A dash of 1940s Italian modernism

Rome Termini is the main station in Rome, and the best station to use for the city centre.  It's called Termini not because it's a terminus, but after the nearby Roman Baths of Diocletian, as the Latin for baths is Thermae.  There's been a station here since 1863.  The original station building was demolished in 1937, but World War 2 delayed reconstruction of its replacement.  The current station was designed in 1947 and inaugurated in December 1950, a fine example of Italian modernism.  For more about the station's history see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roma_Termini_railway_station.

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Station overview Location map

There's a plan of the station at www.gsretail.it/en/network/roma-termini (click EN for English).

Rome Termini exterior

1. Rome Termini station exterior.

Rome Termini forecourt

Taxi rank and main entrance at the front of the station.  That's an impressive cantilevered canopy!

Rome Termini atrium

2. Atrium (Atrio Stazione), inside the main entrance with an equally impressive roof.  The Trenitalia ticket office is here, indicated by the arrow.

Middle concourse, Rome Termini

3. Central concourse (Galleria Centrale), separated from the Atrium by a row of retail units, the central concourse spans the full width of the station with exits open to the street on either side.  Another row of retail units separates it from the platforms concourse.  The escalators in the centre go up to the food court and toilets.  Note the departure boards.  In the Galleria Centrale you'll find shops like Swatch, United Colours of Benetton, Nike, Victoria's Secret on this level and on a lower level too.

North side of Roma Termini   North side of Roma Termini

At each end of the central concourse (Galleria Centrale) there's an open exit into the street at the side of the station.

Rome Termini inner concourse

4. Platforms concourse (Fronte Binari) sits between the central concourse and the platforms, accessed from the central concourse through gaps in the row of retail units.  A partition with ticket gates (on the right of this photo) separates it from the platforms.  The escalators in the background are the ones from the central concourse up to the food court.  Note the arrivals & departure boards on each column.

Ticket gates at Roma Termini   Exit gates at Roma Termini

Ticket gates to platform area.  Scan the QR code on your ticket to get in. There are staff to help if necessary.


Exit gates from the platform area to the concourse.  There's no ticket check when leaving.

Rome Termini platforms

5. Platform circulating area.  A circulating area behind the buffer stops lets you walk between platforms without going through any ticket check.  The photo looks across the station, with the platforms on the left and the ticket gates & exit gates to the rest of the station on the right.

Rome Termini platforms

6. Platforms are numbered 1 to 29 from left to right.  Platforms 25-29 are accessed by walking down platform 24, platforms 1est & 2est are accessed by walking 550m along platform 1.  This photo shows platforms 10 & 11.

Which platform for your train?

Rome Termini platforms

View of the platforms as you arrive at, or leave, Roma Termini by train.

Changing trains in Rome

Left luggage

Roma Termini left luggage office   Roma Termini left luggage office access

1. Walk along platform 24, past the yellow KiBag left luggage office as there's no door on this side.


2. Turn right here, exit the platform area, the entrance to the left luggage is on the other side.

WiFi, ATMs, safety & security

Ticket office & ticket machines

Trenitalia ticket office, Rome Termini

Executive & Club class lounges

Rome Termini Trenitalia Freccialounge

Trenitalia's FreccialoungeCourtesy of @AndyBTravels.

Italo club lounge

Club Italo lounge at Rome Termini with complimentary coffee, soft drinks, snacks, wine & prosecco.  This new lounge opened 2023.  Courtesy of Chris Ogilvie

Somewhere to eat, drink or buy supplies

Terrazza with bars & cafes

The terrace (Terrazza Termini), up the escalators from the central concourse, good for a coffee or beer while waiting for your train.  There are toilets here.

View over Rome Termini platforms from food court

View over the platforms from the food court.

Hotels near Rome Termini

Local transportWalking, metro, taxis

Rome's metro   Rome's Colosseum

The metro links Rome Termini with the Colosseum, Circus Maximus and the Vatican.

Other stations in Rome

Rome Tiburtina station   Rome Tiburtina station

Rome Tiburtina station.


Inside Rome Tiburtina.

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