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Lille Europe is a high-speed train hub in Northern France where you can change from Eurostar onto a direct TGV high-speed train to Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Brittany, Nimes or Montpelier.  It's an easy same-station change, avoiding the need to change trains & stations in Paris.  These TGVs bypass the French capital using the high-speed line through Charles de Gaulle Airport & Marne la Vallée (for Disneyland).  Lille Europe sits astride the London-Paris/Brussels high-speed line 550m from Lille's original station, Lille Flandres.  It is only served by high-speed trains, all regional & local trains use Lille Flandres.

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Overview Location & city map  Station plan

Lille Europe is a strong contender for the Draughtiest Station in Europe!  Built in 1993, Lille Europe is a modern glass & concrete station with just 4 platforms, used solely by high-speed trains including Eurostar.

Platforms 43 & 45 are on the west side, with escalators & lifts up to the concourse.

Two through tracks for non-stop trains run through the middle of the station.  The long thin concourse is at the upper level, on top of these through tracks.

Platforms 44 & 46 are on the east side, under the eastern side of the concourse, with escalators & lifts up to the concourse.

The concourse is divided along its length into Halls 1, 2, 3 & 4, with Hall 1 at the southern (Paris) end of the station and Hall 4 at the northern (London) end. 

The Eurostar terminal is at the northern end of the station in Hall 4.  Check in here for Eurostar departures.

A bridge runs from Hall 3 over platforms 43 & 45 to the main exit to the pedestrianised square outside the station & main road towards the city centre & Lille Flandres.

See station plan (please let me know if this link stops working)

Lille Europe station

Looking north (towards London), here you can see platforms 45 & 43 with the concourse at high level on the right, over the top of the two through tracks for non-stop trains.  Platforms 44 & 46 are on the far side of the through tracks.  The glass wall on the left faces the city centre.

Lille Europe station, Hall 2

Hall 2, looking south.  Platforms 43 & 45 are on the right, down escalators.  Platforms 44 & 46 are on the left, below the concourse down escalators.  The two through tracks for non-stop trains are directly below this concourse.  That glass wall on the right faces towards Lille city centre. Courtesy of Paul Macdermot.

Arriving & departing by Eurostar...

Lille Europe Hall 4 - Eurostar check-in

Hall 4 at the northern end of the station, the arrow marks the entrance to the Eurostar terminal.  Courtesy of Paul Macdermot.

Left luggage, ticket office, ATMs, WiFi, car hire...

A meal, coffee or beer between trains...

Supermarkets & shops...

Hotels at Lille Europe...

Lille city centre:  Walking, taxis, metro...

Lille Flandres station...

Lille Flandres station

Lille Flandres station.

Lille Flandres concourse

Lille Flandres interior.  Courtesy of Paul Macdermot.

Lille Flandres ticket gates

Ticket gates, scan the barcode on your ticket and they will open.  Courtesy of Paul Macdermot.

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