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Madrid Chamartin - or to give it its full name since 2020, Estación de Madrid-Chamartín Clara Campoamor, is Madrid's second major station.  It's located a fair way north of the city centre, and handles high-speed trains northwards to San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Vigo, A Coruna and Santiago de Compostela.  There are tracks south to Madrid Atocha station & beyond, these handle suburban trains and the occasional north-south long-distance through train.  From August 2022 onwards it will also handle some high-speed trains between Madrid & Alicante.

Madrid Chamartin is a modern station, built between 1970 & 1975.  It had the Clara Campoamor bit added in 2020 to honour Clara Campoamor, a key figure in the fight for female suffrage in Spain.  Needless to say, everyone still calls it Madrid Chamartin.

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The station in pictures...

Madrid Chamartin overview from a nearby hotel

View over Madrid Chamartin looking north from the nearby Hotel Chamartin The OneCourtesy

Madrid Chamartin main entrance

Main entrance, looking north from the taxi rank.  Photo courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry.

Madrid Chamartin concourse & departures board

Concourse & departures board.  The concourse is directly above the tracks and covers a fairly wide area.  It includes various retail & food outlets.  Photo courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry.

Madrid Chamartin ticket office

Long-distance ticket counters, through the glass doors visible in the previous photo.  Courtesy of

Security before accessing platforms at Madrid Chamartin

Security to access high-speed trains:  Between the main concourse and the escalators down to the platforms used by high-speed trains, there's a simple baggage X-ray check.  There is no security check to access the suburban (Cercanias) platforms.  Courtesy of

Which platform?

Platform at Madrid Chamartin

Media Distancia train at a platform at Madrid Chamartin, looking south.  You can see the station building above the tracks in the background.  Photo courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry.

The Sala Club 1st class lounge...

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Hotels near the station...

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How to transfer between Madrid Chamartin & Madrid Atocha...

Trains to and from northern Spain usually use Madrid Chamartin station in the north of the city.  Trains south to Seville, Granada, Malaga leave from Madrid Atocha station.  Metro line 1 links these two stations, but it's easier and faster to transfer between stations by frequent suburban train as this is just a handful of stops.  The Spanish for suburban train is Cercanias, look for the orange and white 'C' logo.

Madrid Chamartin ► Madrid Atocha

Madrid Atocha ► Madrid Chamartin

Suburban train at Madrid Chamartin

An air-conditioned suburban train (Cercanias) at Madrid Chamartin.  Courtesy of

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