Scenery from the Belgrade-Bar train

Spectacular scenery from the Belgrade-Bar train.  See route map.

From the Serbian capital to Montenegro's Adriatic coast by train...

The journey from Belgrade to Podgorica and Bar in Montenegro over the celebrated Belgrade to Bar railway is one of Europe's most spectacular train rides, and one of my favourites.  It's a marvel of engineering, with 254 tunnels and 435 bridges on the 296-mile journey from the Serbian capital to the Adriatic.  Construction of the line started in the 1950s but only completed in 1976, opened by President Tito himself.  Yet it costs only €21 - watch the video below and you can see it'll be amongst the best €21 you'll ever spend.   There's more detailed & historical information at

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Train times 2019...

 Belgrade ► Bar


 Bar ► Belgrade

Train name:



Train name:



 Belgrade Topcider* depart:



 Bar depart:



 Bijelo Polje depart:



 Podgorica depart:



 Podgorica arrive:



 Bijelo Polje depart:



 Bar arrive:



 Belgrade Topcider* arrive:



Read downwards, trains run every day all year round.


Green = scenic

* = Belgrade's historic original station closed permanently from 1 July 2018.  The international trains to/from Montenegro now use Topcider station to the south of the city centre on tram line 3, see location map & see Topcider station information.  Topcider is itself a historic station which was once a royal waiting room, see

Tara = daytime train, 2nd class only usually with cafe-bar, see photos below.

Lovcen = sleeper train with 6-berth couchettes, 4-berth couchettes and 1, 2 & 3 bed sleepers with washbasin, see photos below.

You can check these train times and times for intermediate stations using the journey planner at  Tip:  You now need to enter Topcider for Belgrade, not Beograd.

The best mountain scenery is within Montenegro, between Bijelo Polje & Bar.  So the southbound sleeper train Lovcen is a good train to take as it'll be light in the morning.  The southbound Tara covers the best sections in darkness during winter.  The northbound day train is best for scenery all year round, the northbound sleeper train is also good in summer when it's light.

The map on the right is courtesy of the European Rail Timetable - Buy the European Rail Map online with shipping worldwide at, highly recommended.

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets...

Route map:  Click for route map...

This route map is courtesy of the European Rail Timetable - Definitely buy this map for your European travels!  Buy online with shipping worldwide at

Video:  Bar to Belgrade by train...

A video guide to the scenery from Bar to Belgrade.  Be warned, the video features the 'Uh-oh we've hit a horse' incident about 00:02:40 in.  The video shows arrival at Belgrade's old terminal station, remember the train now uses Topcider station.

A ride on the Belgrade to Bar line...

For the best scenery you should try and sit on the right hand side of the train going south, or the left hand side going North.  This quite possibly means ignoring your reserved seat on a theoretically all-reserved train, but nobody seems to mind about seat reservations anyway.  It's 296 miles from Belgrade to Bar (actually a mile or two less now trains start from Topcider), over a line started in the 1950s but only completed in 1976.  It's a marvel of engineering, with 254 tunnels and 435 bridges between the Serbian capital and the Adriatic.  For more information see See route map of locations mentioned below.

Belgrade railway station   Belgrade railway station

0.  The trains used to leave from Belgrade's historic main station, built in 1884, but this sadly closes from 1 July 2018.  For the record, the photos above show it in 2013.

Belgrade Topcider station

1.  Trains to & from Montenegro now use Topcider station to the south of the city centre, see map of Belgrade showing stations & see Topcider station information.  The original station building at Topcider was destroyed in WW2 leaving just the king's royal waiting room (above) which is now the station passenger hall.  This photo shows Topcider in the evening before the departure of the sleeper train Lovcen. Photo courtesy of Angus Wheeler.

Locomotives that once pulled Tito's train   Uzice station

2.  Just after leaving Topcider station, look to the right for the shed in which Marshall Tito's deluxe private train is kept, followed by a yard of rusting graffiti-covered diesels that used to haul it. The train now heads south across the plains...


3.  After Valjevo the hills begin...  The train calls at Užice (above), where in 1941 the 'Republic of Užice' was celebrated as the first territory liberated from the enemy, a small enclave liberated by Tito & the partisans,žice 

Scenery between Belgrade & the Montenegrin border

 4.  In the hills...  Shortly after emerging from the 6km-long Zlatibor Tunnel, the train meanders into Bosnia for some 9km, although there are no stops or border formalities so you probably won't notice!

Lim River, seen from the Belgrade to Bar line   By train from Belgrade to Bar

5.  You'll see the Potpec dam on the Lim River to the right of the train and the little monastery alongside the station at Vrbnica on the left hand side... 

Bijelo Polje, the Montenegro border station   The mountains get spectacular!

6.  The train crosses from Serbia to Montenegro with a Serbian passport check at Prijepolje then a Montenegrin passport check at Bijelo Polje (pictured above left). 

High in the mountains of Montenegro

7.  The scenery now becomes truly spectacular.  The summit is reached soon after Kolašin, at over 1,000m above sea level.

More mountain scenery   Mountain scenery on the Belgrade-Bar Railway

8.  The line then descends steeply towards Podgorica.  See the video to appreciate this section!

The Mala Rijeka viaduct

9.  The train emerges from a short tunnel and crosses the breathtaking Mala Rijeka viaduct.  Until 2001 this was the highest railway bridge in the world, 200m or 660' above the Mala Rijeka river.  You can see what it's like to cross the viaduct in the video.  After the viaduct the line swings sharply to the right along the valley wall, with fabulous views back towards the viaduct on the right-hand side of the train, in between a series of short tunnels.  The photo above was taken from the train just south of the viaduct.

Scenery between Kolasin and Podgorica

10.  The descent...

Podgorica station

11.  Podgorica station...

Lake Skara seen from the northbound day train to Belgrade

12.  Between Podgorica & Bar, the train crosses the beautiful Lake Skadar, passing the ruined Lesendro fortress of 1843...

The Adriatic, seen from the train leaving Bar

13.  In the last few miles to Bar, the train runs along the Adriatic...

Bar station in Montenegro   Train to Belgrade at Bar

14.  Bar station...


The northbound Tara about to leave Bar...

The Belgrade-Bar daytime train Tara...

Seats on the Belgrade to Bar train   Bar car on the Belgrade to Bar train

The daytime train consists of a motley assortment of carriages, mostly Serbian, 2nd class only.  You may find some 1st class carriages used as 2nd class.  There's usually a cafe-bar selling tea, coffee and snacks, but it's always a good idea to take some supplies of your own.

The Belgrade-Bar sleeper train Lovcen...

Important update:  There have been several reports of Serbian Railways pressing the staff sleeping-car from President Tito's historic private train, see the staff sleeper photo here so you know what it looks like.  Tito's private train was built in 1959 and used until his death in 1980.  You will be honoured if you are lucky enough to travel in this museum piece!  I know of no other instance of such a historic private car being pressed into regular service!

Sleeper train from Belgrade arrived at  Bar station   1, 2 or 3 bed sleeper on the night train from Belgrade to Bar

The sleeper train Lovcen has (1) two second-hand sleeping-cars bought from France, with 1-bed, 2-bed & 3-bed compartments with washbasin (pictured above right, set up as a 3-berth), (2) Montenegrin 6-berth couchettes (second-hand German), (3) a Serbian first class 4-berth couchette car and (4) ordinary seats.  Above left, the two Montenegrin sleeping-cars and one couchette car of the Lovcen arrived at Bar station.

2nd hand French sleeping-car on Belgrade to Bar night train   4-berth couchettes, Belgrade to Bar night train   6-berth couchettes, Belgrade to Bar night train

The Lovcen arrived in Belgrade...


4-berth couchettes


6-berth couchettes

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