A Frecciarossa train to Florence & Milan at Rome Stazione Termini

An ETR 600 Frecciargento at Venice Santa Lucia.

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Trenitalia or Italo, which to choose?

Frecciargento tilting trains

Trenitalia is Italy's national train operator.  Their front-rank trains are the 300 km/h Frecciarossas (red arrows), the next rank down is Frecciargento (silver arrow), tilting trains which can reach 250 km/h (155 mph) on Italy's high-speed lines.  However, the Frecciargento category is being phased out in 2023, with many trains being reclassified Frecciarossa.

Where do Frecciargentos run?

small bullet point  Rome Caserta - Bari Lecce

small bullet point  Genoa - La Spezia - Pisa - Rome

What are Frecciargentos like?

Several types of train operate Frecciargento services.  Frecciarossas have four classes, but Frecciargentos retain just the normal 2 classes, 1st & 2nd, plus a cafe-bar. 

ETR600 train forming Venice to Rome Frecciargento

An ETR600 Frecciargento train at Venice Santa Lucia.

Frecciargento train 1st class seats   Frecciargento train 1st class seats

1st class. Larger photo.


2nd class.  Larger photo.

Frecciargento cafe-bar   Frecciargento luggage rack

The cafe-bar on an ETR600 Frecciargento.


Luggage just goes on the racks.

Frecciargento cafe-bar   Frecciargento luggage rack

Entrance steps to an ETR600.


A wedge-nosed ETR480, a different type of Frecciargento.

Luggage on Frecciargento trains

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