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The railjet train from Vienna, arrived at Venice Santa Lucia...

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The best way to travel from Vienna to Venice (or Venice to Vienna) is by train.  Two modern Austrian railjet trains link Vienna with Venice every day, city centre to city centre through great scenery from just €29 with free WiFi, power sockets at all seats and a civilised restaurant car, watch the video.  Or use the time-effective nightjet sleeper train, saving daytime hours compared to flying and it saves a hotel bill too.  This page explains all you need to know about making this great train journey.

COVID-19 update:  The daytime railjets have been temporarily suspended.  The Nightjet may resume from late June.  Possible 1 Railjet will resume from 22 June.  Check what's currently running online at www.thetrainline.comMore COVID-19 travel info.

  Train times (for all options)

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  Option 1, by railjet daytime train

    - How much does it cost?

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    - What are the railjet trains like?

    - What's the journey like?

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  Option 2, by nightjet sleeper train

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  Vienna Hbf station information

  Venice Santa Lucia station information

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  Trains from Venice to other destinations

Train times 2020...

 Vienna ► Venice


 Venice ► Vienna

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Train type:




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All these trains run every day all year round.  But always check times for your own date of travel at or

The railjet trains have economy class, first class, business class and a restaurant car.

The nightjet train has a sleeping-car with 1, 2 & 3 bed compartments, some with en suite toilet & shower, couchettes in 4 & 6 bunk compartments, & seats.

Which to choose, railjet by day or nightjet overnight?

Route map...

Map of train routes between Vienna & Venice  

Click here for larger map

Highlighted = route taken by railjet trains between Vienna (Wien) & Venice (Venezia) via Semmering, Klagenfurt, Villach, Udine.

Green = scenic routes

Red = high-speed lines

The nightjet sleeper train goes a more roundabout route, via Linz, Salzburg, Villach, Udine, so it can run combined with the Munich-Venice nightjet.

Map extract featured by kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people

I highly recommend buying this map for your European travels, buy online with shipping worldwide at

Option 1, by railjet train...


How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets...

What are the railjet trains like?

railjet train at Vienna Hbf

A smart modern railjet train at Vienna Hbf...

Business class on the train from Vienna to Venice   Business class on the Vienna to Venice train

Business class = 1st class fare + €15, just 6 seats at one end.  The line on the floor is where regular 1st class begins.  Note luggage rack behind the man in the white top.  Larger photo.


Restaurant car...  Open to all passengers, although 1st & business class passengers can be served at their seat so there's no need to go to the restaurant.  Larger photo.

Business class on the Vienna to Venice train   Business class on the Vienna to Venice train

Economy (2nd) class...  Larger photo.


First class...  Larger photo.

Luggage on the Vienna to Venice train   Information screems on the Vienna to Venice train   Intranet on the Vienna to Venice train

Luggage goes on the racks.  Even largish items fit on the overhead racks.  Or use one of the floor-standing racks, like the one indicated by the arrows.


Display screens in each car keep you informed, showing calling points, expected arrival times, the train's speed and location in Italian, German & English.


Intranet on your smartphone ( shows the train's speed & location, allows you to order food & drink.

Travel tips...

OBB lounge at Vienna   Train compositiom display at Vienna Hbf

ÖBB Lounge in ViennaYou can use this before or after your train with a 1st or business class ticket.


Train composition display at Vienna Hbf.  Tells you where your car will be along the platform.

What's the journey like?

Vienna Hbf   Afternoon railjet train from Vienna to Venice, about to leave

Vienna Hbf.  See station information.


The afternoon railjet to Venice is ready to leave...

Afternoon train to Venice boarding at Vienna Hbf

Boarding in Vienna...  This is the business class car at the rear of the train.  There's free WiFi in all classes and all seats have access to power sockets.  There's no check-in, just walk up and step on, any time before the doors close and it leaves.

Scenery from the train on the Semmering Railway

The Semmering Railway...  Shortly after calling at Vienna Neustadt, the train travels over the 41km (25 mile) Semmering Railway, opened in 1854 and now a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Read more about the famous Semmering Railway at  Sadly, this slow, curvaceous and steep section of line will be by-passed in the mid-2020s when the new Semmering Base Tunnel opens, though this could save up to 90 minutes.

More scenery on the Semmering Railway   More scenery on the Semmering Railway

More views as the train snakes its way over the Semmering Railway, summiting near Semmering itself at 898m (2,946 feet) above sea level.

More scenery on the Semmering Railway

Up high in the forest near Semmering...

Ordering food in business class on the train from Vienna to Venice   Starter

Lunch is served...  You can go to the restaurant car, but in first and business class a steward takes your order and brings it to your seat.  You can also order on your smartphone using the train's free WiFi and the ÖBB railnet portal, see travel tips.

Scenery from the train from Vienna to Venice

After Bruck an der Mur, the mountain scenery resumes all the way through Klagenfurt to Villach in southern Austria...

Lunch on board the train   Hochosterwitz Castle, seen from the train

Main course with wine.  There's a reasonably wide-ranging menu to choose from, with a selection of Austrian red & white wine and beer...


Hochosterwitz castle near Sankt Veit an der Glan, just north of Klagenfurt. It's on the left when going south.  Shortly afterwards the train skirts the waters of the Wörthersee.

Mountains between Villach and Udine

Vienna & Venice were enjoying a heat wave when I travelled, but the weather was very different in the mountains...

More mountains seen from the train

We're now in Italy...  The train calls at Tarvisio, then Udine...

The train crosses the causeway to Venice   The train from Vienna arrived at Venice

The causeway...  The train stops at Venice Mestre on the mainland then crosses the famous causeway over the lagoon to Venice...


Arrival in Venice...  The railjet from Vienna has arrived in Venice Santa Lucia station on a summer's evening, in this case about 10 minutes late...

Venice Santa Lucia station

Venice Santa Lucia station, on the Grand Canal in central Venice, journeys end.  The station is just 20 minutes walk from the Rialto Bridge, 27 minutes walk from Piazza San Marco.  See station information.  Vaporettos (waterbuses, as seen here) leave from outside the station down the Grand Canal to Rialto & San Marco.

Video guide:  Vienna to Venice by train...

Option 2, by nightjet sleeper train...

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets...

What is the Nightjet train likeSee the nightjet page...

The Nightjet train from Vienna to Venice, arrived at Venice Santa Lucia

The Nightjet sleeper train from Vienna, arrived at Venice Santa Lucia.  See more photos & information about nightjet trains.

Nightjet deluxe sleeper, 2-bed   Nightjet deluxe sleepe toilet & shower   4-berth couchette compartment from Cologne to Vienna

2-berth deluxe sleeper.  360° photo.


...en suite toilet & shower.


4-berth couchettes.  360° photo.

Sunrise as the sleeper train crosses the causeway into Venice

Sunrise as the sleeper train crosses the causeway over the lagoon into central Venice.  Photo courtesy of Andreas Wiedenhoff.

Tips for overnight travelMore tips & info on the nightjet page...

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