Vigo stations

Vigo has two stations, 10 minutes walk apart.

small bullet point  Vigo Guixar

small bullet point  Vigo Urzaiz

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Vigo Guixar  see map

Vigo Guixar handles trains on the classic rail route into Vigo, including the Celta regional express trains to/from Porto.  It's a fairly quiet station with 5 platforms, strangely numbered 7, 9, 11, 13 & 15 from left to right as you look towards the trains.  It's a terminus, although freight tracks run past the station into Vigo docks. 

There is no luggage control at Vigo Guixar, you have free access onto the platforms.

Vigo Guixar station

Vigo Guixar station, seen from the other side of the main road.

Vigo Guixar interior   Vigo Guixar interior

Above, Vigo Guixar interior, showing ticket windows above right.  There are no X-ray scanners here!

Celta regional express to Porto at Vigo Guixar station

Vigo Guixar platforms.  The door into the station hall is on the right.

Vigo Urzaiz  see map

Vigo Urzaiz is a modern terminus opened in 2015 to handle trains on the new high-speed line.  Its 6 platforms are underground, below a glitzy multi-level shopping centre.  There's been a station on this site since 1878, but the original ground-level Urzaiz station was closed and demolished in 2011.

You must put your bags through an X-ray scanner before boarding trains here and there's a ticket check before you're allowed down to the platform.  There are no metal detectors, security staff next to the scanner may have a metal-detector but on a recent trip this was used on me only once in 8 trips and even then they failed to find the corkscrew & iPhone in my pockets.  Tip:  Put any Swiss Army knives or corkscrews in your pocket to avoid arguments if they see them in the scanner.

A train from Madrid arrives at Vigo Urzaiz

Platforms: An Alvia train from Madrid has arrived on platform 3.

Vigo Urzaiz platforms

Passengers take the escalators up one level to the arrivals/departures hall.

Vigo Urzaiz departures/arrivals level

Arrivals/departures hall, one level up from the platforms.  You can see the queuing area and X-ray scanners for departures in the background.

Vigo Urzaiz ticket office   Vigo Urzaiz ticket office

The ticket office is one floor up from the arrivals/departures hall, in a retail unit on the first floor of the shopping centre.

Shopping centre:  The photo above right is taken from the lowest shopping centre level with the ticket office is behind the camera, looking down at the departures hall.

How to walk between stations

Vigo Guixar ► Vigo Urzaiz

Halo lift seen at the end of Rua Serafin Avendano

Looking up Rua Serafin Avendano from the Rua do Areal, the arrow points to the halo lift.  Vigo Guixar is to my left.

Vigo's Halo Lift

The halo lift.

Vigo's Halo Lift

Walk around either arm of the 'halo' onto the roof of the shopping centre.  Urzaiz station is in the basement!

Vigo Urzaiz ► Vigo Guixar

Shopping centre roof

On the shopping centre roof in the open air, this is what you're looking for - the 'halo'!

Vigo's Halo Lift

Walk round either arm of the halo from the shopping centre roof and take the lift down to ground level.  This halo crosses over Vigo's busy ring road!

Hotels in Vigo

The NH Collection Vigo hotel is lovely and 10 minutes walk from both Urzaiz (via the halo lift) and Guixar.  For a 4-star hotel, it's remarkably inexpensive.  I've stayed here myself and highly recommend it, with friendly staff and a good breakfast.  See walking map from GuixarSee walking map from Urzaiz via the halo lift.

The Hotel Atlantico Vigo is even cheaper, gets great reviews and is also a few minutes walk from either station.  See walking map from GuixarSee walking map from Urzaiz via the halo lift.  Both hotels have 24h front desks so no problem arriving on a late night train.  I'd look no further than these two.

NH Collection Hotel Vigo   NH Collection Hotel Vigo, en suite

Room at the NH Collection Vigo hotel.

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