This page explains how to buy train tickets from Toulouse to other European cities at the cheapest prices, buying online direct from the operators, usually with print-at-home tickets.  Click here to buy tickets starting in another city.

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Take a moment to read these important tips for buying European train tickets.  It answers all the usual questions, "Do I need to book in advance or can I buy at the station?", "Can I stop off?", "Are there Senior fares?" and that old favourite, "Should I buy an $800 railpass or a €35 point-to-point ticket?".  How far ahead can you buy train tickets?

European train travel FAQ

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Guide to Eurail passes (overseas visitors)

Important tips for buying European train tickets

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Guide to Interrail passes (for Europeans)

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Toulouse to Paris from €20

Option 1, Toulouse to Paris by daytime trans

TGV from Paris Gare Montparnasse to Hendaye, for the train to San Sebastian

Toulouse to Paris by TGV Duplex:  This is a TGV Duplex at Paris Gare Montparnasse. Click the images below for larger photos.

TGV Océane cafe-bar   TGV Océane 2nd class seats

TGV Océane cafe-bar, upper deck in car 4 or 14 (above left) and 2nd class seats (above right).

TGV Océane 1st class seats   TGV Océane 1st class drop-down table

TGV Océane 1st class seats.  All 1st class seats (except the end ones) rotate to face direction of travel.  There are USB & 2-pin outlets above each drop-down table.

Option 2, Toulouse to Paris by sleeper train

Intercite de nuit overnight train at Paris Austerlitz

An Intercité de nuit sleeper train at Paris Gare d'Austerlitz More about Intercités de Nuit.

Intercite de Nuit 2nd class 6-berth couchette   Intercite de Nuit 2nd class couchette

2nd class 6-berth couchettes.


A cosy 2nd class couchette.

Intercite de Nuit 1st class couchette   Intercite de Nuit 1st class 4-berth couchette

1st class couchette, made up for the night.


1st class 4-berth couchettes.

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Toulouse to Lyon, Nice & anywhere else in France

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Toulouse to Brussels, Bruges & Belgium
A Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris

A Eurostar high-speed train.  See full-screen panorama photos inside the trainMore about Eurostar (formerly Thalys).

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Toulouse to Amsterdam & the Netherlands
A Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris

A Eurostar at Amsterdam Centraal.  See panorama photos inside the trainMore about Eurostar (formerly Thalys).

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Toulouse to London

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Toulouse to Switzerland

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Toulouse to Italy
The Vieux Port at Marseille

Bonjour Marseille!  The Eglise Notre Dame de la Garde, overlooking the Vieux Port.

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Toulouse to Andorra
Bus station next to Toulouse Matabiau station   Bus station next to Toulouse Matabiau station

This is a Toulouse to Andorra bus at Toulouse bus stand 15.


The bus station in Toulouse Matabiau forecourt.  Photo courtesy of Andrew McIntyre.

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Toulouse to Spain

Toulouse to San Sebastian or Bilbao

The Man in Seat 61 says, "Toulouse to San Sebastian is easy enough by train.  But people mistakenly put 'Toulouse to San Sebastian' into booking websites and wonder why nothing appears!  You have to book from Toulouse to Hendaye on the Spanish border, then pay for the little Euskotren to San Sebastian separately, that's the trick. Easy when you know how!"

Hendaye SNCF station   Hendaye station Euskotren ticket machine

At Hendaye, get off the train, walk off the platform through the SNCF station ticket hall.


There's an Euskotren ticket machine to the right of the exit doors, you can either buy a ticket here or in the Euskotren station.

Hendaye SNCF & Euskotren stations

The Euskotren station is 50m across the forecourt from the mainline SNCF station.  Courtesy of Geoff Phillips.

Hendaia Euskoten station, for trains to San Sebastian   Inside Euskotren station at Hendaye

The new Hendaye Euskotren station, for trains to San Sebastian.  Photo courtesy of Geoff Phillips.


Hendaye Euskotren station, looking back towards the station building.  Photo courtesy of Nicholas Brooke.

Euskotren train to San Sebastian at Hendaye   Inside Euskotren to San Sebastian

There is only one platform, and it's where the trains start.  So no worries, you can't get on the wrong train, they all go to Irun and San Sebastian-Donostia Amara.  These air-conditioned metro trains leave every 30 minutes, a turn-up-and-go metro service.  There's plenty of space for luggage and they even have a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

Toulouse to Madrid

Option 1, Toulouse to Madrid by high-speed train via Narbonne

Option 2, Toulouse to Madrid via Hendaye & San Sebastian.  A slower option, but often significantly cheaper, with a chance to see San Sebastian on the way

Alvia trains from Irun & San Sebastian to Madrid

San Sebastian to Barcelona train about to leave   Comfort (1st) class seats

The morning Alvia at San Sebastian.


Comfort class (1st class).

Standard (2nd) class seats   The cafe bar

Standard class (2nd class).


The cafe-bar does an excellent cafe con leche.

Scenery between San Sebastian & Barcelona

The train descends from the foothills of the Pyrenees onto the plain below.

Toulouse to Barcelona

Option 1, Toulouse to Barcelona by high-speed train via Narbonne.  Fastest & easiest, though not always cheapest

Mt Canigou in the Pyrenees

Mt Canigou & the Pyrenees, seen from the train.  One of the highest peaks in the mighty Pyrenees, the 2,784m (9,137 feet) high Mt Canigou dominates the skyline on the right all the way from Perpignan to Girona, see

Option 2, Toulouse to Barcelona via Latour de Carol.  Cheap and scenic, right through the Pyrenees

This is a very useful route that journey planners won't show you!  It's usually cheaper than taking a TGV as in option 1, especially if you can't book months in advance and it's more scenic, too.  If you look at a map, it's the 'as-the-crow-flies' route from Toulouse to Barcelona, straight through the Pyrenees.


The modern air-conditioned Train Exprès Regional (TER) from Toulouse to Latour de Carol, at l'Hospitalet station.


The smart interior of the regional train from Toulouse to Latour.

Mountains in the Pyrenees

The train heads into the Pyrenees.


More mountain scenery.

The huge international station at Latour de Carol

Latour de Carol, where two nations, two trains and three track gauges meet.  This is the huge international station building.  The station bistro is on the forecourt, just out of shot to the left.

Bistro at Latour de Carol   Bistro at Latour de Carol

The inexpensive Bistro de la Gare (above right) on the forecourt at Latour de Carol is ideal for breakfast or a coffee between trains, check opening hours at of Adrian Fuentes.

Latour de Carol, where two nations, two trains, three track gauges meet.  On the right, a French standard-gauge overnight couchette train arrived from Paris & Toulouse.  On the left is the Spanish broad-gauge local train which you take to Barcelona, the 'R' on the front stands for Rodalies, Catalan for suburban.  The third gauge at Latour is the narrow-gauge Petit Train Jaune towards Perpignan, its platform is behind the couchette cars shown here.


The air-conditioned local train from Latour to Barcelona.  2nd class only.  Bring your own food & drink.  The 'R' stands for Rodalies, Catalan for suburban network.

The snow gives way to autumnal browns & golds as the train from Latour de Carol to Barcelona winds its way south.

Toulouse to anywhere else in Spain

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Toulouse to Lisbon & Portugal

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Toulouse to Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin & Germany

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Toulouse to all other countries

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