Express trains on the classic network

Trenitalia runs Intercity trains on the classic (non-high-speed) network.

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On what routes do they run?

Various routes on Italy's classic network all over Italy, including:

small bullet point  Ventimiglia - Savona - Genoa - Milan

small bullet point  Rome - Naples - Messina - Palermo/Catania/Siracuse, see the Sicily page.

small bullet point  Rome - Livorno - Pisa - La Spezia - Genoa - Milan.

small bullet point  Rome Tiburtina - Florence Rifredi - Bologna - Milan.

What are Intercity trains like?

Intercity trains consist of older carriages hauled by locomotives at up to 160 km/h (100 mph), sometimes 200 km/h (125 mph).  Most Intercity cars are open-plan with a centre aisle, a few are classic side-corridor-and-compartment cars with 6-seat compartments, though you don't always get both sorts in both classes on a given train.  Some Intercity trains have a cafe counter, some just vending machines selling drinks and snacks.  You're free to bring your own food & drink, even a bottle of wine if you like.  Tickets for all Trenitalia's long-distance train include a seat reservation and are only valid on the specific date & train you've booked.

Italian Intercity train

An InterCity train at Milan Centrale.  Click the seats images below for larger photos.

InterCity train, 2nd class   InterCity train, 1st class

2nd class on an Intercity train.


1st class on an Intercity train.

Bike compartment in car with 2+1 2nd class seats   2-pin 230v power outlet on Italian train

Service car with bike compartment, wide aisle & 2+1 seating in 2nd class.  Most, if not all trains.


2/3-pin power socket.  That's the adapter you need for Italy, European round 2-pin plugs don't fit.

Small seat area next to vending machines   Vending machines

Small eating area at other end of service car.


Vending machines - have coins on you!

Old power cars are used to power some Intercity trains   Intercity train at Ventimiglia

Above left, some Intercity trains are sandwiched between first-generation high-speed power cars, like this one from Ventimiglia to Milan.  Others are hauled by locomotives.  Some intercity cars have a grey band around the windows, others don't, you'll often find cars of both colour schemes on one train.

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