Venice's main station: Location map

Venice Santa Lucia (Venezia S Lucia or just Venezia SL) is Venice's main station, located in Venice itself on the Grand Canal, just 20 minutes walk from the Rialto Bridge or 27 minutes walk from St Mark's Square.  The other Venice station is Venezia Mestre, but this is located on the mainland, not in Venice itself.

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Station overview

Venice Santa Lucia station is located in central Venice right on the Grand Canal as you can see on this map.  The station is a terminus with 23 platforms, numbered from right to left as you look at them, i.e. with platform 1 on the east side.  Trains first call at Venice's other station, Venice Mestre on the mainland, before crossing the long rail-and-road causeway across the lagoon to the historic city of Venice itself.

There's been a station here since the 1860s, named after the church of Santa Lucia which was demolished to make way for it.  The design of the current station dates from a competition held in 1934, but construction took considerable time and the station was only completed in 1952.

Crossing the causeway over the lagoon then walking out of the station to see the Grand Canal right in front of you with vaporettos (waterbuses), water taxis and gondolas makes it arguably the most impressive arrival experience of any station in Europe.  Savour that moment!

There's a plan of the station at

Venice Santa Lucia station

Venice Santa Lucia station, a modernist classic.  Designed in the 1930s, completed in 1952.

Venice Santa Lucia seen from a water taxi

Venice Santa Lucia station, taken from a water taxi with the beautiful Ponte degli Scalzi visible in the background.

The Grand Canal and Venice Santa Lucia station

The Grand Canal & Venice Santa Lucia station, with a vaporetto at the Ferrovia stop.  Taken from the Ponte degli Scalzi.


Crossing the causeway over the lagoon.


Venice Santa Lucia station.

Venice Santa Lucia station concourse

The outer concourse, immediately inside the main entrance doors.  You reach the inner concourse and platforms through 3 passageways between the retail units, one straight ahead (visible in this photo on the left), one to the right (in the far background in this photo), one to the left (behind the camera).  Go through the left-hand one to find the ticket office.  Go through the right-hand one to find the food court, also for platform 1 and the left luggage office.

Which platform for your train?

Venice Santa Lucia, circulating area behind the platforms

The inner concourse, on the other side of the retail units from the outer concourse, just behind the buffer stops.  In this photo, the platforms are on the right, the main concourse and station exit are the other side of the retail units on the left.

Tickets & reservations

Left luggage, ATMs, WiFi

Venice Santa Lucia ticket office   Venice Santa Lucia station left luggage office

The official Trenitalia ticket office in the corner.


Left luggage office, platform 1.  Opening times & prices.

The Casa Italo at Venice Santa Lucia   Inside the Casa Italo at Venice Santa Lucia

Casa Italo near platform 14.


Inside the Casa Italo, with free WiFi.

Executive & Club class lounges

Venice Santa Lucia club italo lounge

Italo's Club Italo lounge for Club class passengers.  Photo courtesy of

Somewhere to eat

Local transportWalking, water taxis, vaporettos

Hotels in Venice

More information

Visiting Venice

I've often seen it asked, "Should we visit Venice, or such-and-such a city?".  The other city they name may be a great city, but there are lots of great cities.  There's only one Venice, utterly unique.  There really is nowhere like it.  Easy to visit by train!

New fee for visiting Venice:  From 16 January 2023, day trippers must pay a fee (just a few euros) to visit Venice at certain times of year.  You can check dates and pay online at  There's no fee if you stay overnight in a hotel in Venice as the hotel cost includes visitor tax.

Arriving in Venice San Marco by water taxi

San Marco from the Grand Canal - arriving by water taxi.

San Marco & Campanile   San Marco, cathedral

San Marco:  You can climb the campanile.


St Mark's Basilica.

Doge's Palace, San Marco   Walking over the Rialto Bridge

San Marco, the Doge's Palace.


Walking over the Rialto Bridge.

The Rialto Bridge

The famous Rialto Bridge, completed in 1591, see

Venice Mestre station: Location & city map

Venice Mestre is Venice's other station, a railway junction located on the mainland.  All trains to Venice Santa Lucia also stop at Mestre before crossing the causeway.  All trains from Venice Santa Lucia call at Venice Mestre after crossing the causeway.  Use Venice Mestre if your hotel is on the mainland, or if you are heading to a ferry or cruise terminal located on the mainland rather than in central Venice.  For the historic city of Venice, you should use Santa Lucia station.

Venezia Mestre has all the usual facilities, including ticket office, ticket machines, food outlets & shops, and a Freccia Lounge for Trenitalia Executive class passengers.  The station has 9 platforms, currently being expanded to 13.  Photos courtesy of

Venice Mestre station exterior

Venice Mestre, station entrance.

Venice Mestre concourse

Venice Mestre, concourse.

Venice Mestre ticket office

Venice Mestre Trenitalia Freccia Lounge and (in the background) ticket office.

Venice Mestre platforms

Venice Mestre platforms.

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