A key link between Spain & Portugal

Twice a day, regional express trains link Vigo in Spain with Porto in Portugal.  Known as the Celta route, it's one of only two train routes linking Spain & Portugal, the other being Badajoz-Entroncamento which forms part of a Madrid-Lisbon route.

Train times 2024

 Vigo ► Porto


 Porto ► Vigo

 Days of running:





 Days of running:





 Vigo Guixar depart:



 Porto Campanhã depart:



 Porto Campanhã arrive:



 Vigo Guixar arrive:



Read downwards, each column is a train you can take.  You can find a .pdf timetable at www.cp.pt.

Vigo to Porto is 174 km (108 miles) by train.  Remember that Portuguese time is 1 hour behind Spanish time!

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets

What's train like?

The train is comfortable and air-conditioned, 2nd class only, with toilets and luggage racks.  There's no catering so bring your own food & drink.  The seat backs are 'walkover' backs, you can pull them across to convert a backward-facing seat to a forward-facing seat.

The train from Vigo, arrived at Porto Campanha

A Celta regional express arrived at Porto Campanhã.  Nicknamed camelos by staff because of the air-conditioning humps on the roof.

Inside the Vigo to Porto train   Seats on the Vigo to Porto train

What's the journey like?

Celta regional express to Porto at Vigo Guixar station

Above, the morning Celta regional express to Porto waits to leave Vigo Guixar.

Ponte de Rande, seen from the train

The train initially runs east along the Ria de Vigo (a Spanish fjord), past Vigo docks and the Ponte de Rande (above).

Coastal views from the train along the Ria de Vigo

More coastal views from the train along the Ria de Vigo.

View of Tui and its cathedral from the train

The train then turns south, look out for Tui cathedral (above) in the distance on the left, just before crossing the Minho river.

Crossing the Minho river into Portugal

The train crosses the Minho river, which forms the border between Spain and Portugal.  Remember to reset your watch by an hour!

Valenca, Portugal

An old water tower and turntable in evidence on the left at Valença.

Crossing the Minho river into Portugal

After calling at Valença, the train speeds across rural Portugal towards Porto.

The train from Vigo arrives at Porto Campanha

Arrival at Porto Campanhã, platform 13.  I recommend transferring by local train to the lovely Porto Sao Bento station in the old town.

Travel tips

Free transfer to/from Porto São Bento

In Porto, you can transfer free of charge by Urbano (suburban) train between Porto Campanhã (2.5 km from the city centre) and the beautiful Porto Sao Bento station in the heart of the old town.  The transfer is free in the hour after the Celta train arrives, or in the hour before it leaves.

Urbano trains run every 5-15 minutes taking 4 minutes.  At Campanhã, just look for the next train shown with destination São Bento.  Sit on the left hand side going towards São Bento for your first glimpses of the Douro and Porto's iconic Luis I iron bridge.  You can look up train times at www.cp.pt or the CP app on your phone.

Inside a Porto suburban train   Porto suburban train at Porto Sao Bento

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