A Renfe AVE train from Madrid to Barcelona

Renfe AVE from Madrid to Barcelona, at Madrid Atocha.

Barcelona to Madrid

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Choice of 3 high-speed train services...

The 621 km (386 mile) high-speed line from Barcelona to Madrid opened in 2008, and high-speed trains now link Barcelona Sants & Madrid Atocha in as little as 2h30 at up to 310 km/h (193 mph) with departures every hour or so.  Before it opened, trains took 7 hours on the classic line.  Spanish high-speed lines were opened up to competition in 2021, and you now have a choice of 3 train operators:  Renfe (Spanish national railways), lo-cost operator Ouigo and lo-cost operator Avlo.  A fourth operator, Iryo, is due to start in November 2022.  You can compare prices and buy tickets for all 3 current operators at www.thetrainline.com.  This page will help you choose...

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Which train to choose?

Option 1: Renfe's AVE trains...

This is the principal train service between Barcelona & Madrid, with the most frequent departures.  Renfe is Spain's national train operator, their premier high-speed trains are branded AVE which stands for Alta Velocidad Espaρola (Spanish High-Speed).  It's also the Spanish for bird, hence the AVE logo.  Most AVE services between Madrid & Barcelona are operated by luxurious S103 AVE trains built by Siemens (hence the resemblance to Germany's ICE3) as shown below.

AVEs are fully air-conditioned with free WiFi and power sockets at all seats.  There's a convivial cafe-bar selling alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and hot dishes.  As with most European trains, suitcases & backpacks can be taken at no extra cost, you just take it with you and put it on the luggage racks inside each car.

AVEs have 3 classes, originally named Turista, Preferente & Club where both Preferente & Club included at-seat food & wine.  This was changed some years ago to Turista, Turista Plus and Preferente, with only Preferente offering included at-seat food & wine.  In July 2021 classes were changed to Standard (2nd class) and Comfort (1st class) though passengers paying the Premium fare may get the former Club/Preferente seats.  At present there is no at-seat service due to Covid-19.  With a Premium ticket you get access to the Sala Club lounge in Barcelona & Madrid.  For a seating plan of an AVE S103, see the seat numbering page.

There is no formal check-in for an AVE, you can board any time up to a minute or two before departure, but as there's a brief X-ray baggage scan & ticket check before boarding at Spanish high-speed stations, so don't arrive at the last minute, see the travel tips section below.

An AVE-S103 high-speed train from Madrid to Barcelona

An S103 AVE train from Madrid to Barcelona, about to leave Madrid Atocha.  See virtual tour of an AVE S103.

Turista class on a Spanish S103 AVE train   Preferente class on a Spanish S103 AVE train

Standard class (2nd class) on an AVE-S103...


Comfort class (1st class) seating.

Club class on a Spanish S103 AVE train   An S103 AVE cafe-bar

Comfort class (premium 1st class) seating on an AVE-S103 train.  At-seat food & wine included.


Cafe-bar on an AVE S103 between Barcelona & Madrid, serving tea, coffee, beer, wine, snacks, soft drinks & hot dishes.

S103 AVE train from Madrid to Barcelona

An AVE-S103 from Madrid Atocha, arrived at Barcelona Sants.

Option 2:  Lo-cost Ouigo trains...

Ouigo is the lo-cost subsidiary of SNCF (French Railways), offering 5 or so trains per day from Barcelona to Madrid and vice versa.  Fully air-conditioned, free WiFi, power sockets at all seats and (unlike Ouigo in France) a spacious cafe-bar on the upper deck in car 4.

Ouigo is a lo-cost train with budget airline-style baggage limits, so you'll need to pay an extra €5 for a suitcase or backpack when you book.  Bags go on the racks inside the seating area in each car.  Small pets in carriers can be carried, at extra charge.  Bikes are not carried.

Ouigo uses French double-deck TGV Duplex trains.  I recommend an upper deck seat for the best views, it's just 9 easy, wide & shallow steps with handrails from the entrance to the upper deck, which Ouigo calls Sky - they call the lower deck Earth.  There are toilets & luggage racks both upstairs & downstairs in each car.

First class?  Although Ouigo bill their trains as all one class, the seats are unchanged from the TGV Duplex trains used in France.  Cars 1, 2 & 3 retain their larger, more comfortable 1st class seats with extra legroom, arranged 2+1 across the car width.  Cars 5-8 remain 2nd class with seats to 2+2 across the car width.  Ouigo call the former first class seating 'XL' and charge a €9 fee for it on top of the basic fare - a bargain.  The XL fee includes an extra-baggage fee for one suitcase or backpack, it's easy to miss this perk when booking XL, so don't accidentally pay twice.

There's a formal 30-minute minimum check-in for Ouigo trains, a ticket check happens before boarding and as for all operators there's an X-ray baggage check before accessing the platforms, see the travel tips section below.  Within a few months of the service starting, Ouigo was achieving 90% load factors.

Ouigo train from Madrid to Barcelona

Ouigo train from Madrid to Barcelona, at Madrid Atocha.  Photos courtesy of Matt from www.youtube.com/c/nonstopeurotrip.

XL seats on Ouigo train from Madrid to Barcelona   XL seats on Ouigo train from Madrid to Barcelona

XL seats in cars 1, 2 & 3, upper deck - other XL seats are on the lower deck.  Note the luggage rack on the right.


A Ouigo train from Madrid, arrived at Barcelona Sants.  Click the interior photos for larger images.

Ouigo train from Madrid to Barcelona   Ouigo train from Madrid to Barcelona

Cafe-bar on an Ouigo train, upper deck car 4.


Regular seats on an Ouigo train, upper deck.

Side view, Ouigo train from Madrid to Barcelona

A Ouigo train at Madrid Atocha.

Option 3:  Lo-cost Avlo trains...

Avlo is a subsidiary of Renfe (Spanish Railways), operating three or so lo-cost trains per day in each direction between Barcelona & Madrid.  Fully air-conditioned, free WiFi, power sockets at all seats.  But no cafe-bar, just credit-card-operated vending machines, and no first class.

Avlo uses a version of Renfe's S112 AVE train, repainted in Avlo colours with an all-new one-class (but high-quality) interior.  It has leather seats and plenty of legroom.  The S112 is nicknamed Pato (duck) by Renfe staff, no prizes for guessing why.

If possible, avoid seats in car 6 as this was the former cafe-bar.  It's been converted into a seats car, but the small high-level windows have not been changed, so you can only see out if you stand up!

Unlike normal trains, Avlo is a lo-cost train with strict airline-style baggage limits, you need to pay an extra €10 for a suitcase or backpack.  You take your bags onto the train and put them on the racks inside the seating area in each car.  Only folding bikes are carried.  No pets allowed.  If your bags are found to exceed the set dimensions when you arrive at the station (even if they simply bulge a bit) you'll have to pay a €30 fee - if in any doubt about luggage, stick with the normal Renfe AVE service.

Boarding closes 5 minutes before departure, for all operators there's an X-ray baggage check before accessing the platforms so don't cut it fine, see the travel tips below.

Avlo lo-cost train from Madrid to Barcelona

An Avlo train at Barcelona Sants, originally a Renfe S112 AVE converted to one-class for Avlo services.  Courtesy of www.youtube.com/c/nonstopeurotrip.

One-class seats on a Barcelona to Madrid Avlo train   One-class seats on a Barcelona to Madrid Avlo train

Car 6, note the windows in this car! Courtesy Ekain Munduate.


Comfortable seats on an Avlo train.  Courtesy Ekain Munduate.

Option 4:  Iryo trains from 25 November 2022...

A consortium of Air Nostrum & Trenitalia called Ilsa launches another competing train service between Barcelona & Madrid on 25 November 2022.  Branded Iryo, it will use a version of Trenitalia's Frecciarossa 1000.  Tickets on now sale at iryo.eu and www.thetrainline.com.

The new trains offer 3 classes: Inicial, Singular, Singular Cafι & Infinita.

Inicial & Singular have Confort seating 2+2 across the car width. in other words, 2nd class seating.  The seating in these two classes is the same, but you can order meals in Singular served at your seat, in Inicial there is only a trolley service with drinks and snacks.  Ticket change conditions are also better in Singular.

Infinita has Gran Confort seating 2+1 across the car width, in other words, 1st class seating, with a meal & drinks included in the fare from the bistro menu, served at your seat.

There is actually a 4th class, Singular Cafι, sold as an upgrade to Singular.  This gets you Gran Confort 1st class 2+1 seating in a car with tables to work at or dine at.  Meals & drinks can be served at your table at extra cost.

All seats in all classes have power sockets and free WiFi.  Pets under 10 Kg in carriers are carried in Infinita class.

There are two types of fare:  Flexible, which offers a good level of flexibility and Abierta (open) which is 100% fully-flexible, see iryo.eu for details.

Iryo offers free connections by suburban train (Cercanias)  within the urban areas in both Barcelona & Madrid.

Travel tips (all operators)

Route map...

Madrid to Barcelona train route map

Click for larger map Red = 310 km/h high-speed line.  Black = classic lines.  Green = scenic sections.

Reproduced with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.  Buy a copy of the European Rail Map at www.europeanrailtimetable.eu.

What's the Barcelona to Madrid journey like?

The platforms at Barcelona Sants are underground, but the train soon emerges into daylight as it accelerates to 310 km/h (193 mph).  High-speed lines in Spain are built to standard gauge (4' 8½") like the majority of Europe, even though Spain's classic railways are Iberian broad gauge (5' 6"). Soon after leaving Barcelona, look out for the distinctive jagged ridge of Montserrat on your right (on the left, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montserrat_(mountain).  The rest of the high-speed journey to Madrid is pleasantly undulating and often scenic, as you can see in the second photograph below.  All trains call at Zaragoza, the major city between Barcelona and Madrid.

View from a Madrid to B arcelona train

View from a Madrid to Barcelona Ouigo train.  The jagged mountain in the distance is Montserrat, a major landmark, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montserrat_(mountain)Courtesy of www.youtube.com/c/nonstopeurotrip.

Scenery between Barcelona & Madrid

Scenery an AVE train from Barcelona to Madrid.  Courtesy of DiscoverByRail.com.

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