interrail or Eurail pass.  Just remember that you can only choose standard premier (1st class) on Eurostar if you have a 1st class pass.

  • Tip:  You need your pass number when booking with so although you can check that tickets are available before buying the pass, you need to buy the pass before actually buying your Eurostar ticket.

Option 3, using the Railplanner app...

  • Alternatively, anyone from any country can make Eurostar (and Thalys & Trenitalia) passholder bookings for Interrail or Eurail in the Railplanner App once installed on your smartphone - I recommend this app for its usefulness for offline timetable enquiries in any case.  Download the app at

Option 4, buy by phone or at the station...

  • Eurostar passholder fares are available directly from the Eurostar ticket offices at London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet, Calais, Lille, Paris Gare du Nord & Brussels Midi, or by phone from Eurostar telesales on 03432 186 186 (UK) or +44 1233 617575 (overseas) but there may be a phone booking fee.

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