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St Pancras International isn't a mere airport terminal for trains, it's a spectacular Grade 1 listed building that will take your breath away, and a destination in its own right, with shops, restaurants & cafes.  Originally opened in 1868, London's magnificent St Pancras station was beautifully restored and reopened on 14 November 2007 to become the London terminal for Eurostar trains to Paris, Brussels and now Amsterdam, taking over from Waterloo which had been Eurostar's London terminal since it started in 1994.  St Pancras still serves its original purpose as terminus for the Midland main line trains to Leicester, Derby, Nottingham & Sheffield, and it now also hosts domestic high-speed trains to and from Kent.  Underground platforms provide direct Thameslink trains south to Croydon, Gatwick Airport and Brighton.  Don't pass through without taking the time to look around...

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Exterior of St Pancras station, London

St Pancras' beautiful gothic facade, facing the Euston Road...  Most of this building houses the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, with the huge Barlow trainshed behind it.  Kings Cross station is just out of shot to the right.

The gothic facade of London St Pancras

The station forecourt...  The big archway at the foot of the square tower is the entrance to the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.  The other archway just visible on the far right near the clock tower is the Eastern Arch from the forecourt onto the station's upper level.

Station overview...

Lower level (= street level):  Retail units, toilets, ticket offices, escalators down to the Thameslink platforms, entrance to Eurostar departure lounge...

You enter the station from the street, Underground or taxi rank into the shopping arcade on the lower level of the station.  The Eurostar departures area with the row of ticket gates leading to the Eurostar departure lounge is half way along the arcade, on the right when coming from the Underground.  There are toilets (free of charge) off the main arcade, on the left.  At the end of the arcade is the domestic ticket office, escalators down to the Thameslink platforms (platforms A & B) and more shops.  Walk on into the next shopping area with Yo Sushi in the centre and you'll find the left luggage office at the back.  Further beyond all this is the Eurostar Despatch office for sending bikes and parcels by Eurostar.

Upper level (with access from the forecourt):  Trains, tracks & platforms;  bars, pub & restaurants...

Trains, tracks, platforms, Searcy's restaurant & champagne bar, the Betjeman Arms pub, the statue of John Betjeman, and the huge statue of the embracing couple are all located on the upper level, which is usually much quieter than the busy lower level.  You reach the upper level by stairs, escalators or lifts from the lower level.  Or you can access it from the forecourt by walking up the slope, past the big St Pancras Renaissance Hotel entrance arch and through the Eastern Arch, just visible on the right of the photo above.

Which platform for your train?

St Pancras upper level

St Pancras upper level, looking north from an upstairs window in the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.  In this photo you can see the Eurostar platforms 5-10, fenced off with glass security walls - for border control purposes, these platforms are in France!

You can see the champagne bar (the row of lights to the left of the left-hand Eurostar on platform 5) and the John Betjeman statue (just visible centre left, looking like a person on the walkway).  The shopping arcade on the lower level is visible through the open parts of the upper level walkways.

Platforms 1-4 and 11-13 are in the very far distance outside the historic arched trainshed, on either side of the Eurostar tracks.

St Pancras upper level looking south

St Pancras upper level, looking south.  You can see the John Betjeman statute, The Lovers statue at the back under the replica station clock.  The Betjeman Arms pub is in the back corner.  The large archway at the back leads outside onto the forecourt.

St Pancras lower level looking north

St Pancras lower level, looking north.  This is what you see when you walk in from the Underground.  Eurostar departures & check-in gates are forward & to the right.  Toilets are down a short passageway between retail units on the left.  Steps & escalators lead to the upper level, you can see the champagne bar on the upper level in this photo.

M&S Simply Food minimarket, ideal for stocking up for your journey, is in this photo on the right on the corner right by the entrance to Eurostar departures.

Left luggage, ticket offices, ATMs, WiFi...

Somewhere to eat or drink...

The Champagne Bar at London St Pancras

The Champagne bar, on the upper level.  As well as the seats around the bar itself, there is a 96m long row of sating booths behind the bar, alongside the nearest Eurostar platform.

Cafes & pub at London St Pancras

At the rear of the upper level under the clock, you'll find the Betjeman Arms pub (visible above, in the far corner,, Carluccio's (above, foreground, for Italian dishes or just a good coffee, and Mi+Me (out of shot to the right) for gourmet burgers, salads or a coffee.

Supermarkets & shops...

Local transportWalking, taxis, buses, underground...

Tips for using St Pancras...

A brief history...

More information...

View of Kings Cross from the Barlow trainshed roof at St Pancras

Up on the roof...  A rare privilege, a view of the adjacent Great Northern Hotel & Kings Cross station from the top of the Barlow trainshed at St Pancras, 120 feet (36m) above ground level.  Taken by the author whilst being shown around the station by HS1.

Rule Britannia...  If you look closely, to the left of the clock tower is a statue of Britannia, looking down on Kings Cross.  The story goes that this is deliberate, the Midland Railway looking down on it's rival next door!

Hotels near St Pancras...

Inexpensive hotels near the station...

Travelodge Kings Cross   Travelodge Kings Cross standard room

Travelodge Kings Cross, just along the road from St Pancras, cheap, safe & you know exactly what you're getting.

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel:  Pricey, but world class...

St Pancras station in London   A suite in the main building of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

5 stars... The magnificently-restored St Pancras Renaissance HotelAbove right:  A Chambers room.

Bathroom in the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel   A suite in the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

A Chambers room, lounge and bathroom.

Great Northern Hotel:  The rival next door...

Great Northern Hotel & Kings Cross station

The Great Northern Hotel is next to Kings Cross station, just across the road from St Pancras.

Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross   Great Northern Hotel en suite

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