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Naples has one main central station, Napoli Centrale.  It's located in the heart of the city on Piazza Garibaldi, the square named after the Italian general & revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi.  It's three stations in one:  A mainline terminus at ground level called Napoli Centrale, an underground station called Napoli Piazza Garibaldi with two underground through platforms for Trenitalia's metropolitan trains & metro line 1, and another underground station with 4 platforms for EAV's narrow-gauge Circumvesuviana trains to Herculaneum, Pompeii & Sorrento, also called Napoli Piazza Garibaldi, but signposted from Naples Centrale concourse as Circumvesuviana.  There's been a station here since 1866, but the current Naples Centrale station was designed in 1954 and opened in 1966.  It was modernised 2005-2010.

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Station overview Location map

There's a plan of the station at  - click EN for English.

Overview of Naples Centrale

Naples Centrale, looking east from the excellent Unahotel Napoli.  In the foreground is the covered retail mall on the south side of Piazza Garibaldi.  The station building is behind it, with platforms 2-24 visible behind that.  Courtesy of @rail_away.

Facade of Napoli Centrale

Naples Centrale facade & main entrance taken from Piazza Garibaldi.  Courtesy of Tim Burford.

Naples Centrale main entrance

Main entrance from the Piazza Garibaldi.  The taxi rank is just outside.  Courtesy of @nonstopeurotrip.

Naples Centrale cxoncourse

The concourse, inside the main entrance.  Courtesy of Tim Burford.

Naples Centrale ticket check   Escalators & steps down to the Circumvesuviana

Ticket check between concourse & platform area. Also shows the main departures board.  Courtesy of @rail_away.

Steps & escalators down to the Circumvesuviana & Piazza Garibaldi stations. Courtesy Tim Burford.

Naples Centrale platforms

Circulating area behind the platforms, once through the ticket check.  A brace of Frecciarossa 500s with an Italo train in the background.  Courtesy of Louise Kelly

Naples Centrale platforms

The platforms, numbered 2 to 24 left to right.  Courtesy of Tim Burford

Which platform for your train?

About changing trains in Naples

Left luggage, WiFi, ATMs, safety & security

Ticket office & ticket machines

Executive & Club class lounges

Somewhere to eat & drink


Hotels near Naples Centrale

Local transportWalking, metro, taxis

Circumvesuviana Railway: Naples to Herculaneum, Pompeii & Sorrento

The little narrow-gauge Circumvesuviana Railway runs from Naples to Ecolano (Herculaneum), Pompeii Villa Dei Misteri & Sorrento, usually with a train every 30 minutes.  They have several other lines, but this is clearly the most important for travellers.  It's run by local transport authority EAV,  Just buy a ticket at the EAV ticket office (reached immediately before the Circumvesuviana platforms), it's a metro-style turn-up-and-go service.  The trains are usually graffiti'd and can be crowded at peak times, but in spite of that it's a lovely ride around the Bay of Naples, with views of Vesuvius on one side and of the Bay on the other.  Keep an eye on your valuables, it's not a place for leaving a wallet sticking out of back pockets, but having said that, I've never had any problem so don't let it put you off.  More about visiting Pompeii.

EAV ticket office for the Circumvesuviana Railway   Circumvesuviana Railway platforms, Porta Garibaldi

EAV ticket office for the Circumvesuviana.  Courtesy Tim Burford.

Circumvesuviana platforms at Piazza Garibaldi. stations.  Courtesy Tim Burford.

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