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It may win the award for Europe's most un-prepossessing station, but Barcelona Sants Estació is clean and modern inside.  It's Barcelona's main transport hub used by virtually all suburban, mainline, & high-speed trains - the TGVs from Paris arrive here too.  A few trains start at the classically beautiful Estación de Franca, but these often call at Sants afterwards.  You'll find plenty of shops, bars & restaurants at Sants station, including a MacDonald's, and there's also a Tourist Information Office.

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The station

Barcelona Sants exterior

Barcelona Sants uninspiring facade.  There's a car park on the roof.  The building above and behind the station is the 4-star Hotel Barcelo Sants, a good place to stay overnight between trains.

Barcelona Sants main concourse

Baggage is X-rayed before access to long-distance trains

At Barcelona Sants and all other Spanish stations, there's a simple X-ray check of all baggage before you access the high-speed platforms.  This includes boarding a northbound TGV to France.  The photo below right shows the X-ray machines at Barcelona Sants at the entrance to platforms 1-6.  There are (or at the time of writing, were)  no metal detectors, so you can carry what you like on your person, it's only the baggage that's checked (make sure any penknives etc are in your pockets not your baggage so don't get scanned, to avoid a jobsworth refusing to allow them on, as happened to one passenger).  Beyond the baggage checkpoint is a small departures waiting area, with escalators down to each platform. There is no baggage check at any French station, just free & easy access to all trains.  The check only takes a minute, but don't arrive for your train with seconds to spare!

X-ray baggage check at access to platforms 1-6, Barcelona Sants

Luggage X-ray check on the main concourse before accessing the escalators down to platforms 1-6.


The concourse is at street level, the platforms are underneath, reached by lifts & escalators.  Platform numbers are clearly displayed on the screens and departure boards around the station.  There are 14 platforms:

Platforms 1-6 are standard gauge (4'8½) for the TGV & AVE high-speed trains to Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Perpignan, Toulouse, Avignon, Marseille, Lyon & Paris, also the Alvia trains to San Sebastian & Bilbao.

Platforms 7-14 are Iberian broad gauge (5'6") and used by suburban trains and Talgo or EuroMed trains to Valencia & Alicante.

Left luggage lockers

There are luggage lockers (Consigna in Spanish) on the left-hand side of the building as you walk in the main entrance doors.  See the left luggage page for opening hours & prices.  Bags are X-rayed just inside the entrance before being left.

Somewhere to eat or drink

There are many retail and food outlets inside the station, including at least two cafes and McDonald's.

Sala Club 1st class lounge

Anyone with a Premium ticket can use the Sala Club 1st class lounge.  The Sala Club at Barcelona Sants is open 05:30-22:00 Mondays-Saturdays, 06:15-22:00 Sundays, with complimentary tea, coffee, snacks & beer.  You cannot use the lounge with an Elige ticket.

Sala Club entrance   The Sala Club (1st class lounge) at Barcelona Sants station.
Sala Club tables & drinks bar.

Hotels near the station

Hotels in or near the Old Quarter

Walking, taxis, suburban trains, metro

Inside a Barcelona metro train   Barcelona metro train

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