Luxembourg's main station:  Location map

Luxembourg has one main central station, normally shown in timetables as plain Luxembourg.  The current station was built 1907-1913 to replace an earlier wooden building of 1859.  It's the hub for the domestic rail network run by CFL (Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois) and for international trains to Brussels, Paris and other destinations.

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Luxembourg station

Main hall

When you walk in from outside, the toilets are half way along on the left.  The ticket office is half way along on the right.  You can see the main departures board at the far end.

Luxembourg station main hall

Platforms 1-3

Walk straight through the main hall and out of the doors at the far end onto platform 3.  Turn right and walk 100m to find platforms 1 & 2, which are both dead-end bay platforms.  The Intercity trains to Arlon & Brussels typically go from platform 1.  Below, the rear of an Intercity to Brussels on platform 1.

Platforms at Luxembourg station

Platforms 4-14

At the far end of the main hall, turn left, go down the steps shown in the photo below, turn right into the main underpass (souterrain nord) which has steps & an escalator up to platforms 4-14.

If you want to avoid these steps, walk onto platform 3 and turn right.  There is also a southern underpass (souterrain sud) linking platforms 3-14 which has lifts as well as steps between the underpass and each platform.  There are also lifts down into this southern underpass at the front of the station, in front of the modern glassed-in section to the right of the main entrance.

An overbridge (passerelle nord) also links platforms 3-14 at the northern end of the station, this has lifts as well as steps between the bridge and each platform. 

Steps down to underpass at Luxembourg station   Underpass to all platforms at Luxembourg station

Below, platform 3, looking across to 4 & 5.

Platforms at Luxembourg station

Tickets & information

There's a staffed ticket office with open counters opening off the main hall.

There are two SNCF (French Railways) ticket machines in a corridor opening off the main hall, if you want to collect tickets bought from SNCF (or a retailer connected to SNCF such as Trainline or Raileurope), or buy tickets to Paris and other French destinations.

Remember that public transport wholly within Luxembourg is free unless you want to go first class, no ticket required.

Ticket office at Luxembourg station   Ticket office at Luxembourg station

Luggage lockers, toilets, ATMs

Luxembourg has a staffed left luggage office near platform 1, see the luggage page for opening hours & prices.

Toilets are in the main hall, half way along on the left hand side after you walk in from outside.

There's an ATM in the main hall.

Somewhere to eat, drink or stock up

There are several cafes, bakeries & food outlets in the main hall.

Le Quai Steffen (, is a Belgian-style brasserie-restaurant and take-away located in the main building, accessed from outside station - the restaurant is just to the left of the main station entrance & clock tower.

Metro, trams, taxis, walking

Luxembourg station is a 17-minute 1.4 km walk from the Place Guillaume II & Notre-Dame Cathedral in the old town, see walking map.

The taxi rank is outside the main station exit and to the left (as you walk out).

Public transport wholly within Luxembourg is free, in 2nd class.  For information see

Recommended hotels

For somewhere near the station with good reviews, try the Hotel Empire, directly across the road from the station.

Also nearby are the City Hotel, Hotel Perrin and Park Inn by Radisson.

In the old town, try the Hotel Simoncini or the good old-school Grand Hotel Cravat.

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