This page explains how to buy train tickets from Pisa to other European cities at the cheapest prices, buying online direct from the operators, usually with print-at-home tickets.  Click here to buy tickets starting in another city.

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Before you buy your tickets

Take a moment to read these tips for buying European train tickets.  It answers all the usual questions, "Do I need to book in advance or can I buy at the station?", "Can I stop off?", "Are there Senior fares?" and that old favourite, "Should I buy an $800 railpass or a €35 point-to-point ticket?".  How far ahead can you buy train tickets?

Which station in Pisa?

European train travel FAQ

An introduction to European train travel


Senior fares (over 60)


Guide to Eurail passes (overseas visitors)

Important tips for buying European train tickets

Youth fares (under 26)


Guide to Interrail passes (for Europeans)

How to check European train times

Child fares & child age limits


Couchettes & sleepers on night trains

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Luggage on European trains


Train seat numbering plans

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Luggage storage at stations


Wheelchairs & special needs

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Taking a bike by train


Real-time service updates

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What to do when things go wrong...

Pisa Centrale station

Pisa Centrale station. Courtesy of

Pisa to Florence for €9.30

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Pisa to Rome

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Pisa to Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri

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Pisa to Venice

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Pisa to Siena for €11.70
Florence-Siena regional train at Siena

A Florence-Empoli-Siena regional train, arrived at Siena.  This train is of a type called Minuetto...

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Pisa to Cinque Terre

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Pisa to Palermo, Catania, Siracuse & Sicily from €39.80

Option 1, Pisa to Sicily by daytime train.  Pisa to Sicily in a day

Option 2, Pisa to Sicily by sleeper train.

  • Take a train to Rome, then an Intercity Notte sleeper train from Rome direct to Messina, Cefalω, Palermo, Catania, Taormina or Siracuse on Sicily.  These trains are shunted onto a ferry to cross the Straits of Messina, a unique experience.

    The Intercity Notte has Comfort couchettes with 4-berth compartments, ideal for families.  They have a sleeping-car with 1, 2 & 3 bed compartments with washbasin.  The couchettes convert to seats for daytime use, the sleepers convert to a private sitting room with sofa.  There's no restaurant car, so bring your own picnic and bottle of wine or beer.  More about Intercity Notte trainsMore about trains to Sicily.

  • Pisa to Rome starts at €19.90 in 2nd class or €29.90 in 1st class.

    Rome to Sicily starts at €39.90 in a couchette, €79.90 with a bed in a cosy 2-bed sleeper or €87 in a single-bed sleeper.

    Fares vary like air fares, so book ahead.

  • Buy tickets at one of these sites:

    1., easy to use, in plain English, in €, £, $ & Aus$.  Their small booking fee will be refunded if you email after you book.  It can be cheaper than for 2 or more people travelling together as explained here.

    2., also easy to use, in €, £ or $, small booking fee.  Also sells tickets for Italo and for other countries.

    3., also easy to use, in €, £ or $, small booking fee.  Also sells tickets for Italo and for other countries.

    4., you'll need to uses Italian-language place names, it has a few quirks, see tips for using it.  You will need to understand Italian to book sleepers as the site does not translate sleeper types, if you're not happy with this, stick with, or

    I recommend booking in two stages:  First book the sleeper from Rome to Sicily, then book a train from Pisa to Rome that gives you at least an hour between trains in case of delay.

    All these sites sell the same tickets and all offer ticketless travel, you print your booking reference or show it on your phone.  Booking opens up to 4 months ahead, but this varies, trains to Sicily can open for sale later than this, sleepers especially so.

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Pisa to all other Italian destinations

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Pisa to Paris from €48.90

Option 1, Pisa to Paris by daytime train.  The scenic option

TGV bar car   TGV from Milan to Paris

Turin to Paris by high-speed TGV...  Above left, the cafe-bar serving drinks, snacks & hot dishes  Above right, the TGV at Paris Gare de Lyon.  Larger bar photo.

TGV interior by Christian Lacroix, second class   TGV 1st class by Christian Lacroix

A table for four in 2nd class on the TGV to Paris.  360 degree photo.


1st class seats on the Turin-Paris TGV.  360 degree photo.

Mountains from the TGV train to Italy

Take a good book, a bottle o' red, and enjoy the scenery from Italy to Paris with your feet up.  These are mountains in France...  Watch the Paris-Milan TGV video guide.

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Pisa to Monaco, Nice, Cannes & South of France
  • Buy tickets from Pisa Centrale to Monte Carlo, Nice, Antibes, Cannes or Marseille as one easy transaction at either or Booking usually opens up to 4 months aheadLook in the search results for a 2-change journey.

    If you have any problems, book from Pisa to Ventimiglia, then add a local ticket Ventimiglia to Monte Carlo, Nice or Cannes separately, or even just buy that ticket at the station when you get to Ventimiglia.  More about the journey from Genoa to Nice.

    Trenitalia intercity & Frecciabianca trains are ticketless, you simply print out your booking reference or show it on your phone.  For Trenitalia regional trains you print your own ticket.  For French TER trains you either print your own ticket or select a mobile ticket to show on your phone.

Italian InterCity train

Steps 1 & 2, take an Intercity train from Pisa to Genoa then Genoa to Ventimiglia.  This is an Intercity at Milan Centrale.

2nd class   1st class

2nd class.  Larger photo.


1st class.  Larger photo.

TER train at Juans-les-Pins station

Step 3, take a TER local train from Ventimiglia to Monaco, Nice & Cannes.  Ventimiglia to Nice takes an hour along the coast.  Here, a TER rolls into Juan les Pins station, between Nice & Cannes.

Coastal scenery between Nice & Ventimiglia

Coastal scenery from the upper deck of the TER from Ventimiglia to Nice & Cannes...

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Pisa to Switzerland from €48.90
ETR610 EuroCity train from Switzerland at Milan Centrale   2nd class seats on an ETR610 EuroCity train to Italy

EuroCity train at Milan Centrale.  More about these EuroCity trains.


2nd class seats on an ETR610 EuroCity train...

Lake Lugano, seen from a Milan to Zurich train

This is Lake Lugano, seen from a Milan-Zurich EuroCity train...

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Pisa to all other destinations

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